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ACADEMIE THERA the state of Grace offered to you is HOW to connect to an all powerful, everlasting Living LIFE STREAM ENERGY SOURCE, in the circumstance that the other one your 'star-seed' planets had once been connected to, had died. 


An Exploding Star

and the Origins of this Solar System


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Long ago, there was a bright star which exploded and formed various planets around different suns, including the sun of this Solar System. It existed in, and the resultant planets exist in, the third realm which is a lower region on the galactic scale. This work follows that story, but with the difference that  this planet, Earth, only periodically cycles into that lower system, then cycles - ascends - out of it again.

This planet cycles between the 3rd realm then Ascends back to the 5th realm. because the higher realm is where this planet originates.  As most people know, it is about to make that change again and switch to its positive polarity.

As this planet 'falls' into its temporary journey through the 3rd realm, it passes through an energy dynamic, a 'portal' as described by the late Stephen Hawking, but also describing a weird journey down the 'rabbit hole', which instantly sent this planet into reversal. 

It passes through that 'portal' even though it was a living energy planet in a higher and positive realm, because it was gravitationally caught in the force of a star which exploded in the lower realm. That 'portal' is the negative, magnetic side of the barrier - known as the Void - between positive and negative on the EMF scale.

It is also a dark patch that is a 'tentacle' from the exploded star that pieces of which formed the planets of this Solar System and planets in other Solar Systems.  *There may be up to thirteen planets inhabited as this planet is, with some or many which have already self destructed as Maldek did.

The star responsible was named 'Osiris'.  In the ancient Egyptian story, Osiris exploded into fourteen pieces which formed the planets of this solar system, but not its sun.  Those fourteen pieces were the phallus of Osiris - which means that fourteen pieces of that star formed streams described as its 'phallus' which were still able to seed life on fourteen planets.   It means that star was the cause factor which generated life, but it was from this dead star.


However, neither this planet, nor Mars were part of the pieces which became the stars of this Solar System.  They were not part of 'Osiris' and they are not, and were not connected to that exploded star or its two sister stars. 

They were higher realm planets caught in the effects from that explosion when one of those fourteen pieces, a massive sized planet now known as 'Nibiru' passed within gravitational force range.

Of those pieces, there are all the other known planets of this solar system but the pieces also formed planets around other suns, one of which was called Maldek.  There were also the many planetoids, asteroids and so on, strewn along the path, including three small planets Pluto, Haumea and Makemake, all located in the Kuiper Belt at the edge of this solar system. 

This includes Ultima Thule, a name of a mythical kingdom known to 'secret societies' and the name of an icy rock that is currently the object of interest for a NASA space probe searching for the origins of this solar system. 

But this planet was not part of the star which exploded.  However, that explosion may have been the 'big bang' origins of this solar system.

Sirius the brightest star in the Dog Constellation (Canis) Sirius B which went dark, and Osiris-Iris - the now non existent 3rd star of the trinity, which exploded.  

This is written about in Egyptian mythology as ..... "the Golden Age of Alchemy where the gods moved through the Void and created the grids of this reality. We know them as the Egyptian Gods highlighted by Osiris who is associated with Orion, god of resurrection and rebirth". 

This star group was a 3 star system, a trinity of dead, dying, and about to die stars.  Osiris was the star which exploded and became any number of new planets along with many other planetoids and asteroids and pieces like Ultima Thule, and its ongoing energy streams, although dark and called 'tentacles', responsible for seeding life on fourteen planets.  All of which are illegitimate.


This shows that there are two different stories of origin belonging to the two different creations on this one planet, and both are correct.  Nevertheless, this planet only belongs to its own star system of origin. 

One is the story of how this solar system was formed from a star which blew up. This provided the astral material for the body of mankind, along with the emotional, sensory, and mind levels, which developed on the planet in the 3rd realm.  But it is not the origin of the soul.

The second story is of the origin of this planet which was not part of that cosmological supernova event, and the origin of the life form of humans which belong with the 5th realm higher status of this planet. The original body and soul were entirely from the 5th realm higher level, which is still a physical presence but not this level of density. The source of origin for this planet and for higher humans is a completely different Source.  It is also the Source of the soul.


The original human body is the 3rd realm body, with its ancient reptilian brain factor, and it is in this that the soul is trapped. It is the levels of that creation, Levels One  to Four, which align on astral levels to the Osiris source of origin, while the soul - which cannot get free - if it could, would align to its higher 5th realm Source of origin. 

The soul level, like this planet and probably Mars, is not part of the original lower realm star which exploded, but was caught in the Force. 

*(The difference between the paths of awakening back to source or Source, refers to whether this planet/people are aligning towards a "vibrant, everlasting Well Spring Source of Life Force Energy" which then streams down to all its planets; or whether they are aligning into a source which died, went dark and/or is losing its power.  This is covered in the link 'false light'.)


Thus this living energy planet - which had been connected to the 'everlasting, full power Well Spring Life Force Energy Source' - was pulled by the 'invisible force' through that barrier 'portal' and found itself aligning towards the dead or dying star-sun sources associated with Osiris. Osiris had exploded, but there were fourteen parts of that body which made up the phallus and which did generate life on at least this planet, also Mars it is believed, and also a planet named Maldek.

Earth found itself on a cycle which then passed through two worlds - the 5th realm Upper World, and the 3rd realm Lower world where life was not supposed to take place.  Life does not take place in the magnetic lower realms, but this was a living planet, and light from this lower realm did reach this planet during the time it passes through but that light was the negative light. The magnetic side is negative.

In ancient times and in relation to the war which began between the two different intelligent populations on this one planet, those of the 3rd realm developed under the level of Mind but without Heart. 

They created a system called the 'Abundant Provider' to bring a particular energy to form a grid around this planet (GAIA) which brought in the energy used to make all technology possible. - the Eitr or pronounced 'ICE-ir'' also called 'dark' and it was all part of the 'Dark Sopha' which means knowledge, but that word sounds like 'sapphire'.  Maybe you have heard of the energy system of an ancient world which used the 'Dark Sapphire'?

They developed sophisticated weapons and crafts, some of which are described in texts of Indian origin and in the bible. Evidence exists which confirms this, in ancient wall carvings and in radio active fallout found in archeological digs and covered in the link 'Ancient War'. It is the same energy being re-established and used for today's technology. The grid already existed and was known as the 'ley lines', the most famous being the Rose Line from Rosslyn Chapel.

The original star Osiris exploded but the energy (also) came from sister stars called Iris in Greek mythology and also Isis or Isys - (which was the source energy of the i-System which ran this planet *although this name has not been confirmed it is speculation.) Iris and Isys/Sothys/Isis may be two stars, but Iris went dark and is now known as 'Sirius B'. This was originally a trinity of stars A, B and C.

Thus we have the 5th Realm origin of this planet and of a race of people, and then there is another intelligent creation which unfortunately took place when this planet was caught in the 3rd Realm.

Just with this knowledge alone you have a reason for different claims to ownership of this planet, and also why there are conflicts about spiritual paths, and a discrepancy of allegiance about what is 'Home'. 

However, life is only meant to take place on living planets within the Upper Realms.  This planet only temporarily passes though the 3rd realm (which is this reality) then ascends out of it.  It is unfortunately caught in the Force which causes this cycle (which will eventually be corrected).  That the light from a now long dead planet of a magnetic star reached this living, fertile planet, makes it a false creation carrying the negative codes of dying light.  You are not in a dream, you are dead. 

You have no doubt heard of the two Books.  The Book of Life (which this work is) and the Book of the Dead (which the other energy stream is).  That is the choice.  You live now because your codes carried across the galaxy and reached this living planet, so now you live again you can choose the realm of the living or the realm of the dead from whence you came.


There is no sensible choice for anyone born into the 3rd realm world that is Earth, but to try to Evolve to the HIGHER status. Yet to do that you need enough higher discernment to be able to recognize what negative energy is, which you can also do by recognizing the lesser attributes and lesser views of consciousness, which are the lesser path. 

The chance to really consider and develop the gentle, innocent and respectful consciousness that the Higher Level is,  is your passport to possibly, eventually being accepted as ready to enter the 5th level which provides connection to an everlasting, perpetual Life Energy Source - but if that is your hoped for status, what you do about it here and now will be the priority of your life, you will do whatever it takes, and you will have understood why.

The opportunity to meet that level of development enough to be lifted out of this lower realm, exists now, before this planet changes polarity and ascends back to the 5th realm.  To try once this planet is reborn into the next 'new Earth' is considerably harder because then the planet is fully in the negative force.

The 'obvious' pathway is through the body  - but it is a creation and DNA codes which died long ago.  So you have to break from the herd and be able to stand alone.  Because those who do have the control over the planet know how much people follow each other, and they also believe that the origin and therefore 'god' is their tar of origin.

The spiritual information on this was part of the Teachings of the lineage of Spiritual Masters which remained with this planet through its 'fall journey' to ensure the true story would not be lost and about the diminished life force energy of a dying star. 

It is about this planet's correct alignment to, and within the 'Eternal Blueprint' (from which it has 'fallen') which is a different cosmology. 'Eternal' refers to the full power still living, star-sun Well Spring Source which sends Life Force Energy through its own system of star-suns

They kept their teachings in written form, in mystical verses, and these include many verses about the Swan (which is also pointed to in the stone markers of Gobekli Tepe.) 


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