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ACADEMIE THERA presents the teachings from the spiritual lineage. on the star sources bursting with vibrant LIFE FORCE ENERGY which then streams down to its systems of living planets. And those who chose other than that.


                and the Knights Templar


*Knights Templar - Knights of the Temple of Osiris

The topic of the former Earth Grid is covered in the book 'View Over Atlantis' by John Michell. 


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The existence of an ancient pre-Fall Earth Grid was known in the early millennia of the post Fall, times. 

The known existence of this grid, along with other ancient maps of the planet before it shifted off its alignment to 'true', suggest that the Earth's shift was a deliberate act,  the records indicate that it was intentional. 

The Earth Grid - the altered Earth - aligns towards the Dog Constellation - 'Cain'/Canis.  The geometry is the Earth-Osiris Grid or Earth-Iris and Earth-Polaris/Sirius aligned grid.  Alongside this part of the story is the 'star-seed' which seeded this planet - some of whom have never yet stopped trying to bring this planet into alignment with their former source of Living Life Streams (the star which exploded and its trinity.)

In ancient times a battle began, with a goal to claim ownership of this planet.  This planet is a 5th realm planet which in normal circumstances should not be passing through the 3rd realm, but first did so because of a temporary accident. 

The topic of an ancient war is in the links Ancient War.

The question then becomes, who wanted to align this planet to the 'Dog' which is the source of light and origin for the people who are the lesser level 3rd realm creation?

This planet will remain aligned this way during the next 'new Earth'.  The false alignment controls this world during the First Times to End Times.  Everyone here in this world (or its astral realms) is automatically 'marked' to remain in this 'false reality' unless they seek acceptance from the 5th realm -  even though the planet returns/Ascends to the 5th realm until the cycle Falls again.

Current 'new consciousness' and the intended interest in some other long existing religions, are a preparation for the next 'new Earth' and are 3rd realm consciousness *(See False Light link). Once the 'new Earth' begins again, it is fully under the negative force again and exceedingly difficult to exit. However, understanding the issue in time, is also a problem.

The Osiris alignment is a formation of dying and about to die stars which oversee each 'new Earth'.  It has no future ongoing life.  The existence of Osiris-Iris-Isys coded mankind on this planet also has no ongoing future, and only exists on this planet during the time limited First to End Times.

The attempt to align this planet permanently into the Osiris Alignment also has no ongoing life. The light from these stars was already dying when it created some of the life and mankind on this living energy 5th realm planet which was present only because it had been temporarily caught in the Force.

The only way out is to evolve to a higher level of consciousness, which is the 5th realm.

There is until Pole Reversal - when this planet switches to the positive which is believed to be in the early 2030's - to prepare to be able to exit from this 'false world' under a false star, under the false control of this world. 

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  The Rose Line - part of the surviving ancient grid. 



  Rosslyn Chapel -  is located in the village of Roslin, Midlothian, Scotland and the site of the Rose Line and part of the new grid lines of the planet's altered alignment. Rosslyn Chapel was founded on a small hill above Roslin Glen.  It contains carved artwork of plants only found in the Americas but these carvings were in place in the chapel before the 'discovery' of the Americas. The official discovery also had and used ancient maps.


The Knights Templar were taken by surprise and attacked by the soldiers of France's Phillip 1V on Friday, October 13, 1307 (Black Friday).  Their leaders were arrested, and the rest hurriedly sailed their fleets from Marseilles in France, to Rosslyn in Scotland. This event had been one of a number of attempts to end this 'order' which had existed throughout history.  Firstly when they were cast out of Egypt in an event that became disguised by the fall of Akhenaton; and again when they were cast out of Palestine in 70 CE as the Fourth largest Sect in Palestine and also connected to those known as Essene who were seen using the many underground passages, moving  treasures from the Temple.  The Phillip 1V attack  saw the end of the Knights Templar.

It resurfaced in Scotland and the 'New World' under the name of Freemasonry. This, its resurrection, and the 'Rose Line' were topics covered in the first decade of this work, and it is noted that information available now on the internet has been altered.  The 'deception' never leaves this planet until the planet ascends back to the 5th realm for the next 12,000+ years of the cycle.   That is the planet ascends, the people remain for when the 'movie' is turned back on when the planet descends again.  When it falls again, this reality begins again under the 'false source' and the plan to eventually keep the planet aligned this way continues.

Jacques de Molay was the 23rd and last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, leading the Order from 20 April 1298 until it was dissolved by order of Pope Clement V in 1312.  They escaped and sailed their fleets to Rosslyn in Scotland then on to the 'New World'.  This was a journey they had been doing throughout the 1st millennium of the Current Era, after the Diaspora in 70 CE, transporting items and records from beneath the Temple in Jerusalem.  Also suggestions from Mormon Records that this journey was taken after they were cast out of Egypt in the Exodus around 1,300 BCE, also taking items and records to the 'New World'.


 Osiris Supernova

- when a star goes into supernova it looks like an eye.

Shown above a flat top pyramid it indicates where that star supernovaed.

   Ancient technology.   

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