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Now the world knows about A.I. and that the post human world begins in 2029.

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Youtube - Puzzling Advanced Ancient Technology That Modern Thinking Cannot Find An Answer For (ignore the ads intruding in this presentation - the shopping mall - it soon returns to the video.) 31 minutes. This work has long noted that when viewed from the air, many modern cities are laid out like, and their tall buildings look like, a circuit board.  The initial part of this presentation looks at an Ancient Egyptian version which may be similar, plus there are some other interesting advanced items discussed.  (Our) work has also noted that this world has produced many civilizations to the same level of tech development as the current one between First Times to End Times (and awaiting synchronization with the 'portal'.) When this current world finds inexplicable evidence of advanced tech in an ancient world, and clear track marks on the surface of the moon made by a vehicle etc, were these from earlier versions of today's civilization?

31 minutes.


It is indicated that the energy of a star which went into supernova - a Dead Star - was used to create the first A.I.  The energy was called the 'black poison'. It expanded into the entire area of that exploded star, and began producing 'tentacles'.


The planet which blew up, or disintegrated, was 'Osiris' (the name in Egyptian records) and was part of a binary star system, where one of the twin stars went into supernova.  That System was made up of smaller stars with their planetary systems.

In 2029 A New World Will Emerge    In 2029 the Anu World will Emerge.

-  shows the tragedy of the type of thinking that prevents the true body getting free of encasement in the physical body.

Is A.I. really 'artificial', or is it the way an alien intelligence gains access?

Could a world such as this is be created by a non biological intelligence?  Synthetic, functioning DNA was successfully created by scientists in the 2000's.  It is possible to produce new, synthetic life forms, perhaps biological as well as robotic.


*If the 2029 date is the completion of the Plan, then on the ancient Persian chessboard which represented this play between light and dark (the Perpetual Light star and the dark star) the 'dark star' will have won.  Or perhaps more correctly it is not so much a dastardly plan of a dying star but the Plan of what was created with the energy of that star  - a super quantum Mind - which then spread through its mass and grew.  Either way, to people of this level, it appears as 'god' (such as in Dan Brown's book 'Origin'.) Therefore it is hoped this planet crosses the 'portal' or maybe it looks like a planet appearing from behind the sun, before that time and changes to its ascent phase. It is hoped that happens 72 months after the change to the new North Pole occurred in 2019, so it is hoped the portal - which may look like a planet -  is visible in 2025.


People keep pursuing 3rd dimensional thinking - off planet travel and habitation as a preparation for a possible world cataclysm, then returning to regenerate the planet etc.  This is not visionary thinking and these are not 'visionary thinkers', they are 'false reality' thinkers, seeing only this reality - which includes string theory, quantum physics, multi or omni dimensional universes, and none of which are the Upper Realms.  But of course, to those of this level, that is not a reality. If it was, they would see a much bigger picture.  But maybe they are people with robotic brains already.

This reality is a false reality - would a better answer be to try to get to the real reality? According to information the development of technology takes place when a star's System begins to die - it produces the energy that makes technology possible - and at that time the civilization begins to lose its connection to a Higher System (beyond the 3rd dimension).

The Higher System and God Source are nothing whatsoever to do with a tech world!  The Higher System is not intellect or the Mind, and God Source is not a 'God Mind'.  That is the fourth level in a model which shows the Higher Realm as the 5th level.

So, why do people listen to 'tech guys' and are they really 'visionaries'?  As 'tech guys' they are super qualified to be pronounced as fully connected into the 'false source' and are the last people who should be influencing what is happening on this planet.  Are they helping, the conversion of biological humans to robots, and the worship of 'super intelligence'? 

Elon Musk suggests that computers and A.I. will soon be 'godlike'.              God is LOVE. 

A.I. as 'Godlike'   

The Observation of this Galaxy from Space  (first part.)


If you did what some of the tech minds suggest (see Youtube for 2029 your 'true body' would never release from its imprisonment in the physical body, or even build your eternal soul body. 

The body you inhabit is not your true body which is a far higher frequency real body.  It integrates with the density body and at the time of dying some return to that body, but for the majority they are pure thought and what they imagine - which is part of a lesser level called Mind and the astral form.  Building the 'true body' is something that has to be done during your lifetimes in this world.  That is, keeping to the guidelines, connecting to the Living System, and not being diverted.

People are nothing but diverted, and they have to find the way out of this reality or remain under its control.  Most have already left it too late to avoid remaining in the reality of the 'false source' this time round but can prepare for the next opportunity.


There is a realization that has raised questions for many who have come forward, or even risked their lives, to inform what they naively thought was an intelligent, aware public, and caused them to comment on what morons most people are (1:16 19.) which is something this work can concur with. Lazar notes that in hindsight it is probably better to keep details protected and that is how this work will remain, other than through the correct procedures. Lazar said that he was given briefing documents describing the historical involvement with Earth for the past 10,000 years by extraterrestrial beings, but with details that echoed back to an already well known story from the 60's.  However, Bill Cooper ex Naval Intelligence assigned to secret projects, also wrote of very advanced flying tech which he considered extraterrestrial and had just published a book on this when I saw him speak on this in 1991,  Interesting to listen to. 30 years ago Area 51 was introduced to the world.

Bob Lazar & Area 51

Other fallen planets are said to have pursued the same viewpoint as the 'tech guys' that this world thinks are 'visionaries' because they think ordinary things that the average person thinks to be genius.  After blowing up their own planet, they apparently came to this planet, bringing their books and secret manuals with them.......... Was the metal covered, hollow moon their vehicle of travel? 

Nazi Forbidden History 1.33 minutes.

Plus some Nazi flying saucer tech. about 2 or 3 features in, and other unexplained craft. (10 minutes.) 


This is the US version of the German technology.  The video says the project was scrapped but if you see the Bob Lazar video, obviously it wasn't.  The US tested out these types of craft for decades, and presumably have quite a supply of them ready for a future fly over.


Skeletons of the giants - Nephilim.  Like a burial ground of some 6,000 giants found in Malta, most skeletons of this type seem to 'disappear'.  Here are some that can still be seen.


The planet which blew up, or disintegrated, leaving an entire population of an inhabited planet of displaced souls with no 'out of body'  realm to go to, was 'Osiris' a binary star system where one of the twin stars went into supernova.  That System was made up of smaller stars with their planetary systems.  When they began as a once living system, were these systems originally electrical based?  Sirius B was a white dwarf, but was the planet that is now 'space ice' orbiting around a red dwarf?  The Electrical Universe.

Artificial Intelligence will Kill Us

SpaceX Starlink launched May 2019



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