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The 'Lord' of this Planet is




This planet - or plane - has many mysteries,

but in its existing status is part of (caught in) a system which includes other suns, a triune sun system which is also part of the Canis (part of Osiris) cosmology.

That means it comes into view now, and if the planet continued in the intended Osiris Path we would begin to see other planets of that system - like Nibiru - and other suns. The next sun aligns over the known sun of this solar system because that is the current Alignment.

That sun is the 'Lord' of the fallen (or captured) Earth and it is named Maitreya. It therefore becomes the Lord Maitreya that has returned.

It is also called Sananda Maitreya and it is the replacement Christ - the one that takes control (like Cain kills Abel) with the false alignment. That is the one the cabal has been working to bring in as the new planetary government.

In the take down of the cabal which has run this planet for so long, the top person was 'Lord Maitreya' who surrendered. It was apparently a woman.

The actual sun which becomes part of the triune system is Polaris in the constellation of Ursa, which is the current North aligned magnetic Pole Star. That also aligns with the Dog constellation whose entry is guarded or heralded by Anubis, which is the consetellation of Canis (Dog). The top star is Sirius which is also called Osiris because it has a tiny 'puppy' star which accompanies it. That was the twin sun of Osiris/Sirius.

This is also the current alignment of magnetic North which is the result of the tampering with its 'spine' or 'atlas' - and which we show makes the difference at the 'indigo chakra' that is the 3rd Eye, where it is mysteriously dark.

Additionally some of this may sound like the Vatican Roman Catholic teachings in their collated New Testament (which echoes some other sources of spiritual literature) because that source is the same triune sun alignment.

When agents of the satanic cabal are brought down, or arrested, they are referred to by 'cue' by pictures of or described as being someone's dog.

As the planet ASCENDS it also readjusts its fallen 'left side of True God' and leaves the Polaris sun and begins a slow return over the next 12-13,000 years towards its correct True North alignment. However, the tampering with the planet's 'spine' or 'atlas' is such that it does not reach there but instead begins its Fall.

In addition there are many people who have been energetically prepared to respond to the new energies which return once that Fall starts aligning with the triune suns again. They have done practices and taken on behaviours which have already created binding energy ties into the 'cyan-fields' of the triune sun gods.

Triune - 3 - is the power number of the magic and the astral realms.

Also part of this bigger system - which is real - is the planet X, Nibiru which apparently was seen behind the sun in 2019 and passed by. Obviously the events of 2020 did follow on for the satanic Reset - but this can never succeed or happen once the planet begins Ascending in its cycle.

Of course consciousness is going to change and improve - because where it is now is very bad - so it really should improve shouldn't it!

It will improve but it is going to continue to be very subtle and difficult for those of this planet - plane - to ever move onwards to True Source. Maybe if this cycle can continue to ascend for another million cycles it is possible mankind will choose True Source, but that possibility is iffy. People can still be awake to the deception of the dream spell, but that is not enough.

It is understood and accepted that this reality (described as this world) has now passed a 'marker point'

and it now begins to pull out from its Fall phase and changes to its Ascending phase, which involved all sorts of planet and cosmic alignments but you will note, they all appeared and took form before the planet actually began to move upwards.

If that change did not happen, this planet (or plane) would be permanently entering the realms of the triune sun system and so on.



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