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Once upon a time, long ago,  the people on this planet took a wrong turn. They chose a different energy stream as their preferred energy, and without realizing it, began to bring in negative energy into this planet. 

But by doing that - and still doing it - they have given up their connection to the full power LIFE FORCE ENERGY which streamed down from the pure, unlimited, endless WELL SPRING SOURCE into its systems of living planets.

That wrong turn led to the loss of 'paradise'; and the body, which had once been eternal, began to grow old and die.


."Animals were not afraid of, nor the food for, the 5th realm people.  It was a world that knew to Love, and it lived within an energy 'ocean' that was entirely Love and Mercy.

It was Timeless, the realm that was Timeless."


Long ago, the people chose to prefer a different energy over the True Everlasting Well Spring They made up reasons why they should continue with it.  They said it was the same, and that it brought the freedom and empowerment which had been withheld from them to keep them under control.  They made it a spiritual choice to 'prove' that what they had chosen was indeed equal, the same, and just another way. 

They found it gave them almost magical abilities, and they liked that.  Now they really did have powers which seemed so great that all needs were answered. They also developed sciences called alchemy which used the properties they were discovering with this different energy stream - and they liked that too.

They used this other energy which they had chosen to prefer over the WELL SPRING SOURCE to produce 'Magic', to fill their bodies, make it purify (infuse through) the body, to increase their sense of power, create a sense of personal empowerment, and were certain it would soon also provide them with eternal life again. It was only long after these things seemed to be happening, that they began to realize that all things were not as they had supposed. 

Even with this almost magical power, the body still died, and they remained on the 'wheel of rebirth', and then even more distorted and even grotesque things began to happen.   And they began to wonder -


  Where is the unending Well Spring Source that they had turned away from?



The knowledge was a Teaching for Peace.

          But that does not mean that the teaching did not cover what took away that Peace. 



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