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        Why the Upper Realm Works for Everyone


You can see there are Guidelines for how the real reality works.  We will just take a quick look at that.

The 'false reality' is loudly proclaimed as the world of the 'free' and its 'values' touted as if they were actually valuable.

The 'false reality' exists by making these 'freedoms' and 'values' available to you and allowed.  It is part of how this 'false reality' is provided for you, so that you will stay in it.  It is also very difficult to get out of once you are in it. 

Those who provide it are those who run the world and make oodles of obscene amounts of money, and as we have looked at elsewhere, you may dislike and be angry at how heartless these ones are, but you still like at least some of the 'freedoms' they allow for you here in this world.

However, to have these 'freedoms' etc means that they will affect others and the 'free expression' for one person is not always a good thing for others, it may not only affect others, but several others, or even millions of others.  In fact, it is a policy that creates a world that will never agree with itself and has many 'values' which may seem like your 'right' to express yet infringe on the 'rights' of others and inevitably hurt others too (depending on what your 'right' is.)  It is a world full of 'cause and effect'. You already know some of things that are allowed here - pharmaceutical companies, promotion of lifestyles that lead to creating the sickness industry, or weight loss industry and so on, as well as those who display behaviors solely to further their own careers and bank balance, but can be targeting the less developed levels of other.  Thus in the real reality, that would never happen, everything must be for the benefit of all.

So we will just look at one rule/guidelines and that is 'Do as you would be done by'.  In the Upper Realm everyone understands why to keep to all the guidelines and it is known and understood on a deep inner level.  It isn't understood in this reality though.

But for this one guideline  'Do as you would be done by', this automatically means that everyone in the entire society is cared for and cared about.  Each person is an 'other' who is cared for as the self, but it is not only the self, it is the other's well being too. 

It is the most wonderful reward to be able to love and give and help another.  It is an honour to be asked to help another.  It is an entirely different and opposite energy dynamic to that of this world - yet this world is what some want because they can become wealthy from it.

In this way the entire society is looking out for the 'other' - and the Upper Realm world works - for everyone. 

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