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 'Path of Knowledge'.


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KNOWLEDGE : Science agencies and prominent scientists believe the 'portal' or highway is into the 'Heart of God' - which may also be the returning Blue Kachina - is expected to contain all the secrets to how the universe and galaxies operate. That is also what is believed by science, NASA, and prominent names like Stephen Hawking. 

In fact the late Prof. Stephen Hawking has explained in a lecture that Black Holes contain information.  This in itself is why there is such interest by some to access that information, because whoever accesses that information can control and literally 'own' the universe. 

Presumably then as now, and perhaps for any planet with an intelligent specie, the idea that the intellect can control the universe and is the intended evolution and destiny of mankind, does seem realistic.  The pitfall may be forgetting to see if that is how the Living System actually works.

Certain teachings from once existing planets which are no more, did pursue the merits of the 'path to knowledge' - Knowledge and Information that was believed to exist in the black hole - which perhaps at the time, appeared as a giant eye in the sky. That is why the literal pathway to the literal location of the actual 'entry point' into it, was called the 'Path of Knowledge'.  The obvious clue would be where was that 'eye' located?


Do you know what a path is?  It is a roadway linking between point A to B. It is a literal route, like on a map.  


Thus, there is the path which leads from where this planet started the ‘journey’ to go into a new source - which is the soon to be encountered entrance into the Black Hole at the centre of this galaxy. That is a path.   The Path into Knowledge.  It is a path which leads from the starting point of that journey to its new destination.  And that is the path this planet and its people  are on.


But to begin that journey, there was a starting point and that starting point was the fixed location this planet was in before it's axis was damaged so that it would take journey along a path There was no Path of Knowledge/Rebirth to mankind's transformation and 'evolutionary destiny'.


Now people view this and the coming destination as an exciting development and an evolutionary future.


Hopefully you will notice that the original status of this planet was in a fixed location.  It did not travel any pathway.  Then something unconscionable and evil was done to the planet's axis which then forced the planet onto a path which leads to a new source.  That new source is where those who were involved in an ancient capture of this planet wanted this planet to go.  It is not where the original planet and its people wanted to go.  


That is what ancient texts are about when they discuss a 'false source' and it was part of an act of war on the planet as it was. That is what is wrong about the existence of that path and its new world.


There was no path.  Now there is, and there is also another path to get out of it, and back to the Original Source which is called the Path of Eternal Life.  However, the path this planet and everyone is on, is the Path of Knowledge, also called Path of Rebirth, and Path of Life and Death.


The ancient teachings pointed out that that pathway is not the same as the Path to 'Eternal Life' - which is the Living Life Stream System this planet belongs to. Not everyone means to be following the path into 'Knowledge' but do so because it is considered to be 'god'.  So people here really are in a conundrum, and because of it are pursuing a lifestyle which is increasing their own 'magnetic resonance' with the path and its destination.

In a long hidden history of the past, or for some mysterious reason, the axis of this planet was altered so that it would follow that path.

Science agencies and prominent scientists in our own time as in past times, believe the 'portal' or highway is into the 'Heart of God' in that it is expected to contain all the secrets to how the universe and galaxies operate - Knowledge.   This is reason enough for those in ancient, long gone times, to have obfuscated existing religions to hide certain facts and introduce new practices and new values which aligned with this different pathway.


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