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 The 12,000 year journey from the Higher Worlds to the new energy Below. 

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The Journey To the Lower Realms of the New World.

This work gives information that is intended to form a COMPLETE PICTURE of information that was removed from the full picture, and on what was done to this planet.  It does not provide random bits of curious but not relevant information.  It is providing the information on the  complete picture, then you can recognize what are random bits of curiosities, which divert your attention away from discovering the full story which has been removed.

It takes 12,000 years for this altered planet to gradually fall - a sort of 'journey' - away from the Higher Realms and this planet's true Source, to reach the new source of energy in the Below realms.   It probably is not viewed as travelling downwards because it is facing towards the centre of this galaxy, but it does face the super massive black hole which lies on this side of the galactic centre.

It is a different pathway, and one that has been embraced and which those who have embraced - either knowing what it is or not, or just believing - have said it is 'nothing to fear'.  It  is said as if the 'fear' is because it is into something new, a new energy - once called the eitr, the 'black poison'; - a new level of values and consciousness, and a new 'god', one that is considered light, but because it is a black hole after all, issues from the darkness that is both the 'black poison' and the black hole.  So, it takes 12,000 years for this planet to 'journey' away from True God Source - the one the ancient scripts spoke voluminously about having turned away from, and then reach its new destination - which is achieved by altering the angle of this planet's 'crown'.

The ancient scripts - the ones which were generally removed from knowledge - were about the pathway into the Living Life Stream System this planet belongs to. This was called the Book of Life.

The rest of what the ancient world was writing about in their gospels and texts, was about the pathway this world had literally been diverted into which leads to the soon to be encountered 'portal' into the Black Hole just mentioned, and it was a genuine warning. 

It takes 12,000 years, journeying away from 'true' to reach this 'portal' which is over 23 degrees off from 'true' - as is the human brain and consciousness, and also the chakra system.  This is the planet's current path and one this world and its people should not be on. 

The attributes of the consciousness of this new level are judgment - a judicial system, the 'eye for an eye' system which is amply portrayed on TV and in movies as all of this level of consciousness is; and that the qualities of Love, Mercy, Compassion are a luxury which do not reflect the reality of the needs of 'real life'.  Also that humans/mankind are creatures of mind, body and senses, and should live around those but it all ends, so live to enjoy it on those levels.  They were creations of a Great Mind so never really existed. 


That is the view when seen from the new destination accessed by a 'journey' - through Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Pisces to Aquarius - to reach what is soon to be encountered and seen appearing from behind the sun, which is the 'portal' or entry point into the super massive black hole at the centre of this side of the galaxy.  (The one discussed by Prof. Stephen Hawking in the piece in the Science section).


Of importance to note is that this planet, before its fall journey, was in a fixed location.  It did not travel or move anywhere.  It was a stable and firm non-travelling part of the Living Water 'Fountains' of Life Streams, Life Source.  Something happened which ended that status, and made it move to the 'portal' it is soon to encounter. 


However, the ancient world did think this was the source of the 'Living Waters' as the final destination is denoted by the zodiac sign of the 'Water Bearer'. This in turn links to the star system which died, and the planets which disintegrated yet whose genetic material arrived on this planet in 'space ice'. 


Thus this planet eventually 'gave birth' to the genetic DNA of a technologically advanced world that had reached the natural destruction of fallen energy - which means a fallen world as only that energy produces the technology this world now has.  Unfortunately these ones then wished to claim and alter this planet, and align its consciousness, and the planet itself, to their lost dead source (the 'eye of god' which is the supernova - exploded star - of what was once the 'living waters source' for their planet(s).


And that is the beginning of the situation on this planet, and the acceptance of the fallen spirituality and world governance, of those who captured this planet, as a bright and exciting new step forward...............





The Alien DNA's Aquarian 'Water Bearer' of the Dead System

Revenge Consciousness

Path of Knowledge also called Rebirth and the Path of Life and Death.



2nd WAKE UPDATE newsletter 'April'


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The Alien DNA which Came to This Planet


Now you should have enough information to know that alien DNA from a fallen and destroyed planet in a system which died and left the ‘eye of god’ image in the sky, came to this planet in ‘space ice’ (now the subject of NASA probes for that very reason) and life began for them again, on this planet. (Fully covered in the *Osiris sequence).


But this planet was already inhabited and was a high level 5th realm planet that had not fallen.  Although the alien beings which began in the forests were accepted by the genteel, gracious inhabitants of this planet, the alien beings were not themselves so gracious.  They wanted to control the planet for themselves.  'They' may include DNA from more than one planet which was inhabited around the star which died approx. 8.6 light years away.


That is how a great war and rebellion began on this planet, for the alien beings still had all the knowledge of their war and other technology using the energy from their dark source.  In that battle, – well recorded in ancient literature – the axis of this planet was altered (giving rise to the story of Atlas holding up the world, and the story of Atlantis).  From that moment the planet was taken into captivity, on a gradual 12,000 year journey to the lost source of the alien beings who are children of the black hole anyway. And still they are winning this war game.


This planet is now under their consciousness, their system, their technology, their justice system and their journey which is considered an evolutionary transformation for this planet soon to be reached.  However, those who are from the higher consciousness know they are not part of this, and definitely don’t want to get caught in the black hole ‘portal’ when it begins to show itself in the next few years.


Except that many do not know that at all, and are in a catatonic state of drifting along and sifting through information. 


As far as we can tell, those who are not the alien DNA or are caught in some kind of diluted DNA blending with them, need to have aligned into; and understood; made a choice for True God Source; and very possibly left this body, well before the force of the Black Hole entry point makes itself felt. That would seem logical, we assume.


The only way out of continuing to be pulled closer into the black hole - even though it may be finally during the Maha Pralaya (Final Dissolution).  Even so, people do go into it as from reports from previous rounds. The only way out is by being attached to the greater force that is the Living System/ Master.  It does not just happen on its own. It does not happen with just leaving the body at death.  There has to be the attachment to the other and Higher Force. This is why this message is given throughout the entire time. 


The immigration b/s is the strategy specifically to breed out 5th realm DNA and is part of the highly successful strategy which has so far captured the planet and its mostly dim population - like the country voting in a TV comedian to be their new president because he is in a TV show about someone who becomes a good president. 


Yes, sadly that example is another successful Mind strategy of this war, because it is the average level of the masses who form majorities which make decisions for you or for the intelligent you(s), who are completely outnumbered by people like that. 


So yes, the alien DNA beings, being the ‘children of darkness’ on this planet and who want our planet, are still the ones you believe, even over the teachings in the Christos records such as would have been taught in Sunday School! (Because it is a lot from that source that we have quoted).





Connecting to the WELL SPRING SOURCE


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