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The Urgent Choice that People Just Keep Missing


The ancient scripts - the ones which were generally removed from knowledge - were about the pathway into the Living Life Stream System this planet belongs to.

The rest of what the ancient world was writing about in their gospels and texts, was about a second pathway this world had literally been diverted into which is the soon to be encountered 'portal' into the Black Hole, and it was a genuine warning.  Yes, the planet was literally altered - damaged - by the use of some kind of technology which bent the 'column' which runs through the centre of this planet, which diverted - forced - this planet onto a different path (the path into the Knowledge believed to be contained in the Black Hole).

It has taken 12,000 years, journeying away from 'true' to reach this 'portal' which is over 23 degrees off from 'true' - as is the human brain and consciousness, and also the chakra system.  It takes 12,000 years of a literal cycle this planet is on, to reach full alignment with and into the second path. The second path is the one this world and its people should not be on. 

The ancient scripts used the metaphor of the Living Plant Food Diet for Healing as a code to preserve the teachings on the Living Life Stream System and Body this planet belongs to.  It is this that the planet and people turned away from in order to pursue the new source. Therefore, this work will not insult the awareness level of the reader by focusing on the Living Food Diet or by featuring bits and pieces of curious but unrelated information. 

Now there is choice of overwhelming urgency before everyone on this planet and that is to understand what the warning meant, to realize how soon that option runs out.  Or if you prefer, it is not a warning, but purely information informing you that the soon to be encounter black hole entry point did not turn out to be what was expected when this journey was first undertaken. 

Thereafter, that mistake condemned this planet to endlessly repeat this same mistake until the phase known as the Path of Rebirth became the the last chapter of the Path of Life and Death.

Yet for some peculiar and unknown reason, this continues even now, not to register, not be seen, understood, or maybe the reason for this is that it is not believed. 

It is a passed on knowledge that has been handed on for thousands of years.  That is also why it is important to pay attention and respect Elders because they keep the memories to pass on to the next generations so it will not be forgotten. 

Immediately you can see the strategy of making all things about youth and ignoring the Elders.  For the young have not had time to know this nor want to while they just young. That is how an enemy gradually takes over a planet's consciousness and makes it its own.

 Additionally the 'young' (teens and under) are now short-circuited in their development so they never develop properly, they remain 'stunted' and do not really mature.  There is a process that takes the brain until the mid twenties to develop and that is prevented from being achieved. They just have carnal knowledge (which actually is how they are short changed for the rest of their lives, but that is another story....).


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