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The Vine is used as a way to describe the Living Body of the Living System and how the Life Streams circulate through that Body.


The Vine is a particularly apt description because it is the vine which produces the 'wine' which is the description used to preserve the Teachings on the Living Systems, which had been removed. 


It denotes the Living Life Streams (from the Living Source) - which in the body is within the bloodstream - where the Life Stream living energy water becomes blood (wine). 


Yet when the venom of a viper gets into that bloodstream by certain practices etc, it eventually kills the bloodstream.  


This planet with its own 'Fall' - because of the entry of snake/serpent/viper into the 'Garden' - has aligned, or been helped to align, into a once upon a time living system, which died.  The light still exists, but the source of that light went long ago.  Now that same poison is slowly killing this life system.





Connecting to the WELL SPRING SOURCE


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