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The lesser level consciousness is vengeful and revengeful, always seeking its interpretation of what it sees as 'justice' which it sees as correct, and which in that consciousness takes precedence over 'mercy'. 

It is the view of the character Shylock in the 'Merchant of Venice' who demands his payment of 'a pound of flesh' to pay a monetary debt that his victim unfortunately does not have the finances to pay.  It includes judgment punishments like stoning to death or cutting off limbs. In the lesser consciousness this view is a justified and logical reasoning which is to 'balance out' a debt but not even consider to employ mercy in how that debt is repaid.  It is also why a harsh level of 'karma' exists here (and as someone pointed out, the codes for things like karma exist within the water codes within this reality, and it is now known that that same water came from the debris of fallen planets and reseeded here.)

Vengefulness is also a bitter, ongoing need for revenge which in that consciousness, is a belief that something has to be 'punished' - again to bring 'justice'.  It is the reason we have these wars on this planet between religions, and between different factions of the same religion - ongoing hatreds throughout generations which never resolve.  Such is also the case against the ones who at one time nearly 1,000 years ago almost succeeded in ending the existence of the Knights Templar.

There is an important point to note about many current spiritual or whatever category practices which also identify themselves as being 'Christian'.  This work has no issue with who identifies as a Christian or anything else, but there is a very important reality to clarify here.  People like, for example, Edgar Cayce (a Mason) identified himself as a 'Christian', as do Freemasons in general, and even an interesting martial arts system teacher makes a point of identifying himself as a Christian.  It is even considered important that these organizations do identify as Christian to place a perspective of, and make a point and implication, that what they then teach is okay for Christians.

And that is the problem, because there is a specific 'tree' associated with the Christos (we prefer the Greek description) and that 'tree' refers to an Eternal Life System, a 'tree' that is a 'vine' with 'branches', with the specific point that it is teaching of the difference between a Living 'Tree' System over aligning into a dead 'tree' system - the entire point of what this planet has been about. 

These 'trees' are alignments within the stars and suns of this galaxy.  One is as it should be, and one went off course and began to breakaway.  The alignment which is an off course 'tree' - whether those teaching it know it or not, but it is covered in depth in this work - aligns to the Canis constellation, the 'dog', and involves aligning to stars such as Polaris and the Anubis-Sirius pathway which is the teaching of the Freemasons.  This is not the alignment of the 'Christos Tree'.  The point being made is that they cannot possibly be the same thing.   It also tells you that there is not only 'one god' and it is 'all the same thing'.  It cannot be. They are obviously two very different and separate things. 

It is the 'dog' alignment which bring the vengeful justice consciousness, the need to always repay - balance out - a debt, to be 'punished' for a mistake,  to think as Shylock thinks and believes to be just.

Thus to that consciousness - the consciousness of the Knights Templar - there is still a punishment needed to be meted out to those who almost destroyed their existence on this planet.  The source which almost succeeded with that was the Catholic Church, and the churches which followed from that. These are now under attack.  However, the attack is also part of the conversion of this planet from a Christos planet to a fallen planet.


Shylock and the 'Merchant of Venice' = 'The 'Quality of Mercy'





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