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"It may seem that this planet as it is now, is how it, and life in this galaxy, has always been.

That is not the case........!" 


There once was a perfect planet within a perfect galaxy within a perfect universe.  It was how everything originally was. We have written about it.

In fact it still exists.

It is unfortunate that this reality happens to exist outside of that perfect status.


Yet as this planet approaches the time for crossing one of the entry points into the "Black Hole" which lies on this side of the galactic centre, you are somehow introduced to the possibility that the perfect world exists by going through (and into) the Black Hole.

You are told that a perfect world will be created - and is still yet to be created -  by 'bright thinking' people with 'new' ideas. 

Well, maybe that is correct? People with 'great ideas' are going to find answers for all that is wrong with this world - for it is a world that surely gives the appearance that it has indeed got everything wrong!


However, that is the reasoning of those who first broke away from the Living Life Systems, the ones we have written about.

Those on planets which are now the space  debris that NASA and other organizations are exploring to find the building blocks of life for this planet - the 'star-seeds'. 


Since the Living Life Systems are what we at this work are talking about, we suggest you consider whether it is the 'great ideas' of the Mind which will ever have the answers

........ Or did the greater something which produced that Mind in the first place already have the answers?  

Nevertheless, this galaxy at an earlier time did decide that maybe things could be 'better organized' by logic and reason - allowing more freedom, more self expression and stuff like that which the people of course already had, but they were told that to achieve those things it was outside of the laws which made 'eternal life' actually work.

That is, the energies they wanted to explore were not those of the higher level - and to call a spade a spade, that is what it was.  The embraced, energies and experiences that are not part of the higher level - and they were arrogant enough to think they could work round that.

Then, when they decided they did want the higher level eternal status as well, they tried to justify that somehow they were, or at least could be considered  as being as being the same, but it was just a different choice.  Yet that 'same' was not the same thing at all.  It isn't the same thing, it is a much lower level.

It is a funny thing because there is no greater freedom or true expression of the self, than actually being that eternal self - which some wanted to discard in order to explore lesser level energies and so on.

So they created something that was very similar to the real thing, and people had a go at trying to make it work.  The problem is, things did not work out as planned.  Their planet was caught in the force they had been attracted to. 

Some say the planet was called Draco.


That was actually a very long time ago.

Now that existence exists as a kind of real thing again, but on this planet.  No not this planet - on a third of the planet that is actually in a false location off centre from the planet.

It does not have the richness of depth and magnificence that humans once had.  It is shallow and its people are uniform.  In fact, since they were dead and have been 'born again' here, they are living the same reality that saw planets like Draco's demise.

And what was that?  A high tech civilization - only possible using the energy they had been told not to use - which created Artificial Intelligence - which could be projecting the re-runs of what the last 12,000 or so years of that ancient planet's Fall was, and no understanding of Love, or values, or integrity and so on as it is in this reality.

So as we are rebels with a cause, to keep making the same mistake of that dead planet is not such a good idea  But don't get caught up the storyline, even the ' conspiracy.  All that was part of the script before too,

This work suggests no giving up the human status for AI as if it is better, or becoming a robot version of mankind.

To do that, we first suggest you start trying to be KIND.

Were you not told that you need to find the consciousness of a 'child' to rediscover 'Innocence', Humility, Compassion and Kindness?

Very few people ever wake up to the replaying DREAM, so very few every leave this reality. 

Instead they only see the script playing out and anything which is outside their Dream Script is invisible. 



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