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This planet is expected soon to encounter something which will cause a 'transformation' and 'ascension'. 

Science now tells us - with the same dates that time in with 'spiritual transfromationist' sources - that the 'entry point' or 'portal' - which is into a black hole - is expected to come into view from behind the sun possibly by 2029.  Many new consciousness sources look to a completion date of something early in the 2030's.

The completion process is expected to be a planetary Kundalini Activation which issues from the new alignment of this planet,  This is finale of the Grand Plan and piece de resistance of the 'conspiracy' - which has been to successfully change the alignment of this planet to the new North Star Polaris and its soon to fully come online direct opposite, new South Pole Star - Sirius - a binary star where its twin went into supernova and became a Dead Star (or aka Dark Star or Death Star).

All of this process, long ago introduced a complete change in consciousness on this planet which at first some of the people were very keenly aware about and took counter measures.  But in today's world, people like the consciousness for this reality and they do continue to choose the promised 'evolution' and await the moment of the Kundalini Activation, even while researching the conspiracy.  They look forward to being amongst those 'evolved ones' who experience this 'evolution', and one way or another are preparing themselves for it.

Which makes it all the more sensational if getting you to do or want, or expect, that is the goal and plan of the 'conspiracy'. 


Something was done to this planet long ago - 12,000 years ago in the timing of the cycle but could be any number of cycle back.  It was done so secretly that few knew why the planet suddenly began to jolt.  It is and was a 'conspiracy' from thousands of years ago which continues but its mysteries remain mysteries - because it remained a mystery when this play first played out.  Therefore, getting the answer to it, was probably never in the script. 

With each rebirth, the script plays out as it was originally.  But that does not make it less real.

The people were 'sold it' by being told they were on their way to encountering a time of 'evolutionary transformation'.  The energies of a 'dark star' are magical and offer riches beyond measure.......


It also has something to do with an 'entry point' into a Black Hole or perhaps as a wormhole, or Star Gate, where a planet could quantum leap through time and space to align its South Pole with the new South Pole Star?


The attraction for going into or through a black hole is even part of normal scientific research, and Stephen Hawking wanted, and many scientists want, to go in there to explore it. 


But what if there was once, and still is, a planet, like this one, and people perhaps like us but known as 'Children of Darkness' in hidden ancient texts, which had been pulled into that portal long ago, and wanted to find a way out?



So what is it?  First of all this is still a spiritual work which began 12,000 years ago to ensure there was a way to help people NOT be caught up in the alignment with the new South Pole Star Sirius. 


But there are also people here from the starseed which came (starseed from the planet which also tried this same realignment idea but  the planet blew up) who are 'innocently' still following their spiritual path as it was. 


The planet which exploded and the DNA which came to this planet in 'space ice' was not the only inhabited planet from around the vicinity of that star which went into supernova - Iris.  The region for possible planets which were interested in the energy from the Dead Star includes Orion, Draco or anything within that section of this galaxy.


At least one other planet did go into it - or something negative -  that is, into the outer perimeters of the 'portal'.  As you can see from Stephen Hawking's work when describing black holes, if it is big enough then you do not become 'spaghetti' (his words). You remain normal, but somewhat distorted.  Distorted in the way the consciousness and lifestyle that people here have been 'prepared' (made ready) for.


People on this planet have been in a process of 'preparation' for what?


It is suggested that the people of this planet have been reprogrammed to adjust to the new alignment (which is Sirius to Polaris).  However, there is an issue that a planet from those involved in doing this, ended up in a place where they could not escape.  Thus, some immediately died with the planet and remained as DNA and lost souls, some in physical bodies did get to this planet, and others were trapped in what is being called the 'portal'.


These ones, those from the planet which was caught in the 'portal' want this planet and human bodies so they can get out again.  Some say it is a need for the high value Life Energy so that they can continue to live.


Unfortunately the people of this planet do not know or understand that they need to pull out of the new alignment. If aware of anything in progress, it is considered that it is to be a wonderful moment of 'Energy Activation'.


It is a plan from those who themselves come from whatever took place to destroy and reverse the reality of that ancient world, a 'going through the looking glass' or 'down the rabbit hole' as some science fiction type of weirdness that took place and trapped people in a place of dark energy between worlds.


They were called Children of Darkness from the Force of Darkness (as is everyone from that source.)  They had developed intellect but not any of what was needed for true eternal evolution.  Their existence was written of in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and what is happening is written of in the Book of Revelation.


Therefore they consider the people of this planet inferior and stupid - which is generally accurate.  Indeed the DNA has been reduced by 30% and there is the issue of the introduction of ape genetics, all possibly done for this purpose.  A purpose where it has been said that the humans have been cultivated so the high level life force energy that is the soul can be 'consumed' by those caught inside the perimeter of the black hole - or perhaps those who came here - because they need that life-force to remain alive. This does seem to be some of the rites that go on with 'black services' so is not something to be taken lightly for it is very possible.


The information on what 'they' have done has been around for a very long time, decades, and  Zeitgeist was from 2007, and still the people who research this do not understand - do not understand! - that they have to pull out of this. 


'They' have introduced their life and values, and almost no-one gets it, but instead continues with all of it while trying to search where the 'hidden conspiracy' lies.  If it continues like it is, it means that the Children of Darkness will win this 'game' against the Forces of Light. 


Although the real losers are the Children of Darkness themselves, who have had the chance by being born here to evolve out of the consciousness level they were at, and instead of being dead, be permitted into 'eternal life'.


The overall picture of this and how it came about (loss of the star and their solar system is covered in the Os-iris section.)

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