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A Basic Introduction to Change the Consciousness

as it Exists in this 'False Reality'.


How to Identify False Teachings and False Teachers.


The false teachings which belong to the fallen reality - which Fell to a Lower Level is purely based on the EMF scale and the chakras.  That is how you identity a false energy level which is trying to usurp the 'true' energy level - but it is the Mind which is given reasons and logic for it to think otherwise.

Let's quickly look at some of the absolute tripe that people have been led to believe in here.  There is a popular book called 'Veronica Decides to Die' and in that book, when facing imminent death, the heroine decides what she must experience before she dies.  Guess what.  It is to be 'truly free' sexually.  In fact it is a common belief that 'sexual expression' and promiscuity is 'freedom'. 

It is a very common, and spiritually held, view that people are repressed about 'allowing' themselves full sexual expression; that it is fear and a lack of 'letting themselves go' which holds them back.  There is an entire spirituality about it, with 'gurus' - ones you know of - and often self appointed males who have done some research and actually do believe that they are providing a 'spiritual experience' for women via this activity. 

This has probably gone a long way to enforcing the idea of male superiority, and it is responsible for endless problems in this world, including with women trying desperately to show and prove that they are 'liberated' and 'equal'.  It makes fools of everyone.

It is also a topic of an error of understanding, that is very hard to explain.  However, it is a low level teaching of the False Path, because it is an obvious way to think and interpret yet nevertheless, it simply is not  anything remotely close to the meaning or experience of Love.  Because of that, it provides an easy way to identify a false 'guru', and a false teaching, and the false values of a 'new' yet backward world.  Just as a fallen planet can be identified by its use of 'the energy' to develop technology. 

It is ludicrous and insane to continue with the illusion that sex is a pathway to love and to God consciousness.  It is nothing but a physical experience no matter how 'spiritual' it may feel.  And it is not the experience of Love or even the ecstasy that is part of the Love discussed spiritually.  We know of course that some will relate this to the energy coiled at the base of the spine, which we will cover elsewhere.  If you pay attention to the information given on this website you will see there is an error of understanding around that, which is also important to know about.  It has nothing to do with LOVE nor is it the path to God.

It has NOTHING to do with it, not even close.  Stop thinking it is, because it is ruining this world, and instead, try to understand what LOVE actually is.

If we can get this ILLUSION out of the way, then maybe there could be some consciousness changes here, and this planet could even see an end to the ongoing teachings of this FALSE BELIEF.  These are the teachings this planet needs to get rid of - the b/s that is so foundational to where the beliefs of this world now focus.  It is a false belief that has been dominating the consciousness of this world, and is a low level teachings that should be headed for the rubbish bin..

It is an insult to LOVE and to HIGHER SPIRITUALITY.  

Reject our saying this as you may - but to do so is only because those who reject it know no higher. 

Now you will have to look much harder and with greater intelligence and integrity to understand what Love is.


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