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 The 12,000 year journey from the Higher Worlds to the new energy Below. 


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The Alien DNA's Aquarian 'Water Bearer' of the Dead System


Firstly the positive ancient scripts - the ones which were generally removed from knowledge - were about the pathway into the Living Life Stream System this planet belongs to. 

Without knowing this and other aspects of the full picture which has been removed, it is going to be very difficult to either Wake Up or have time to get out of the problem to come.  It may not mean you go into the black hole, but it does get just that much more difficult to ever get out of being in this 'false reality'.  So let's take a look at more on this.

This planet is travelling a pathway called the Path of Knowledge, and it has taken everything about this planet (by its angle and wobble) into the Force range of the soon to be encountered 'portal'.  Incidentally this is associated with the end of the journey, zodiac sign of the 'Water Bearer' (Aquarius) suggesting the ancient world who forced the planet onto this path thought this was the source of the 'Living Waters'. 

However, there was no 'path' when this planet was in the 'real reality'. This planet was in a fixed location until this was done to the planet by those who wished to capture and change this planet.  Please pay attention, because that alone should be enough to set alarm bells off for anyone. 

The good news was the existence of the Living Life Stream System - and those who belong to this have their names in the 'Book of Life'.

There are others here who aren't part of that (our) system - they belonged to a different once living system which died (went into supernova).  They came here as the genetic material in 'space ice' a great deal of which is still in space and NASA has sent probes to it specifically for the purpose of following up the origins of the genes which make up the DNA of mankind.  The space agencies and scientists know that this is how the genetic material for the current races on this planet got here.  (There is more on this topic in the important sequence denoted by * in the index).

But they were not the original inhabitants or 'owners' of this planet.  It was always difficult to find the reason why a 5th realm planet (this one) with a developed civilization and part of a true Living System, would have started looking for their source of 'Living Waters' in the 'eye of god' of a star which had gone into supernova; and then why they would have even altered the axis of this planet so its angle would travel to align with that source. 

Thus the alien DNA which came to this planet in 'space ice' and which came from a fallen planet, developed over time, and then set out to take over this planet.   This planet is mainly inhabited by these ones now - this sort of world civilization is their world - this is not our world.  However, all we need to do is locate those who are part of our world - the 5th realm - and help them leave this reality to return 'Home' before this planet encounters the entry point into the Black Hole.

It takes 12,000 years, journeying away from 'true' to reach this 'portal' which is over 23 degrees off from 'true' - as is the human brain and consciousness, and also the chakra system.  This is the planet's current path and one this world and its people should not be on. 

The attributes of the consciousness of this new level are judgment - a judicial system, the 'eye for an eye' system which is amply portrayed on TV and in movies as all of this level of consciousness is; and that the qualities of Love, Mercy, Compassion are a luxury which do not reflect the reality of the needs of 'real life'.  Also that humans/mankind are creatures of mind, body and senses, and should live around those but it all ends, so live to enjoy it on those levels.  They were creations of a Great Mind so never really existed. 


That is the view when seen from the new destination accessed by a 'journey' - through Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Pisces to Aquarius - to reach what is soon to be encountered and seen appearing from behind the sun, which is the 'portal' or entry point into the super massive black hole at the centre of this side of the galaxy.  (The one discussed by Prof. Stephen Hawking in the piece in the Science section).


Of importance to note is that this planet, before its fall journey, was in a fixed location.  It did not travel or move anywhere.  It was a stable and firm non-travelling part of the Living Water Well Spring 'Fountains' of Life Streams, Life Source.  Something happened which ended that status, and made this planet's axis move to the 'portal' it is soon to encounter. 


However, the ancient world did think this was the source of the 'Living Waters' as the final destination is denoted by the zodiac sign of the 'Water Bearer'. This in turn links to the star system which died, and the planets which disintegrated yet whose genetic material arrived on this planet in 'space ice'. 


Thus this planet eventually 'gave birth' to the genetic DNA of people from a technologically advanced world - which means a fallen world.  Only that energy produces the technology this world now has.  This topic is covered in the 'Osiris sequence' indicated by * in the index.  It is also acknowledged that the DNA was not only in the 'space ice' but involved actual beings who travelled here after the destruction of their planet.   As they came from a water based planet, it is possible they lived under the sea, and possibly still do...........


It is understood they made their appearance more like the original inhabitants of this planet - human - by upgrading the forest ape and modifying their own DNA with that. 


In this way they came to be land based and look 'human like'.  Unfortunately these ones then wished to claim and alter this planet, and align its consciousness, and the planet itself, to their lost dead source (the 'eye of god' which is the supernova - exploded star - of what was once the 'living waters source' for their planet(s).


And that is the beginning of the situation on this planet, and the acceptance of the fallen spirituality and world governance, of those who captured this planet, as a bright and exciting step forward...............




  Have you ever seen this picture or representations of this picture with that column or tube of light passing through the centre of what is a planet (or sun, or star, and also a human being)? 


What do you think would happen if that column (or tube) was bent at the top so that it no longer connected into and received the energies it was receiving from 'higher up'?  What if that column or tube was not only bent, but done so, so that it would align somewhere else, over to the left and somewhat downwards?  Like into the black hole entry point.  That is what was done to this planet, and what we will now look at.


People on this planet now have no knowledge whatsoever of the existence of where this planet was diverted to - because that bent column created the direction of travel through the ages of Leo to Pisces/Aquarius we just mentioned, which leads into the Black Hole entry point this planet - also dubbed 'spaceship Earth' - is soon to encounter, which we also just mentioned. 

Very few have any awareness or knowledge of the two paths this work has painstakingly examined for you.  The only information out there is that this planet is about to reach its 'transformation' and an evolutionary step for mankind.

The new source - which is the Source of Knowledge and the destination of the created Path of (into) Knowledge -  for all of what it promises - like the energy which makes technology possible, or to create with the Mind because thought energy has a substance to it, and the apparent destiny of mankind to reach its full evolutionary potential of controlling the universe - is a Black Hole.  It is, not surprisingly, the 'path of darkness' written of in ancient texts, and of course its believers are not surprisingly again, 'children of darkness'.  

And the very fact that the planet was forced onto this path, to be diverted to a new source - via rearranging that column or tube you can see in the star picture -  then have people accept it as an exciting development, is still an extremely evil and unconscionable act of treason against the Original Source.

This problem seems to relate to understanding that this planet and this reality is on a particular, literal path which it was forced to be on, and should not be on.  

Originally this planet was not on any 'path'.

A 'path' is a kind of roadway from point A to B.   It is a literal route, like on a map.  It moves from a starting point and travels to somewhere else.  But originally this planet did not move anywhere at all.  The starting point was a fixed, unchanging location.  There was no path.  But now there is that path and also a 'path' to get back to the starting point - for those with enough awareness to question the wisdom of entering a black hole( and thinking that the human brain was  meant to control how galaxies and the universe work.)

So, now, since this planet's axis was damaged, there is the path which leads from where this planet started the ‘journey’ and travels a route - taken by 'spaceship earth' - into a new source. Which it was artificially caused to do.  And it is the path this planet and everyone on this planet, is on.  


*By the way, there are a few reasons why this false reality (via the bent column/tube discussed in this section) came into existence.

1) It was the evil work of bad players who it is believed came from long gone fallen planets from a dead system looked at in the 'Osiris' section of this work, whose genetic material came to this planet via 'space ice' now being investigated by NASA probes. 

It also has to be mentioned that ancient records and those in stone, indicate the 'fish people' came to the regions of Mesopotamia and brought advanced knowledge with them - for farming etc.  This work has always been very cautious about  this topic, until we had more facts. The star which died and was once, long ago a Living System, was about 8.6 Light years away (1 light year is 6 trillion miles!) However, the blast sent the 'space ice' towards this solar system, and as a believed to be technologically advanced planet and therefore using 'fallen' energy from the dying star, it probably had 'space stations' and large craft out away from the home planet which were also catapulted through space the same as the 'space ice'.  Something like the old TV series Battlestar Galactica perhaps

2) The damage to this planet was allowed to be created because these ones were causing a massive war on this planet that they had come to via the 'space ice', and they were planning an evil, unconscionable act of damage to this planet.   It was created so they can learn to stop thinking this is an 'evolution' for science and spirituality. 

3) It was allowed to be created so those from those fallen worlds - most of this planet - who still keep choosing this level of 'spirituality' and knowledge, will go into the black hole - as they want - and this higher level planet will be rid of them. However, that does not mean the near 99% of the planet not connected into the Living System will not be affected by the black hole too.

(The only way out of continuing to be pulled closer into the black hole - even though it may be finally during the Maha Pralaya (Final Dissolution) - the only way out is by being attached to the greater force that is the Living System/Master for this planet.  It does not just happen on its own. The majority of people on this planet, are still marked for remaining within the realities of the black hole.)

Astronomers find a Planet Fragment Orbiting a Dead Star

Not the same dead star, but a useful example of what happens to planets when a star dies.

The star is a white dwarf, a cool, dead, dense star like our sun some 6 billion years from now.

The planet fragment - made of heavy metals - survived a system-wide cataclysm that followed the star's death. 

(sent to us by Erika).


Revenge Consciousness

Path of Knowledge also called Rebirth and the Path of Life and Death.



Connecting to the WELL SPRING SOURCE


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