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The Justice of this Level and Repaying Karmic Debt


The justice of this level is called the judicial system, the rule of law for this level of consciousness which is the breakaway reality. Jude means divorced or breakaway. It is the 'eye for an eye' level common to many religions which consider themselves in opposition to each other, but the Law of the True Living System is 'Forgiveness, Love and Mercy'.  However, to ever hope to leave the false reality which is 'this world', this level requires and demands you pay your debt to it.  It (the consciousness behind this level) requires its 'pound of flesh'. 


You will see from a brief extract from a lecture by the late Stephen Hawking, presented in our 'Science' section, that Black Holes contain information, just as an Artificial Intelligence system does, but when there is an overload of information, a Black Hole is formed.  Thus whoever accesses that information expects to control and 'own' the universe.

That was the reasoning in the ancient world which led to the alteration to this planet's axis, the collapse of 'Atlantis, and the journey to the new world, the new direction, the new consciousness, and the new 'god'.  It is also helpful to recognize what the 'new' everything is, as opposed to the original, and why would anyone accept it, or even begin to think it was True God Source?

It is a world and level which demands its 'justice' - its Shylock style 'pound of flesh' - not only as the judgment system for this world, but also the karmic debt repayments required for any hope of escaping this world (which includes its non-physical levels known as spiritual or sumerland).  The payment of your debt to this world is ruthless, which is why the rules for disengagement were and are demanding to pay off the debt.  It is not an easy path to return to 'True Source'.   It takes endless lives.  It is an easy path to choose the 'false source'..

The scientists and academics of an earlier version of this world, which had already accepted the gifts of the 'dark energy' and developed technology, were after what they believed - and still believe - to be the prize contained within the massive black hole at the centre of this galaxy.  That prize is the information and knowledge on how galaxies and this universe work.  With such knowledge in their control, they would be the Masters of the Universe, and own it all - in their view a far better prize that being part of True Source.

That was reason enough that in an ancient war, this planet's axis was altered so it would angle towards the Black Hole 'portal', and reason enough to create new religions and spiritual views with an expectation of a leap in 'evolution'.  However, we will point out that the only way Living Systems and Galaxies remain as Eternal Living Systems is because of all the things not to do.

Now this planet is reaching the destination of all that makes up what not to do, and in the not too distant future, possibly a handful of years away, this planet will encounter, and cross, an opening into the Black Hole which lies at the centre of the galaxy - and this planet is fully aligned into it.

It is this which the ancient texts warned about. 

Something was done to this planet during the time of a great war across this planet which forced it to begin to 'fall' into that alignment precisely.  This planet was deliberately altered so that it would align with the soon to be encountered 'portal' into the Black Hole. 

The people on this planet were protected from embracing this new direction, yet that protection was eroded, and when the knowledge of the True System is removed, it turns out most people are unable to either sense or recognize what higher values mean, or keep to it.  Basically people are told what to do, and most cannot think and act for themselves, they just follow.  That is what this world is.  And this world has not yet told them what the truth is, but when some 'authority' in this world, like Nexus or a popular blog tells you only then will people pay attention, but too late of course.

Since that time - the time of the 'Fall' and when Earth's curious wobble first began - the people of this planet have been given a different story, a different expectation on what this new journey into a new world, and new reality is about.  Maybe the approaching the black hole and the new reality it promises is nothing to fear, but most do not know that that is the reality and journey they have accepted........

Also, the Original Source has said it is a huge mistake to make and is something to fear.



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