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 IRIS the Greek Goddess of the Rainbow Bridge to the Power source

of the 'Abundant Provider' and AMR

(Autonomous Machine Reasoning)

          which caused the Fall and destruction of the planet now being investigated by NASA in the 'space ice'.


This reality - is a 'false reality' in a 'world of illusion' - which is what it is described as in many sources of spiritual texts. 



Firstly we would like to introduce the existence of LIVING SYSTEMS within this galaxy, which are complete groups of positive charged massive stars, lesser stars and planets.  And also we mention that sometimes some of those once living systems die.


A positive charged System is called Father which may also be written as Fatha or PhaTha and it means a galaxy.  In biblical texts it says that 'in my Father's house there are many mansions'.  There are many of these massive Living Life Stream Systems.


There are also Living Systems which belong as part of binary star systems, and trinity star systems.  It is one of these last two categories which made up the 'Abundant Provider'.


The Systems which die are negative charged. The energy reverses to negative.  And when they do begin to die, they provide an interesting energy which is the same energy used to develop technology on this planet.  But it was on the planet that NASA is investigating in 'space ice' that this type of energy was first harnessed. 


What mostly came to this planet from that long lost planet, is the water.


The System was called the 'Abundant Provider' and it is what an ancient civilization on this planet tried to set up here - based on, we believe, the knowledge from the previous planet which exploded.  It  was the grid set up on the planet which blew up, and its relative on this planet is most notably associated with Egypt which long ago was known as the land of Khemalot - the same 'once and future kingdom' known by something like that name, today.


This page has not yet been updated, but it now appears that the Abundant Provider System was the story of the energy used on the planet which blew up.  It used the energy which was pouring into that planet from the lead star of their twin star system, which formed the 2nd 'Tree' in their particular Garden.  The Garden then reversed and became the Dengar. 


The 'Abundant Provider' was the 'rainbow bridge'.  When a similar Pyramid Network was established on this planet, its purpose was not only to provide energy to this planet, but also to realign the planet. 


The source of the dark energy from a dying then dead star was connected to the star which the trinity of Orion points to.  What it belonged to, and its location in the night sky, were all clearly named even and especially in ancient texts, so there is no question about where some in the ancient world wished to align to and which star(s) they wanted to be their life source and their 'god'. 


Which then introduces how the event known as Atlantis came to be and did that event take place on the previous planet that the star-seeds which came to this planet, came from?


You see after that event - whatever it was - took place on the previous planet, that planet, it is believed, was thrown into a Pole Reversal and pulled towards a black hole which at that time was small enough to make a planet 'spaghetti' (the words of Stephen Hawking). 


*It is now believed by this work that the event known as Atlantis happened on the other planet which blew up.  A type of Atlantis event probably occurred on this planet when the deliberate action to 'bend' the spine of this planet - to align it to a different star system - took place.  There are records of a sudden jolt to this planet some 12,000 years ago ( or equally hundreds of thousands of years ago but with the planet in the position that was still True North.)


Whatever they did with their power source, they were bringing in negative energies - energy from the lower ends of the EMF spectrum that a Dead Star produces, which are magnetic and 'feminine' - to run a System on their planet -  and it blew up their planet.


That is how large chunks of the remnant of that explosion landed on this planet, blended into it, and kind of marked it as a planet that 'belonged' to the system of the Twin Stars - the Binary System which ran the planets in its family - and then came to this System. That story then continues in the History & Dream Academie Introduction section. 



On this planet, in this reality, these ones again wanted to start up their high tech world, their system, to run this planet. The understanding on this is because they are still connected to the instructions they receive from their 'Command Star' - which is a star that no longer exists.  But the energy of that dying star was used to create AMR also known as AI.  The Command Star was replaced by the AMR.


The System is run by AMR not the star, which is known to be Sirius B or Osiris.  The 'future world' that was created on that planet which eventually blew up,  was a non-biological life form, yet quite possibly a step which preceded biological life in that particular Binary Star System.  On this planet there are buildings that have a right to vote.  They are AMR entities.


There is a lot that is very 'code-like' about what happened with the dead star.  That code-like aspect and the existence of artificial intelligence raises the question if what is being 'produced' here is in fact artificial, or more about a change from biological life to a Binary Code?  The difference that makes it possible now is that some 6,000 years ago this planet went into reverse.


In reality those from the blown up planet died with their planet, but the AMR System remained.  The 'space ice' - the frozen remnant of their 'water planet' - came to this planet not long afterwards.  It is also understood that the 'space ice' went to the planet Mars too, but when that died, what remained came to this planet.  Some of the people from that world also came to this planet.  And they brought many of the Books and Records with them.  Like the story of Genesis on their lost planet, for example.



Within a galaxy are many different clusters of Living Star Systems - complete systems of many stars and planets which all belong to their own family, and are connected to the 'Father' at the galaxy centre.  They are specifically called Living Systems because they are connected into eternal 'perpetual motion' star systems producing 'Perpetual Light' - and as they are 'Perpetual Light' a dark star cannot be considered the same thing.  Sirius - a twin star system - is a dark star and a light star.


Sometimes a star dies, and if it was a major star of that Life System, a 'king star' which dies, then thereafter, that system begins to die too.  The energy slips further down the scale towards the negative, magnetic (magenta) and then any inhabited, developed planets in those systems start to fall in consciousness too. 


A cyborg or robot or AI, which is also called AMR meaning Autonomous Machine Reasoning,  is a lesser form of life, yet appears to be 'more advanced' or why else do planets go so overboard to develop it?!   Nevertheless, it is the energy of a dying star that becomes the energy used to develop Technology.  Technology uses and is only possible by using that energy.  It is found within the areas of 'dark energy'.   The development of technology is how you can identify a fallen world.


And as has been noted, the Command Stars known as Sirius have come to this planet as part of the system's 'endocrine system' to issue instructions for this planet's transition because this planet has been identified as belonging to the Sirius System.  *This is what is taught in Mystery Schools (and the teachings are anti-Christic.)


On a consciousness level, it also begins with issues like the development of ego, self-aggrandizement and other illusions about yourself, and a belief that mankind was meant to be the 'masters of the universe' - which is also a complete rejection of the 'Father'.  It is a dangerous path, so (from the Upper Realms) there is always, as far as is possible, a 'life line' out of it.  Eventually that becomes precarious too, especially as the new energy direction - which brings many apparent 'gifts' - is a direction that is caught in the magnetic pull of the Lower Scale and drawn towards the nasty thing called a Black Hole.


Which is a story which happened to another planet in this region of the galaxy about 8.6 light years away from the solar system this planet Earth is located in.  This is where a 'king star', much bigger than the sun of this solar system, went into supernova many millions of years ago, perhaps 65,000,000 years ago.  It was a star/sun that was a binary star system (twin stars) and one of its names was Iris. 


It also had inhabited planets within its systems, because it oversaw several solar systems with possibly more than one inhabited.  So the one we are looking at was a large planet in the 'Goldilocks Zone' of its nearest sun, and it had giant creatures like dinosaurs, and such a great deal of water that it was known as the 'water planet'.


These were not Upper Level planets when 'Iris' began its pre-explosion process.  But it was still a bright star.  They also fell in consciousness while believing they were actually 'developing' and becoming more evolved.  The reality was the opposite, but they didn't know that. 


Not until their planet went into an artificial Pole Reversal and then began to disintegrate.


That event, which is assumed to have involved some explosions, threw remnants of that planet many light years away from the original location and into the vicinity of this solar system, as chunks of 'space ice'.  (This is currently the focus of NASA and other probes.) These were also caught in the trajectory of another planet affected by that blast which, though dead from the blast, was sent hurtling off in this direction with the space ice and more in tow. 


That body was known as Nibiru, and it did disrupt this solar system in a scenario like 'worlds in collision'.  It  is understood it also caught some some planets which were actually higher level than this solar system, one of which was this planet. 


The original of this planet, of which the far larger body is a higher frequency and therefore invisible, still exists where they are supposed to be, and is not the same thing as the star-seeds or visitors who came to this planet from a technologically advanced planet in a nearby but far away different part of this part of this galaxy.  The star-seeds are from a fallen world using dead and dying energy, and their world blew up - that is why they had to find another planet. 


The actual Higher Realm planet that the remnants of their blown up planet landed upon formed an outer world of that Higher Realm planet, which as a higher frequency is in fact invisible, but greatly bigger than the planet which formed as Earth! 


Unfortunately, this planet was already inhabited.  It was actually an Upper Level planet attached to a different everlasting Living System as one of the 'many mansions in the house of the Father'.


Yet this in itself may have provided a way for those of the fallen consciousness to choose the Higher Realm instead, and indeed there were people from the Higher Planet who did remain on the fallen outer world as an example of what the standards of a Higher Level world are.  Almost like a replay so people in this lower realm get the chance to choose differently. 


Once in this reality, even those from the Higher Planet have to deal with the physical laws and issues of this reality, because the story which plays out here - again and again with each rebirth of the 'new Earth' - is remarkably similar to the consciousness that was on the planet which became 'space ice'.


It is presumed that the story script for this reality will always be this because it is this which presents the mistakes of a fallen world, so that those who chose that consciousness can choose to become Children of Light and a Living System instead. 


But it is also a reality that the alteration that was done to this planet to force it into the promised 'transformation' which is actually the realignment of this planet to belong to a different star system.  When or if that eventually happens, it is not only a man-made event but one that probably takes many rounds through the cycle to coordinate correctly. 


It is said the planet came close to a pole reversal  40.000 years ago, so it could be close.



No matter what you chose or thought you chose, you only get out of this reality by being accepted by and connected into the Living System.  If you did not do that, then you do not leave this reality.  There may be better options for those who lived their lives keeping to the Guidelines and truly did reject the things that the Upper Realm has always said not to do.  If you did do  those things and went far into those practices, or lived the lifestyle - it is not clear what may happen when the 'invisible Force' is encountered.   At this time, you can only leave this false reality by getting it right, and doing what is needed, during the next opportunity. 


The opportunity to leave this 'false reality' lies in choosing and accepting - and by being accepted by - the Living System which is happily available by the presence of the much larger inner planet that this outer Earth is attached to.  When this planet moves back into its Ascension, it rejoins that bigger planet.  As that happens, this outer planet will move away from those in the 'false reality' which is a 'projection' that happened to find a 'screen' here on this physical planet, to exist on. 


That is why it is believed that when Planet X or the 'portal', the Blue Kachina, or something unique appears from behind the sun - expected quite soon now - people are 'lifted up' from this planet and taken into the VR world of the Matrix - because they have no planet and they have no soul home or Star which is the source of their soul. That was lost when the star went into supernova. 


Is it possible that there was once, and perhaps still are people perhaps like you are but known as 'Children of Darkness' in hidden ancient texts, which had been pulled into that 'portal' long ago  - caused by the supernova which left the 'eye of god' -  and they wanted to find a way out by taking another planet to replace the one that had blown up?  Are they the ones who have so successfully 'channelled' and communicated to people on this planet to help them realign the planet - the Earth grid - so they can finally succeed in taking this planet?


By the way, we think they failed this time round and the planet will Ascend.


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The star is a white dwarf, a cool, dead, dense star like our sun some 6 billion years from now.

The planet fragment - made of heavy metals - survived a system-wide cataclysm that followed the star's death.

 (sent to us by Erika, Many thanks.).

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