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Updated with new additions July 10th - 12th 2021.

2,000 years ago Jesus (by whatever name) was born.

A short continuation of 'The 'Son of God' then introduction to how to align to the 'Christ Door' and into the Higher Universe.


For the entire duration of the Fall, this planet moved downwards towards a Portal (Door) into a Lower Universe.

When the planet pulls out of that Fall on its cycle - it begins to move upwards again. (Ascension).

Cycle means it moves at an arc downwards, then the 'upwards' is also an arc but the upward part of a cycle (or circle.)

During the Fall downwards, energy cords have been strongly formed into the Portal into the Lower Universe.

For millennia people then and now, truly believe that the realms beyond this physical body are 'spiritual' - as in holy.

They believe they are 'spiritually developed' if they experience contact with those realms. This is the foundational mistake.

The Portal into the Lower/Astral Universe is a false and ultimately demonic reality.

The Issue is the First Door Encountered on the Spiritual Journey.

*There is knowledge of a 'spiritual structure' that goes with the reversed teachings but that knowledge is not any type of authority on what is holy. They believe that their interpretation is 'living' and also there is a widespread belief - really widespread - that 'spiritual gifts' like clairvoyance etc are 'gifts' from the 'spiritual realms' and multi dimensions of these 'spiritual realms'.

These are NOT spiritual gifts, the existence of a 'spirit world' is not holy, not the True Holy World. They are accessed through the fallen 'door'. It is the same story for those who interact with beings from the 'spiritual realms' and are told they are imaginery - they are not necessarily imaginery, but they are nevertheless, ultimately demonic. Even in mainstream traditional Christian sources, it is taught not to be involved in 'spiritualism'.

People now know that the covid exprimental rMNA injection has magnetic properties, with magnetic nano particles. They are unaware that aligning to the 'Astral Door' - the path of spirit contact and astral travel - is also magnetic.


Jesus Christ restored the Way to find the True 'Door' - the Christ Door.

This was begun, in order to establish energy cords to the Upper Universe Portal - ready for the planet's future change - so that people could break away from the dark force too.

'Portal' refers to the passage a soul takes at death or when leaving the confines of the body (cave) during astral travel or out of body journeying through drugs like Ayahuasca etc.

During the Fall there is only one Portal/Passage encountered and that is the astral one into the Lower Universe.


The Christ restored the Way to find the True 'Door' - the Christ Door.

(Look at the medical name for this! A medical name from the ancient past and currently. Because of the misalignment this is now invisible and another 'door' is accessed.)

The False Portal/Door is over to the left - same as the Fall. Not making or knowing to make this adjustment is the main problem. It is so simple that it is extraordinary that it continues to be missed throughout many previous cycles of a Fall to the left! AS this makes a considerable difference, the process of making this adjustment must begin long before the change to the Ascending Phase.

This work covered ways to physically make some changes in an earlier module around 10 or more years ago. A person still has to clear through karmic debt - energy ties into the false energy stream - and bring the level of consciousness up to a higher level, but the info we provided does help the process. *We remain aware, and admonish others to remain aware too, that the dark cult side and false teachers can and do use any information that relates to the True Path, so they can skew it and lead you away!


The 'journey' began with consciousness aware of the Portal to the Higher Universe

but the Fall of the planet arcing downwards through its cycle, took it away from that portal/door and to a different doorway into the Astral Universe.

Thus the access to the Higher Universe Portal/Door changed - but the spiritual practices did not change.

It is reasonable that this would happen because the planet was literally moving downwards from its axis yet the people did not know that.

Those keeping to older practices unknowingly found those practices taking them into the Lower Portal. Some realised this was happening, most did not.

After many millennia since Genesis, even the best of lineages and earlier religions had lost their way, and they began strong almost unbreakable ties into the Lower Universe, then re-taught them on to others.


Some were aware that they had been travelling through a 'wilderness' and some of the non Cain lineages in Ancient Palestine were waiting for the 'Messaiah' whose purpose it would be to show them how to get away from the Portal into a Lower Universe and find the Way out of the lower energy stream this planet and realm had connected in to.

We only know of one group which had quietly kept the knowledge of True Source and that group included John the Baptist - who did prepare the Way for the Christ to fulfill His mission.

John the Baptist belonged to a group of Healers (Essaiahs - Assayas, which means Healers). The Essaiah group can also be written with an M in front - as is often the case with how information is passed on in code, and in secret.

Essaiah is another way of writing Assaya which means healers, and it can also be written as Issaiah.

Ancient Palestine was a multi cultural mix which included Romans and Greeks. The lineages of Noah and David, Jewish sects etc of which there were a number in Ancient Palestine including Pharisees, Sadducees, Siccari (Iscariot) and Essene clearly did not consider that the person Jesus Christ was the Messaiah. Those who left and some 500 years later became Moslem also insist that there was no person of that name or function.

Nevertheless, there was such a person,

and there is an entire record of it in the New Testament (which also includes the Book of Revelation which describes the plan that has just been revealed for world depopulation and micro-chipping people.)

By whatever name, and allowing for fine tuning of the story by the newly forming Roman Church, that person did bring the knowledge of how to exit the Portal dilemma that was taking souls into a Lower Universe on a path that did indeed lead to Hell and the damnation of the soul. It did so because the Portal and the Lower Universe are the path of death - the Book of the Dead.

Yet in the beginning it seems to be light and benevolent as do the entities which exist there.

The existence of a portal into a pathway of distorted reality, of degradation, and human sacrifice to a blood thirsty god, is a problem.


Within the years after the extreme levels of unrest and disruptions that were happening in Ancient Palestine after the crucifixion, many groups and communities had to escape to freedom during the time known as the Diaspora.

The Romans who had ruled in that area did establish the Roman Church. They had many of the records and prayers and over the centuries removed any of these which could lead to the actual Teachings including the Solfeggio Scale of frequencies. They also made the Virgin Mary more important which is the negative source worshipped by the reversed religions (which belong to the Lower Universe that everyone on this planet is facing on the 'inner screen'.)

Those who escaped in the Diaspora with the actual appointed successor to continue the role which the Christ brought - connecting and taking on the disciple's karmic debt (energy cords/binding ties into the lower realms so all such ties will gradually be eliminated over the 5 life times) - went eastwards and remained hidden.


Jesus is known to the Moslem religion, but is not recognized as a True Master. As most know, the techings are generally not 'Christian friendly'.

He himself had initiated 12 followers each of whom and the possibility of fulfilling their 5 stages out of this fallen level, which would take 5 lifetimes or over the course of about 500 years.

Within 2,000 years, being 4 of the 500 year generations - to present time - would mean many numbers would also have established strong rebuilt cords (silver cords) from this fallen world to that of True Source - which of course helps the planet pull out of the dark force. Perhaps that number was 144,000 - which is a possibility. One of these ones was the appointed successor.

That was accomplished centuries before the many thousands began the 'work' in recent decades to take the planet into the cabal's new world/new age aka Matrix (and label it ascension - where the false 'spiritual ecstatic enlightenment' was going to be broadcast directly into the now - after vaccine - nano-teched 'inner screen'.)


*The records and additional knowledge of this work were from that John the Baptist group whose role was to prepare the way for Jesus, which went eastwards after the Diaspora. It was never part of the Roman Church, yet was used as its foundational teachings. The Diaspora saw many groups flee from Ancient Palestine in the decades after the crucifixion. This lineage has taken people through the 'Christ Door' over the past 2,000 years, creating strong 'silver cords' to the Ascending Phase of the planet and the Way out of the World of Maya/Illusion/Plato's shadow screen etc.


Some new content added. July 10th - 12th 2021.

Guidelines and the Protocols.

Guidelines :

are to live by the 'Golden Rule'.

Protocols :

The Way Out of the World of Maya/Illusion and 'Wheel of Rebirth'.

Usually a person is accepted into the Higher Universe and was/is initiated by the successor Master.

At this time just keeping to these guidelines and protocols is adequate preparation providing you are NOT doing practices taught by other religions and beliefs.

It will still take 5 lifetimes to ascend the additional levels.

The Christ Way begins at the 3rd Eye and goes upwards

but is difficult to find because it is now hidden in darkness and out of alignment. The lower 6 chakras belong to the Lower Realm and the physical body, despite having an energy circuit etc, is not part of the Higher Realm or world. There is light and spiritual realm there however.

Trying to bring chakras into alignment with the 3rd Eye/6th chakra onwards, would obviously be a primary error, as this is where the problem is. The lowest level of this Way involves all the appearances of contact from a 'spirit realm' - therefore it looks like you have made it.

The 'wrong' portal refers to the entry point to the 'spirit world' accessed from the physical body at death, as pyschic experiences and as 'astral travel'. It leads into the a realm between this reality and the magnetic realms.

Humans Once Experienced a Bigger World.

Once upon a time, humans with a full quota of DNA, processed frequencies which the brain translated into a bigger world. A greater experience than this world is. This was the original bigger planet which was called Tara pronounced with an Irish lilt as Taira or Thera.

*Thera/Tara was the 5th plane - a much larger reality - and the lineage of this work to John the Baptist and those who he prpared the Way for, and the community which went eastwards at the Diaspora, is from Thera. They were Therapists.


Things to consider from 'Breakaway Christian Churches', especially given what is known today : -

It is taught in one breakaway Christian church not to have blood transfusions.

In another, not to have 'big pharma' medicine.

Some others teach to keep to a vegetarian diet. However, that also extends to not having eggs and to minimizing dairy.

Be mindful that (as taught by some 19th century breakaway Christian groups) the Christ taught that what may be experienced on an inner or feeling level at the beginning of this journey to soul freedom, cannot be trusted. These things are not part of the correction process to the Way Out of the 'cave' ('tomb'.) They happen at in the beginning stages of this process which involves nothing from below the 3rd eye. Keep to the guidelines and protocols.


People who have been part of and trained into satanic cults cannot become actual teachers of Christianity. They can help by providing useful information but they are never used as agents for True Source. Not possible or even remotely likely. It takes many lifetimes of work ahead for these ones to break the cords already established into the demonic realms, so it is not possible.

**To break free of entrapment in the experience and repeating reincarnation into this reality and its realms, takes 5 lifetimes even for people who lived generally decent lives and knew nothing about dark cults. It is wonderful that any of them - with a lifetime of training into darkness - changed to Christ based teachings, but True Source does not need or use people simply because they have come out from that connection - those cords are heavy duty connections.

It cannot be helped that everyone is facing the wrong portal - but you can make a difference if you understand that that is what happened.


'Living by the Golden Rule' : If you are living your life in keeping with the 'golden rule' would you be having sex rituals or initiations, or living your life chasing indiscrimminate sex as a lifestyle choice and how does such a mindset line up with those who pursue a higher more refined understanding of Love, integrity, respect, dignity, personal honour and so on? Living by the 'Golden Rule' - Guidelines



Son of God.

The Way Out of the World of Maya/Illusion and 'Wheel of Rebirth'.

Return to the Introduction to the Living Source


"Animals were not afraid of, nor the food for, the 5th realm people."

The 5th REALM is not '5D'.

This planet was once a much larger planet.   It was described as 'Timeless'.

There were no seasons.

It was considered a Paradise, where the people were in perfect health and happiness, and their bodies did not die..


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