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As far as this planet goes, it was once (but also still is) a larger planet from a Higher Realm and not part of this particular level.  The larger part of the dense part that you see as this planet, is a higher and faster frequency and therefore invisible.

There were already high level people on this planet now referred to as '5th Realm' people, before the advent of Genesis or the 'Nephilim'.  In fact the first 5 books which make up the 'Torah' describe how the Isis light came to this planet and created a body suitable for the 'Nephilim' to mate and breed with.

The planet which was described as Timeless, did not experience changes of seasons had no interest or connection to the 'Iris' Twin (Binary) Star System.  For this 1/3rd of that Original Planet that fell, connecting into its rightful Living System was the only spiritual teaching that existed for this planet.

Yet there was somewhere nearby in this galaxy, and a race of people who did mess around with their planet and ended up blowing it up.  It went into dissolution and became the 'space ice' that NASA is now investigating for how life came to this Solar System, and DNA came to this planet. That planet and the people disintegrated.  

Yet the dead lived again in a repeating rebirth of their story in this reality.

 A 'portal' (aka 'tentacle') which is considered by some to be a 'Highway into God Source' is expected to come into view from behind the sun and it is now considered that it is the source of the Force which is pulling the 'apple from its Tree.  As a massive negative force it is a 'tentacle' amongst many, that has reached out form the body of the dead twin of the Binary Star System and why it was described as a 'giant squid' (or octopus) although it is not written that it pulls the planet (apple) completely this time round.  It is however, the force which is doing it.  This, below, is some of its work :

  This planet jolted to a new North earlier in February 2019.




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