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False Worlds, Planets and Stars.



A Living Soul is part of the Living God Source who is called the Living Master.


The ancient scripts were not just pretty words about a healthy plant based diet, they were about the Living Source and the Living Law which is God's Law (which is Common Law). Much of the sources of teachings for the Living System were lost. The (unaltered) ancient scripts knew about the deception through legal syntax and through the money system.

For example, and as an example, when you take up what is offered by the Path of Life and Death which offers you a lifestyle or spiritual experiences etc, or when you undertake certain spiritual initiations etc of certain religions or beliefs, you enter into a contract with the provider of that energy or reality. Which is Lucifer - or by another name. Basically that is what binds you in karmic debt and you then have to work off that debt! Forever.

The Living Source releases you from that contract. Thereafter you must keep to God's Law (the Guidelines) but if you argue with what you think is or is not God's Law, you return to working through your karmic debt contract. That is because you turned away from God Source - but undoubtedly few realize that.

This reality has a long way to go yet. We, as the Living Source, are not part of the realms of Time, of past and future, and so on, but of a reality that is incredibly gentle, humble, and lives in service to care for others, and lives in a place where everyone treats each other the way you would like others to treat you. If True Source or the Christ were in a room amongst the many loud voices, True Source and/or the Christos would stand aside quietly and completely, and wait until you even noticed their presence.

Accessing True Source means leaving this reality because it Falls again as part of the zodiac cycle everyone loves so much. The technology is not part of True Source, it is part of this reality - which is a reality perceived via the brain. and it wobbles like a spinning plate between descending and ascending phases.

For sure, make the next phase of this reality a better world, but it is still not the real reality.


There are the Christos Teachings, but also The Christos Teachings of the Living God Source.


Reports continue that dead bodies are being brought up from beneath the White House. Most believe that those who are involved in satanic ritual abuse and who did this, cannot be human.

It is believed that long ago, those from the higher realms did link their brains and bodies into an AI system and therefore became a very sophisticated artifical biological form. That form is not only without empathy and soul, but is somehow connected into a genetic form of cannibal-animal yet an animal that is linked into artifical intelligence. It was called Annunaki.

It is believed these ones long ago experiemented with the Christos level human DNA creating beings that are mixtures of human and animal and robot, etc. These became inhabitants of fallen planets, and built entire societies and systems on those planets, each developing in their own way.

None of the worlds, and societies which developed in this created galaxy realm, are supposed to exist. Yet they do exist within the falsely created energy realms and universe of the Osiris energy stream which is the reverse and photonegative of the real reality - that this planet does not ever fully cycle out of.

The Living Source contends that none of the planets and stars seen in the galaxy of stars and constellations, actually exist in the real existence. They are all false worlds within a false quantum unified field. They are permitted to continue to exist so that they may discard thier false existence and return to God by accepting God's Laws - which is a very simplistic way of putting it.

Therefore they exist in an energy stream, and energy field, which in reality does not exist other than as a temporary and finite existence even if that is 14 billion years. It appears to be infinite but it is finite.

This planet or plane, is poised inbetween the false and the real, but never reconnects to the real.

It is a reality experienced threough the brain and a body that souls are locked into because they do not have access to the True exit point, only the astral exit.

The astral means the star realms, and they are under an initially beautiful god sometimes known as Lucifer.




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