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Genesis's Children of the Darkness

So here you are, the creation of Genesis as written in the Book of Genesis - the star-seed genetics which arrived on this planet in ‘space ice’ from a planet which existed in a different star system where the ‘’king star’’, which was part of a trinity, went into supernova long ago (exploded) - (and the teaching of a trinity is well known, but from the old planet in that system.) 


Also here you are, at the end part of a storyline which replays as a continuing rebirth - and yet again, the people on this planet chose the consciousness of the dark star, and to go into a black hole! 


The understanding is that the planet doesn't go into the black hole.  Instead, the reality that is here just fizzles out (a dissolution) until next time.  After all, the destiny chosen was to go into and become part of a black hole! 


The planet in that dying star system, known as the ‘water planet’ but which was destroyed and became ‘space ice’ was a world with a civilization which took a certain course of development – same as this world now is taking - and that consciousness ended up taking the planet into the vicinity of the super massive black hole at the centre of this galaxy.  The star is gone, but where the remnant of that star now is, is the ‘portal of evolution’ that this planet is beginning to encounter, and it is an entry point into the black hole – which is exciting scientists and those who rule the world. (As it did on the old planet.)


The result of the choice in consciousness of the star-seed planet, was the destruction of their planet and its world – a world that had developed under the energy of a once Living System which died and had then become a dark star – leaving what appeared to be an ‘all seeing eye’ in the sky - and iris is part of that eye.


But it was a wrong choice of consciousness and a product of ‘darkness’ – including that that is the energy they used to develop their high tech world – a lot like this world in fact.  Maybe identical. The end result was that the planet was drawn towards the black hole and for one reason or another was destroyed.  The civilization of a once upon a time 'world of light' but which fell, and was destroyed. Dead. 


However, the DNA came to this far distant fertile and fully Living Planet, perhaps even with some survivors of that destroyed planet and Genesis began – the gene of Isis, sister star to Iris.


But on this planet this reality is a False Reality, and on this planet all of those star-seeds who were born again, get the chance to live through the whole story they followed on their own planet and this time try to choose to become Children of Light instead.


But the original consciousness of the dead planet is still fully taught in this reality too - the energy practices, values, attitudes, and the trinity mentioned before etc. 


So, when these old teachings from a long dead star system were presented, the consciousness of the star-seeds chose that all over again!  (And there is no knowing how many times this same scenario has already been presented.) 


It also includes those who cover the ‘outrage’ of the ’conspiracy’ which is itself a gospel and has its gurus – because people listen to, idolize, and worship that particular teaching and its teachers too – which also just happen to mention the love of the dark star.



This world is an unreal reality and what you have to do – and you have had many thousands of years in which to do it – is break free of being bound into the script – and exit – escape – being trapped in this reality. 


You understand that don’t you? 


The mandate of the ‘false reality’ is to keep you engaged in the story which then keeps your focus in the ‘false reality’.  Football, career, the ‘conspiracy’, the anticipation of a new world, ‘evolution’ or ‘transformation point’ for mankind or the planet, and so on. And if it seems you want to ‘transcend spiritually’, then there is a pathway into the ‘false light’ which also keeps you in the ‘false reality’. 


All of these are to keep you engaged in the story that is the ‘false reality’. None of them are about ‘awakening’.  They are the script.



Interestingly this planet is not just a ‘False Realty’ but one that eventually proves not to exist.  So it might be artificial in some way but nevertheless a reality that no-one can escape from until they get it right.


Because it does keep presenting the same story scenario of the choices in consciousness made by those Children of the Dark Star, and that provides a repeating opportunity for the people now here on this planet to choose the True Light instead. 


So that could be a clue as to what is going on here


Whether or not there ever was a planet which was destroyed around a different star system which died, and no matter how the DNA and creation of mankind came about, whether or not this story ever happened before and is a repeat of the same script does not matter. It does not alter that the consciousness now has chosen the consciousness as it issues from the dark star.


That is the story which, for whatever reason, has taken place this round.  The play script is the path to the destruction of a species with intellect.  The question is posed : Can this specie develop in a way which manages the development of intellect in a way which is in accord with the Living System?


And the answer is 'No'.


But do you know why the consciousness has taken the path which leads to its own destruction?  You don't , do you!


The consciousness has played it out exactly like the 'story that has already been written' – presumably because that is what 'tests' development  -  except for the ones who did choose otherwise and got free.


What that false path into the dead light is, is shown and explained on this website.  That path exists.  So most of the people on this planet have to keep coming back here to try again.  At least, the information is that they keep being reborn into each next 'new Earth', the existence of which some even helped make possible. 


If not, then when this world civilization - which has done so much to ensure its own destruction by means you never managed to work out but which make its destiny a certainty - then that would be it.  If it does not repeat then its over when it is over.  But the understanding is that you do in fact, get to try again. 


However, that is with a clean slate memory wipe.  Something has to be there to remind you to Wake Up next time the story is played out.


Therefore, if and when anyone realises, at this time now, that he or she is repeating the script, they are doing so at a time just before the very good news that it is the 'end times' and a world civilization which again chose the wrong path is removed (to try again later). 


That is good news - what would happen to this galaxy or universe if a mind set like that of the population of this world continued??!


It is possible at this ‘end times’ to begin a preparation to help get off this ‘wheel of rebirth’ during the next ‘new Earth’ which will begin again with a clean slate memory wipe following the expected dissolution of this world before the next 'new Earth' - expected when this reality encounters the 'entry point' into the 'transformation portal' aka black hole. 


It is written in ancient texts that there are quite a lot of such dissolutions, followed by a final one called the Grand Dissolution.


That provides a 'reminder' in the consciousness realm. Otherwise, everything is forgotten again with the next new beginning, and that makes it very difficult to ever break free.


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"A strong, unified country is not built on 'tolerance' and then deliberately having a policy which puts together all kinds of realities which are not at all unified but have to be 'tolerated' and then claiming that that tolerance is the 'identity' of a country.  A country's identity is not defined by 'tolerance' - even though people can be tolerant - but why should they be forced to be?  A country is unified when it reflects the overall truthful reality of commonality - things in common not things that have to tolerated because they are different." 

Your 'nationality' meant the genealogy of your line - just like with wonderful indigenous cultures (listen to the 1st track from 1 Giant Leap which we will add below soon) - and is your family line and your bloodline.  It is not because you have the accent of a country, and a passport. 

The BBC the 'British' Broadcasting Corporation is an Indian-Jewish identity.  Have you considered that these two identities are the same origin and part of the same plan? 




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