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. . "This planet passed through the Void and then accessed the negative light which created mankind.

The life which gradually evolved here since the time the planet travelled its repeating temporary journey through the 3rd realm level, is known as Genesis.  It is a negative light, in the negative realms, and exists only during the time its source of life reaches this planet and while the planet is in its reversed, negative status that is this world."

How that happened, is briefly covered with the next three points and next three diagrams.


This diagram below shows how the Negative light accesses this planet for its limited time.  As it is a lower level light, it, and its creations from that light, cannot go higher, but the higher Light can go lower.

Speeded up Version of the 25,000 Year Cycle.

*This Shows How Earth Regularly Falls then Ascends as Part of the Cycle of the Ages.


Not knowing that the source of this 3rd realm reality is not the same as the Source of the 5th realm reality, is the reason that knowledge has been purposefully lost - the reason most of the knowledge has been helped to become 'lost'.  *The changed angle of this planet was shifted to align to the 'Osiris' trinity of stars.  

Those who originate from that star alignment believe this planet and its population rightfully belong to 'their' source, thus if the people of this planet accept the negative reality including on the inner level, then it can be said that the people are 3rd realm beings. 

The 'false world' exists because of its false alignment, an alignment which rejects 'True' - which means the actual electro-magnetic alignment of this planet, and if that is too hard to understand - which it seems it has been - this planet and its alignment are part of a different dimension which only materialized here in the 3rd Realm by way of an accident.  Even then, it does not stay here.

However, the  'Knights and Warriors for the Dark Star' don't seem to understand that superior or not, that alignment has no ongoing life for them or anything aligned to the 'false source' - which is the source which formed this Solar System from an exploded star. But this planet is not part of this Solar System.  It comes from a higher realm and was merely pulled here temporarily.  However, those born here from that exploded star source, now wish to keep the planet.

The people on this planet however, do have a choice available to them, even those who are the emissaries of the 'dark star'.  The exploded star was one of 3 dead, dying, and about to die stars known as the Dog Stars A, B and C.  'C' exploded, 'B' went dark, 'A' is on its way to going dark - and this means there is no ongoing life. However, there is a choice to evolve to the Higher Status of Consciousness that is the 5th Realm - and we cover what that is so there is no confusion whatsoever with the abundance of representations of the lower consciousness.  There are equally an abundance of teachings from the side which is currently the dominant energy and wishes to keep this planet aligned to their star of origin.


The spiritual information on this - which is about this planet's correct alignment to, and within, the Eternal Blueprint (from which it has 'fallen') -  was part of the Teachings of the lineage of Spiritual Masters which remained with this planet through its 'fall journey' to ensure the true story would not be lost.  They kept their teachings in written form, in mystical verses, and these include many verses about the Swan, which relates to the 3 points we are covering here.

The first point is the animated diagram above which shows how the planet falls.  This produces a change in alignment into a completely different angle away from this planet's actual Source, where the light that is accessed is negative.  It is possible to represent this altered angle with one of the Nordic Runes.

This isn't the best version of the Rune we could find, but if you superimpose this over a picture of this planet, like the animated diagram above, you can see that there is the starting path, and then there is the Fall with the end of that revealing a second, path at an angle.  But if not, then imagine that one of these lines goes to the correct Source for this planet, and the other is something else.  That does then provide an idea of the meaning of the problem of a different path at a different angle - which is not part of the eternal life blueprint.

There is much more to what this problem is slowly doing to the life blueprint, including the gradual damage this different alignment does to the physical planet.  Therefore, far more could be added but it becomes too much information which then detracts from the main point that has to be seen.  That main point is, the existence of the path running through this planet and the human body at a changed angle, and thus aligning to a different source - as shown with the Runes.  That is why as soon as the Ascending energies can begin to dominate on this planet - and even now that still requires the sun to 'wake up' which is mentioned a bit further down,  then a new and correct Ascending Path begins to replace the previous path. 

The existence of this reality also known as the 'world of Illusion' and the 'false reality', which does have a creator source of light, can now be further identified.  Although it is identified in existing records and teachings, it has not yet been proven to be what it is.

So now we come to the strange buildings found in Turkey.

  The Gobekli Tepe ruins in Turkey are proven and dated to be at least 12,000 years old.  From 2017 it has been discovered that the pillars in the centre of the circles are pointing to a higher star system which the builders of this considered significant. Then as this planet moved on its journey, they built more of these circular 'star trackers' to replace the previous one.  They did this to monitor how the planet is slowly moving away from its path.  As this takes lengthy years to move from one marker to the next, it would suggest a great age to this archeological site and previous knowledge of the planet's movement - because the Gobekli Tepe site was buried and hidden during the time the planet still aligned to the first star markers that were built. 

The star Deneb is the start point for the planet's journey before it 'Falls' and before it goes through the Void, the 'rabbit hole', the dark rift.  Deneb is a locator star in the star constellation of the Swan.  It is located within the vicinity of the Eternal Source covered by the records on the 'lost path' as taught by the lineage which survived and continued to teach the inner Way out of the false reality.

It is after that point shown in the diagram as the star Deneb, that there is a place called the Dark Rift which this planet traversed to get into the 3rd realm.  It is also called the Void.  The planet is not passing through that Dark Rift now, it passed through it around 12,000 years ago, leading to the loss of one reality, and the introduction of another - this reality.

From there, information from Nordic/Scandinavian sources can be added. The Norse name for the location of the entry into this reality, is Helluland aka Hell, marked on either side by a wolf and the giant serpent’ whose ‘’tentacles’ encircle this planet. The entry into this reality of the 'temporary light' and the source so many have integrated with, has to be part of a black hole of some kind because it was written that it 'swallowed' up massive planets the size of Jupiter and also suns.  In addition, the energy of the ‘Pit’ is called eitr – the black poison – aka dark energy (while on the Gobekli Tepe Star Map it is shown as the Dark Rift). The Norse name of its location in the skies is Helluland aka Hell, marked on either side by a wolf and the giant serpent’ named Jormungandr whose ‘’tentacles’ encircle this planet. Of key interest is that the Void, Dark Rift, 'Pit' is so powerful that in ancient times it swallowed whole massive planets of the size of Jupiter, and suns, known as ‘god stars’ – like Thor and Odin.

Both the Scandinavian legends and the pillars of Gobekli Tepe star alignments, back up what this work is saying.  That is, there is a problem with the entry into this level of reality - and 'don't align into it or its light source'.  Also about the missing knowledge on the location from which the Higher Light Streams issue to reach this planet - via the sun of this solar system which passes on 'communication' to this planet,  although we are all still waiting for it to bring in the new 'ascending' energies, once it 'wake up' from its lengthy slumber.

The entry into the 'First Times' which begins this reality, is a journey this planet temporarily passes through for about 12,000 years, and is now preparing to exit. 

The exit is the yet to present itself Ascension Phase - and for those who chose the real 5th realm teaching, it is what has long been waited for. Most however, chose to prepare themselves for being reborn into the next 'new Earth'.

With the very recent archeological and other developments, mentioned above, the First Times rebirth, can be identified as the entry point into the energy peculiarity that is the Dark Rift, the Portal, the place of reversal, and the outer regions of a black hole.

 If you keep choosing the path of Illusion, and take the spiritual journey back to it's source,

that source considers that you are part of the Illusion.


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