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The fully blossomed lotus flower in the crown chakra, is the highest awakening for one path, 

but is the 'feet' and very beginning of the greater body of the

'lost path of the Living Light and Life Streams' to the


 that is generally known as the 5th Realm. 

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There is a path to an 'awakening' which travels through the chakras and up to the crown, and the 'blossoming' of awakening is often represented by the lotus flower.  It is beautiful, rising from the muddy waters, through the chakras of the body into its full unfoldment and integration with the light which gave it existence - which will be treated with respect, for there is much that is good and lovely about it - but it is still the path of Rebirth, and Rebirth is also the path of 'Life and Death'.

So, it is a beautiful lotus flower in full blossom, upon which the source of this Solar System oversees its creation on a planet which strayed into its territory by error.  It  was a creation which took place on a higher level, positive charged, living energy planet but only while it passed through from the 5th realm.  The planet, once called Thera pronounced Tara (as if with an Irish lilt) and the reverse of Earth, was not part of the 3rd realm planets or the realm where this light issues from. 

Therefore, this flower also has a different story to tell you.  The stem is the 'spine' and entire reality of this world, right up to the centres within the head or above the head (there are not 5 more chakras above the head).  But all of this is the lower creation and the lower body and all of it was created by the light, but it was negative light, accessed when the planet 'fell' into a lower physical energy dynamic. 

The blossoming flower may well be the fulfillment of the chakra 'flowers' which exist along that stem, but it is still the complete energy stream - as far as it goes - of the lower creation, which is negative light, and not at all part of - completely isolated from - the 'Eternal Blueprint'. It is isolated because to get to this light the planet had passed downwards through a Dark Rift called the Void. 

The body of mankind is a creation of the light issuing in the lower realm which happened when that light reached this living energy, fertile planet while it passed through, and unfortunately created life. That existence, which does have an astral body, goes as far as the 3rd realm/fourth realm 'Mind', and their source of light was reached only after passing through a Void and appearing in this Solar System - which separates it from the actual True Eternal Life Source.

The planet still spends time in this Solar System as it continues to now pass through this lower level, because of damage to this planet's axis which makes it fall then Ascend again, in a repeating cycle of 25,000 years.

The fully 'blossomed lotus flower' in the crown chakra, which does align into the source of light which created mankind when the planet passed through this lower realm - negative light - also lies at a different angle to True Source, as can be seen when the planet dips for the 12,000 year journey through the lower level.

It is the 'feet' and very beginning of the 'greater body', and the lowest point, of a completely different energy stream.  Or put another way, the 'awakened lotus' in the crown path does not cross the Void of separation from True Source - for as most will know, it can be accessed by raising the energies straight up the spine which directly awakens something in the crown and is complete in itself.  But, it doesn't cross any Void.

The different path which does cross that Void, and is not even connected in any way to the one just described, is the path of Eternal Life, the only one which goes back to the Source of this planet as a 5th realm world. The change into the Ascension Life Streams, introduces this 'lost' and ignored path - which is a lotus in full blossom as the feet and starting point of the greater body (of 'eternal life' and true origin).  However, mankind - as an unintended creation - is not part of it, but is given the chance to be part of it.

Until the planet changes and moves out of this realm, it is the light source which created mankind which dominates, and that light issues from the 3rd realm and is a spiritual path of the lower creation.  It is not the path out of it.

*Following this, you may like to check the links for the origin of this Solar System and for Planet Maldek.


 So the quick message is this:  For 12,000 years in the descending part of the 25,000 year cycle, this planet passes through the outer realms of an entry into a black hole. Yet it is here that the light issues from a source which created mankind.

There is a spiritual path back through the chakras in the body to the crown and an awakening described as the fully blossomed lotus which is an integration with the source which created that body (and the lower self). 

That pathway or stream belongs to how the creation for mankind as a 3rd realm creation in this Solar System took place.

For those who take that path, over time and beyond the life time, that path eventually no longer exists.

The path that is life in this body and the reality it exists in, is the Path of Life and the Death of Life

 - which is also the Path of Illusion.

 If you keep choosing the path of Illusion, and take the spiritual journey back to it's source,

that source considers that you are part of the Illusion.


The path of light just described is the one that reached this planet while it is in the lower realm. If we really get into the description of that particular light, which is negative - and magnetic - light because this is a lower realm in the magnetic levels, then the source of this light came for the 'light-bringer' or 'light-bearer'.

This planet begins a descending journey then passes through a Void which is darkness, after that a light is seen which becomes the new light to reach this planet.  That is how the path described above becomes the 'false light' which mankind will not let go of.  But if you continue to identify your existence with that, the source and creator of the Illusion does not recognize that you are not part of the Illusion - a creation of its 'Mind' and as that, 'you' do not really exist and do not have a soul. Which is why the soul seeks liberation - if  it can get past - break free of - the ego and Mind. 

Whenever that path is identified - the path that people take through the body to the source and light of the origin of that creation - people freeze.  It is the path you exist in physically and between rebirth, and the source you belong to and stay with, unless you understand enough to choose otherwise, although people in previous cycles were too slow to understand.

People did what they did by spiritually integrating with the source of that path - the path of the chakras to the 'awakened lotus' in the crown - because it is the only path apparent, and was about the experience, and also the wrong interpretation that those who said 'not to do' this, did so from fear to do it themselves and to stop people finding their 'freedom'.  However, those who have said 'not to do' this have always known very well what is to be experienced. 

The warnings were/are because throughout the 12,000 years before Ascension, this planet is in its 'Fall' phase and lies at a completely different angle away from this living energy planet's actual Source. The angle leads to a different source of light which reaches this planet only while it is in the 3rd realm - which created mankind by way of 'Mind' - which also only exists this side of the Void.  But during that time, this planet is passing through something that is not a normal part of the living realms. What that is, is NOT part of the Eternal Life Blueprint; but it is part of the 'cancer' which then entered into this planet.

So if we continue with the description of the path into the source for the creation of life in the 3rd realm, and you take your soul into that light source, it is not part of what makes eternal life possible.  If you just wait for Ascension to lift you out of this 'world of Illusion' that also does not get you out of this reality which is the 3rd realm.

Here is a page which shows you the planet's cycle over the course of 25,000 years and how it dips downwards, passes through the 'darkness' Void, to then reach the 3rd realm where light from 3rd realm sources reached this planet.   

     The Illusion that this Reality Exists.

"The Lotus flower emerges from the dirty and unclean bottom of a pond, but remains untouched and unstained by the dirt and mud surrounding it in the pond. Where it grows, is compared with the quality of a wise and spiritually illuminated person, who performs his or her duty without material or emotional desires. This quality of detachment enables one to remain unaffected by all worldly pleasures and gain, and achieve 'spiritual perfection'.

The Path of the Chakras to the Awakened Lotus, is the Path of Rebirth. The lotus bud is compared with a folded heart or soul, which has the ability to blossom or awaken to realize the divine truth. This symbolizes the journey from the darkness of ignorance to the light or spiritual illumination. This unique quality of the flower is believed to represent pure spirit, rebirth, beauty, fertility, transcendence, and resurrection.

The lotus flower is regarded sacred and has religious connotations in several religions.  It represents the energy centers of our body, known as chakras, and is associated with beauty, prosperity, knowledge, fertility, and above all, spirituality. The god of creation is believed to emerge from a lotus that sprung from the sustainer or the preserver of the world". 

Which it is - within the 3rd Realm.  It is the path of Rebirth, and Rebirth is also the path of 'Life and Death', and Illusion. Through the practice of detachment etc one can then prepare to embrace the gentle dissolution with a detached consciousness. The Lower Realm is not real, the destiny of everything in the lower realm is to return to the 'nothingness'.  Nothingness is not Eternal Life.


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"This reality is the 'photo-negative' reversal of the 'True Reality' and everything in it is the negative reversal called 'false' - false reality, false light, false path, and 'Illusion' found in everything that is part of the photo-negative world - crystals, water, codes, light, prisms, rainbows, DNA etc.

 Soon this planet will switch polarity into its positive 'Ascending' phase which is the correction of the photo-negative. The instant this planet switches into the positive, probably in or by 2034, everything of the photo-negative reversed reality ceases to exist until its next rebirth as the next 'new Earth'". 




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