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The fully blossomed lotus flower in the crown chakra, is the highest awakening for one path, 

but is the 'feet' and very beginning of the greater body of the

'lost path of the Living Light and Life Streams'.


The LOST path leads to the Source that this reality - a false reality - has been separated from, which is generally called the "Highest Most Supreme, Eternal WELL SPRING LIVING LIFE ENERGY SOURCE"

 also known as the 5th or SOUL Realm. 

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There is a path to an 'awakening' which travels through the chakras and up to the crown, and the 'blossoming' of awakening is often represented by the lotus flower.  It is beautiful, rising from the muddy waters, through the chakras of the body into its full unfoldment and integration with the light which gave it existence - which will be treated with respect, for there is much that is good and lovely about it - but it is still the path of Rebirth, and Rebirth is also the path of 'Life and Death'.

So, it is a beautiful lotus flower in full blossom, upon which the source which accessed this Solar System oversees its creation on a planet which strayed into its lower frequency realm territory by error. 

What happened became a lower light creation which took place on a higher level, positive charged, living energy planet but only while it passed through from the Upper Realm often referred to as the 5th realm. 

The high planet, once called Thera pronounced Taira (as if with an Irish lilt) is the reverse of the name Earth.  Thera was not part of the 3rd realm planets or the realm where the light under discussion issues from.  Earth - its fallen side - is.

This is the story of the Awakened Lotus, and beautiful as it is, this flower also has a different story to tell you. 

The stem is the 'spine' (column) and entire reality of this world, and its 'awakening' as the blossomed lotus - that is right up to the centres within the head or above the head where the lotus flower is fully blossomed - is the path of the 'false light'. (There also are not 5 more chakras above the head).

All of this is the lower creation and the lower body and all of it was created by an intelligence using the light, but it was negative light, accessed when the planet 'fell' into a lower physical energy dynamic.  The body, where the chakras are, is the lower creation.

The blossoming flower may well be the fulfillment of the chakra 'flowers' which exist along that stem (spine) but it is still the complete energy stream - as far as it goes - of the lower creation.  Its path does not have any access to the missing HIGHER Living Life Stream that this work discusses.  All of the chakras in the body are irrelevant to the HIGHER PATH because you know the body is not the True Body (see link True Body) and it was created in the false realm as 'sin' (the Fall to the left of 'True' - sin is the Latin word for left, and the Left Hand Path.)

The light accessed there, is negative light, and not at all part of - it is completely isolated and a completely different path from - the 'Eternal Blueprint'. It is isolated because to get to this light the planet had passed downwards through a Dark Rift called the Void.  Yet this is the spiritual path taught almost entirely on this planet and it is the goal of that path to align and become 'one' with that other light (which is from dead stars.) The existence of that path comes from another planet in the system of 'Osiris', but when that planet died, it was reborn on this planet.

*Popular speaker David Icke has a Youtube clip where he describes an astral journey to and the 'feeling' of the energy of one of these dead/dark stars, and he considers it to be love.  Therefore, imagine what the LOVE is like from a fully bright and alive Living sun/star. 

The physical body of mankind is a creation of the light issuing in the lower realm which happened when that light, at the time when it was still fading, reached this living energy, fertile planet while it passed through, and unfortunately created life. (Or maybe it was with assistance which we look at elsewhere.) 

You inhabit the physical body but are not the body.  The physical body, and its reproduction, are not your true body or part of a true reality. Nothing about the body in this creation is part of the real body or the real reality - even though it is a biological body with chakras.

That existence - the entire chakra system and which does have an astral body - goes as far as the 3rd realm/fourth realm 'Mind' - which are astral -  and their source of light was reached only after passing through a Void and appearing in this Solar System - which separates it from the actual True Eternal Life Source. *You may notice that the astral form is not the same as the Soul body.

The planet still spends time in this Solar System as it continues to now pass through this lower level, because of damage to this planet's axis which makes it Fall then Ascend again, in a repeating cycle of 25,000 years. (Which is looked at elsewhere.)

The fully 'blossomed lotus flower' in the crown chakra, which does align into the source of light which was part of the creation of mankind when the planet passed through this lower realm - and is negative light - also lies at a different angle to True Source, as can be seen when the planet dips for the 12,000 year journey through the lower level.

BUT, that 'awakening' level is nevertheless, the 'feet' and very beginning, or starting point of the 'greater body', and the lowest point, of a completely different energy stream.   Even as the starting point, that starting point is still not part of the energy stream to the Living Eternal Life True Source System. So this is the main message of this page:


The fully Awakened Lotus which Blossoms in the Crown Chakra, is the highest awakening for one path, 

but is the 'feet' and very beginning of the HIGHER ETERNAL LIGHT of the

'lost path of the Living Light and Life Streams'.


Or put another way, the 'awakened lotus' in the crown path does not cross the Void of separation from True Source - necessary to get out of this level - for as most will know, it can be accessed by raising the energies straight up the spine which directly awakens something in the crown which then access an experience one might consider to be a Higher Mind which communicates with you like a 'god'.  That experience then seems complete in itself.  But, it doesn't cross any Void.

This is one way you may be able to understand the difference between the false path and the True Path (True means a true alignment, and it is easily proven.) Unless your magnificent 'awakening' includes how to cross a Dark Void right in the centre of the head where that energy-filled, ecstatic 'awakening' takes place, probably along with communication from its 'god' - then that is the LOWER awakening of the path into the 'false light'.

By the way, the Dark Void in the centre of the head is indigo-black.  Surely this is strange colour, or lack of light colour to be seated between the blue throat chakra and the pure white or golden white light of the crown chakra?


The different path which does cross that Void, and is not even connected in any way to the one just described, is the path of Eternal Life, the only one which goes back to the Source of this planet as a 5th realm world. The change into the Ascension Life Streams, introduces this 'lost' and ignored path - which is a lotus in full blossom as the feet and starting point of the greater body (of 'eternal life' and true origin).  However, mankind - as an unsanctioned creation - is not part of it, but is given the chance to be part of it.

Until the planet changes and again moves out of this realm, it is the light source which created mankind which dominates, and that light issues from the 3rd realm and is a spiritual path of the lower creation.  It is not the path out of it

People here choose what that source offers and provides as 'this world' and just as there are 'values' and 'freedoms' that people like about this world, there are 'spiritual' offers which people like too.   That is part of what the 'false reality' is - it allows things that are not compatible with the Higher Realm, because doing this is what this reality is about.  It is the alternative.  But is not the same. It is still the alternative (see link for 'values.trap'.) 

Therefore, the people on this planet never leave this realm which is also called the underworld (lower world) and the realm of the dead (star). 

*Following this, you may like to check the links for 'is A.I. really artificial', 'The Illusion which exists in a Real Place', the origin of this Solar System and for Planet Maldek which can all be accessed on the Index page.


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  So the quick view message is this: 

For 12,000 years in the descending part of the 25,000 year cycle, this planet passes through darkness and a Void.  After this has happened, another source of light reaches this planet. This is the light which issues from the source which created the physical body of mankind. (That is, the gene of Isis which is part of the Osiris/Iris family, a once upon a time trinity of stars.) 

This is an introduction to the creation known as Genesis - which takes place via the Tree of Creation, another name found in Sumerian tablets for the Tree of Knowledge.

There is a spiritual path back through the chakras in the body to the 3rd Eye and an awakening described as the fully blossomed lotus which is an integration with the source which created that body (and the lower self). 

For those who take that path, over time and beyond the life time, that path eventually no longer exists.

The path that is life in this body and the reality it exists in, is the Path of Life and the Death of Life

 - which is also the Path of Illusion.

 If you keep choosing the path of Illusion, and take the spiritual journey back to it's source,

that source considers that you are part of the Illusion

that it has created.


With maybe just a few years to go to when the 'portal to mankind's evolution' is accessed (now indicated to be 2029) - which is a date given by the tech community for when a certain event is expected that will change humanity forever. It is also the Planetary Awakening - if a technological change can be described as that -  which is the direct result of the alteration to this planet's alignment.  As 2029 is only a few years away, the chance to actually leave this reality has inevitably been missed for this time round as it takes several lifetimes to complete, but one can begin the process. What happened to the earlier planet that is now 'space ice' and why it happened, is covered elsewhere.

Being born on this planet presents the opportunity to choose to be the status that was lost on their own star world eons ago - the chance to choose to become Children of Light.



The Illusion that this Reality Exists.

"The Lotus flower emerges from the dirty and unclean bottom of a pond, but remains untouched and unstained by the dirt and mud surrounding it in the pond. Where it grows, is compared with the quality of a wise and spiritually illuminated person, who performs his or her duty without material or emotional desires. This quality of detachment enables one to remain unaffected by all worldly pleasures and gain, and achieve 'spiritual perfection'.

The Path of the Chakras to the Awakened Lotus, is the Path of Rebirth. The lotus bud is compared with a folded heart or soul, which has the ability to blossom or awaken to realize the divine truth. This symbolizes the journey from the darkness of ignorance to the light or spiritual illumination. This unique quality of the flower is believed to represent pure spirit, rebirth, beauty, fertility, transcendence, and resurrection.

The lotus flower is regarded sacred and has religious connotations in several religions.  It represents the energy centers of the physical body, known as chakras, and is associated with beauty, prosperity, knowledge, fertility, and above all, spirituality. The god of creation is believed to emerge from a lotus that sprung from the sustainer or the preserver of the world". 

Which it is - within the 3rd Realm.  It is the path of Rebirth, and Rebirth is also the path of 'Life and Death', and Illusion. Through the practice of detachment etc one can then prepare to embrace the gentle dissolution with a detached consciousness. The Lower Realm is not real, the destiny of everything in the lower realm is to return to the 'nothingness' - much as its creator sees everything that is its creation, as much a product of imagination, taking place within the realms where everything that can be imagined can be created - yet is not real.  But is Illusion.  And 'nothingness' is not Eternal Life.

In Gnostic texts there are indications that beings from a fallen world (probably the planet which its tech savvy population blew up) came to this planet - where much of the 'space ice' and debris from their blown up planet also came - and they created an artificial version of this planet being the one third of the original planet which fell into this lower level from a real planet - perhaps providing the living energy for a creation to take place. The artificial world was given mass and density and the creation, of physical bodies was then possible as the creation of Genesis. (Today scientists have looked to find the Higgs Boson particle which gives energy its mass and density.) The beings from the blown up planet no longer had bodies; nor did they have a planet, astral realms or heavens.  Thus an artificial world which had mass and density may have been a very practical and useful creation.

It is also mentioned in Sumerian tablets that the creation of this world was from the Tree of Creation - the 2nd 'Tree' in the 'Garden' aka the Tree of Knowledge or Good and Evil - or perhaps knowledge of a binary star system with one dark star and one light star.  It is also the Path of Life and Death, or Rebirth (and reincarnation) and of Illusion, sometimes called a dream, and sometimes called a 'false reality' that is not real.


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"This reality is the 'photo-negative' reversal of the 'True Reality' and everything in it is the negative reversal called 'false' - false reality, false light, false path, and 'Illusion' found in everything that is part of the photo-negative world - crystals, water, codes, light, prisms, rainbows, DNA etc.

It is expected that soon this planet will switch polarity into its positive 'Ascending' phase which is the correction of the photo-negative. That is assuming that this planet does continue onwards back to its starting point of the cycle, from which it then 'fell' into the downward phase.

It is presumed that the instant this planet switches into the positive, probably in or by 2034, everything of the photo-negative reversed reality ceases to exist until its next rebirth as the next 'new Earth'". 


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