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Once upon a time there was an idea about views on self expression and creativity as if these were somehow not connected into the Living Life Energy Source which gave the soul existence.   Like you were being presented with some new options that had been 'denied' to you before.

It gave rise to a view called 'existentialism' amongst other variations of that same viewpoint. 

Not just men and some women in the past centuries, struggling with the mind and intellect to understand reality and the construct of their reality, but a million years ago, maybe a billion years ago too. 

An idea, as viewed by the intellect, mind and logic, that the guidelines which enabled a person to live forever in an everlasting, perpetual life energy system, were somehow restricting personal development, creativity, expression and freedom. 

Of course they did not realize they were questioning the specific energy stream which made 'eternal life' possible, they had been persuaded that a different energy stream had something better to offer.

Thus a reality came about within an 'Abundant Provider' life energy system which eventually was not bound by the laws of 'perpetual, everlasting life' and True Source.



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Connecting into the 'Perpetual, Everlasting Light',

Living Energy System.

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