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ACADEMIE THERA presents the teachings from the spiritual lineage on the star sources bursting with vibrant LIFE FORCE ENERGY which then streams down from the unlimited, endless Source, to its systems of living planets.


  "This planet was once our peace loving, gentle and loving '5th realm'.  It was described as a garden and a paradise, and had only one constant, perfect season because this planet did not wobble as it does now.

It was Timeless.  It was the realm that was Timeless.

And it was our peace loving, gentle world. Our 5th realm people.

Yet when the new beings born of the 3rd realm negative light were discovered in the forests at the time known as Genesis, they were welcomed and loved

When they developed into intelligent people and wanted to claim more of the planet, compromises were made. 

Then when they developed weaponry, they waged an ancient war to wipe out the 5th realm people and own the planet themselves." 


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12,000 years ago this planet began the 'Fall' into the 3rd realm phase of its 'Cycle of the Ages', into the 'world of Illusion' also known as Maya, and under the control of something known now as Illuminati - the 'Illuminated' because their source of origin, is the 4th realm - MIND.

In a structure that covers 5 realms, Mind is the fourth realm of the Intellect - Knowledge.

It is Mind which influenced to create the CAUSE that made this false reality come into being. The cause was a choice presented to the intelligent beings born on this planet, that suggested they were being denied the way to their own power and freedom by those who were the 5th realm custodians of this planet during its time in the 3rd realm. 

Yet it is a planet that also presented an opportunity for these beings - who had previously made choices to prefer an energy that was not that of the endless, perpetual Well Spring Life Energy Streams - to  work off their karma / debt and then be helped out of this lower reality.

The idea that secrets for their own empowerment were being withheld from them, could be described as Mind Manipulation.  It also suggested those who were the custodians and 5th realm people were using this 'empowerment' for themselves - which they definitely were not, given that they knew what that energy was. 

As you can see from the related links on the 'ancient war', as the story goes, 'mankind' did then set out to destroy those who were the custodians here. Additionally, they continued to 'empower' themselves with their preferred energy, and develop scientific ways that they could run the planet.

So they made that choice.  But there will be some who see through the results of that choice and realize what it is. These ones can be helped to be lifted out of this lower realm when the planet changes polarity when this world and its story ends until the next run.  Because of that, this world could be described as a learning reality.  Some will see through it, and if they do, then it will be the priority of this life time to do whatever it takes.

For others, they will continue with the choice for the other energy because they think they are safe - presumably not remembering that they already destroyed themselves.


This is known because much of that information is in the books which belong to the spiritual knowledge of the Streams which issue from the perpetual, everlasting Well Spring Source of Life Energy which feeds to its planets. That knowledge covered the Fall, the planet as it was before the Fall, and the periodic dissolutions of this world which is called an Illusion.

At that time, some of those who belonged to that 'before world' - known as the higher '5th realm' called the Mazda/Master, a word referring to the Higher Star from which 'this planet fell' - chose to remain with this planet for the duration of its journey through 'Illuminated control' territory - to ensure that by the 'end time' the story you have of this planet is not only the reality that is the 3rd realm.

The topics of this Teaching cover the exploding star which formed this Solar System (but not this planet) the life and light codes which created mankind, the origin of this planet (a different cosmology from that of the Solar System) and the confusion with the spiritual paths that two different cosmologies of origin causes; and includes the Knights Templar - Knights of the Temple of Osiris, their 'king' (and 'queen' - but unfortunately not the king or queen of this planet which comes from a different cosmology); and the trinity of dead and dying stars Osiris was part of.  The 'queen' survived the 'king' which was Osiris, and was the deity worshipped by the Templars.

So the starting point is this:-

1) if you noticed that the star which formed this Solar System is not the star which formed this planet then you immediately have the beginnings of understanding how and why there is a conspiracy on this planet to claim ownership of it. 

2) At this time of the 'End Times' of the 3rd realm reality before it changes to the 5th realm, you have the most important choice of your entire existence before you, yet with very little information available to you on anything but one of those choices. 

The preparation of the last few decades has been for the next 'new Earth' which is the next 'new age'.  It is the 'this world' consciousness preparing for its next rebirth. In the meantime, the planet Ascends. 

As shown, very clearly, there is a path that belongs to this Solar System and beyond, which travels through the chakras of the body, one way or another, into the source of that pathway/energy stream - which is so far off from a Living Powerhouse that it never reached 'eternal life' status.  It was dead instead. 

In the end it has to be one or the other, and if it isn't 'eternal life', it isn't eternal or everlasting life.  It has an end. It was a dead star and the wrong choice.

And it ended a very long time ago. 

This existence is a very lucky break which gives another chance. 

Almost the entire population of the planet is part of the material of this Solar System, it is your body, it is your 'feelings', and its source is already your 'inner source'. But it is a source that died long ago.


For this story to make any sense it is necessary to look at what this life is that came to exist on a planet which provides not only a screen for an ancient long dead civilization that you belonged to, to somehow exist again - with the same consciousness that saw the end of that planet - but which has also provided a second chance for that civilization to choose to evolve beyond what that consciousness was. 

For it is only on this planet that the people can choose to evolve beyond that and become part of an everlasting Life Stream Source.  Or remain in the consciousness that was their original existence - but in the time scale of a universe, that source came to an end long ago.  Its light is still travelling to reach here, but it will run out.

It is an extension of Grace to you - whether by accident if such a thing exists in the Blueprint, or intended - but whatever it is, it gives you a second chance to choose between your already existing status of being dead, but with the opportunity to live the life you made your wrong choices in again and make different choices - and embrace what is required to be part of 'eternal life'; or not budge from where you are, where you have no ongoing life, but do have a Time Limit in which to decide.

Even if you exist within the astral realms called 'life after death' they too are only a temporary extension of grace to you, followed by a limited number of times for a 'new Earth' because there is a final dissolution at some point. And if survival means in a 'Matrix' type of digital reality, that is not ongoing life.

The choice ahead of you is to either prepare or just wait for the next 'new Earth', OR to choose to evolve to a higher level of consciousness and development, because these two different choices relate to the two different Sources of origin of the Solar System and of this planet.  If you choose the 'new Earth' that also has a time limit for its consciousness and its 'spirituality'- which is the tragedy that is the 'next age', and the reality and level of consciousness that have already met their end. 

This message is also extended to those who are still 'Temple Knights' and warriors of the star origin of this Solar System and the path into the next 'new Earth' - those are a trinity of already dead and dying stars, for this reason, there is no ongoing life.

 But you can choose to evolve.

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