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Some of the new videos bleating on about the usual stuff to preach to us how the world must be, can be nauseating!





Taken as is from various sections which covered this topic on the news page.


'FAKE NEWS' that has been reported.

The Bible was established for the Christian Church in the early centuries AD. The First Council of Nicaea was in AD 325.  It is 'fake news' that they kept Mohammed's name out of the Bible - he was not born until 570 AD. This 'fake info' comes from 'Dr Charlie' also 'fake news' is that Prince Philip was not a leader of the Illuminati, meaning Masons. It is the Duke of Kent.

Prince William is not the son of Juan Carlos of Spain. Diana was a very new bride of only weeks and they were still on their honeymoon when she became pregnant with William. Also for a long time she believed she was in a loving relationship with Charles. The family needed some heirs and that was actually the reason for Diana. There have been a number of instances of this type of made up or not checked reporting, so we keep general tabs on the dr Charlie source so it can be corrected.

What matters is getting information out.

But it is better that the information is accurate and most of all not vindictive or sensationalist rubbish. It can be an exhausting excercise following up information. For example, it takes us at least 8 hours each and every day researching, so if some (not us) are selling mugs and apparel to finance themselves, so what?

Along the way there are a few personality clashes happening.

There is no need for people to start bringing down others trying to make information available! Okay, some are over the top 'Christian', some are definitely new age cult teachings (who still have to wake up to that), some have been MK Ultra'd but passing out intel is helpful regardless.

So, a number of people have raised some concerns that they are a bit up themselves, and also mixing 'spiritualities' which again moves away from the Living Christ Source.

However, they are introducing the teachings of the OSIRIS Path to people who are newly waking up and they do not know enough to know that.

Some of the new and often very successful news channels online on the coming transition have come out of nowhere and instantly gained millions of followers. They are referring to 'dr. Charlie'. who is from a cult apparently connected to Aleister Crowley (this has yet to be checked). The biggest issue of concern is that they are inadvertently (presumably) but at times intentionally, beginning to teach the Osiris Path. They also would be completely (mostly) unaware that they are doing so.

They do have real world ties and information now being adapted to the 'spiritual awakening' - obviously with millions of followers there is a business op. The guest speakers on the Zoom call, tend to gravitate towards the Osiris Path and also say the obvious - as if the rest of us are too stupid to know. Some people have commented on this - and been trashed for doing that.

The reality is though, that the super popular newbie channels are teaching some ideas but they are too inexperienced to know that they are pushing the OSIRIS Path. They also have just discovered things like the Philadelphia Experiment and so on and think they are now revealing that. You can see that some people could feel a bit irked about that.

So too is 'hiding information from the enemy'. He says you don't tell the enemy what you are doing so you use code. Vaccine is the code word for the currency re-evaluation. probably the enemy watching these videos now know that!

One interview source on a linked channel wants to speak to actress Shirley MacLaine as a 'spiritual source'. He thinks she was spiritually ahead of her time. Shirley MacLaine is a long known satanist, even hinted at in the 50's, along with Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, she is the ancient head witch Luciferian, and her daughter was the person on which the movie The Exorcist was created.

Another poor guy who raised very valid points of concern on youtube apparently came out far worse than Teflon Charlie did. Yet the concerns he raised are very valid.

This man showed an actual interview clip where Charlie is saying he did get any number of girls into 'Top of the Pops' in the '80's knowing the deal was for them to sleep with the 'names' and he is saying 'they were under age'. He almost says that, but it is clear he is saying that, he gets to the "and they were un....." Charlie addressed this in one of the interviews on his own show dated March 8th or 9th - he brought this up and said he had 2 'young ladies' with him and they were aged 25. He also implies the man raising these points is a pedophile.

'Dr' Charlie is very crude. He has the dr title because he said he ticked that when applying for a driving licence when he was 20 and it remained there. He kept it because he was once received a parking ticket but it was dismissed because they thought he was on an emergency call! That is is amusing, but he has also studied an online course on psychology. For those who study psychology they must continue to a masters degree and it takes a very long time. However, Charlie does now say that his study of psychology is how he has 'his doctorate'. That is less amusing and may be a little misleading.

Recently there have been some video discussions on interesting information of the Fatima prophecy which identified an Indonesian man as the new bringer of the 'Holy Spirit' and elsewhere it is well covered that he appears to be the biological father of Obama, and was conceived during the time his mother was in Indonesia and those associated with the Subud movement he created keep reappearing in Obama's life - in Chicago and Hawaii to do with his birth certificate.

Now 'dr Charlie' is saying that a missing book in the Bible is the Book of Muhammed. However, Mohammed lived in this world some 500 years after the creation of the Roman Christian Church and the hiding of many biblical books.

It is not clear that all the practices were all that good anyway! Especially when we have a current day issue in uncovering rampant pedophilia. "The Prophet Muhammad married Aisha when she was six years old and their marriage was consummated when she was nine. She remained with him for nine years, until he died."

The dr Charlie channel is continually pushing that the practices for activating chakras as the path to the Light were removed from the Bible and therefore hidden. The Records actually exist and the last thing they teach is to activate all the chakras because they know of the break at the 3rd Eye. Classic false teachings are to refer people to the chakra system because that seems very logical but is the primary step and the very basis of how people end up on the 2nd Energy Stream. These sources are too new to the 'spiritual awakening' thing to know this yet.

Long ago Earthspell covered some information about the same brainwave pattern established in the reptilian biology as being like a state of suspended animation like a crocodile 'sleeping' but ready to pounce in attack. First we have a problem with the chakras and the literal break at the 3rd eye - which means that absolutely cannot lead to any alignment of 7 chakras. But there is also a problem with trying to achieve 'balance' between the hemispheres through meditation practices. These are, sad to say, reptilian practices into the state of 'suspended animation' and obviously there is an alignment problem into the false passage/portal/pathway - even more so if energy moves up the chakra system! It is really sad, but often the representations in art are the hooded eye lids over the reptilian slit eye pupils. If you live amongst where the more ancient of these sources still exist - like near Angkor Wat - the statues are of dinosaur type creatures. We know this is sad to know. Obviously this is all covered in the links from the Osiris index.


Are there issues with some of the 'truthers' who say they are given intel? Or is there an issue as Scott McKay noted that as some people are waking up with their reality being challenged, they are gravitating to a cult, or online personality who is going to do their thinking for them and give them some sense of security?

Those in question usually provide very little new news or 'intel'. But there does seem to be a gathering together of people now seaching for someone to give them, not intel, but an emotional place to look to for identity (instead of searching within).

So 'dr Charlie' is by far the most prominent source who is filling this new role of 'leader' - or sheep dog - and again it is the 'care bear' 'the great Charlie' and it is not clear why. Understanding the world situation is probably much easier if you happen to be getting information from a new but secret system you are actively working with. This very popular 'old geezer', is someone who has always landed on his feet but clearly not by working hard for it, more like the easy way. He is crude and has lived a hustler lifestyle clearly falling on his feet and undoubtedly learning lessons from his previous lifestyle.

He worked assisting people (mostly criminals) move the money they had gained from fake charities etc which did not go to any cause other than to increase the bank balance of those raising donations. Certainly once he knew this is what these people were doing he stopped helping those he knew about. His knowledge of where the criminal money went to, appears to be part of why he is connected to the good side that is providing him with intel. Perhaps he had some kind of deal too, for helping them.

However, he had already made millions doing this shady work so does not have to worry about his wealth and has not lost the wealth he made from this. He lived a self described, several decades as a coke snorting, babe laying sleaze bag who thought it funny that his grown son had given enagagement rings to 5 different unsuspecting women at the same time who all thought that he loved only them. Then at the age of 50 he found real love and committed to that and settled into the role of the new saviour for the Gesara world. But there is not one moment where he had to pay a price for how he got there. All too easy.


The people now waking up and gravitating to this source for their kinship, do seem to be very new to the coming 'new world' and do seem very into their own self-perceived importance of their role - now describing themselves as 'the great....' and how great their energy is, and so on, as they present their views which are not exactly the trail blazing spiritual leadership level they appear to think they are - but they do qualify as easy to listen to, pleasant conversations.

During this time we are covering a number of sources for information and some are very good - like Scott McKay and Cristenw, and they are spiritually focussed but not trying to become new spiritual leaders for the waking masses now looking to them for answers.

This perception that the Charlie source is some kind of new 'spiritual pillar of wisdom' 'breaking new ground' - so not - from the nobodies who are presenting their stuff through their chatty easy listening videos. is what is irksome about this for some people.

A new piece of misinformation from this source for March 11th, is that King Juan Carlos of Spain is Prince William's father. At the time of conception it was just months, even weeks, after the wedding of Charles and Di and Diana was a virgin and dedicated to the marriage. It was later that she understood the situation and decided to play the field.

There are many many good people doing their best to spread information but some on this featured source describe themselves as 'very brave' for what they are doing, although it is hardly unique. It is an extraordinary perception of how they perceive what they are doing.

In truth, many people watch them simply because they are easy listening, easy to watch videos.

Here is a higher level of intel which is not mixing in Osiris Path beliefs -


The now wildly successful 'great ones', who do seem into the importance of their destiny' to lead others into the new world etc' are calling those who don't care for their 'greatness' 'fake patriots' and on the 'dark side'. Are they in fact a distraction? Are they providing entirely accurate perspectives?

As people wake up to the reality of an agenda to really screw people many are turning to a new source which has somehow filled a gap between those who really know what they are talking about, and newcomers stepping forward. Probably those teaching all the old stuff some have moved on from, hopefully cannot do too much damage to people in the time before the planet changes to its positive phase.


Spare a thought for the many people who have put in at least 4 years of decoding 'cue' riddles to try to get information,

then along comes a couple of people who are given intel, and in the process one of these who is connected with a separate financial aspect of it has overriden all the Q Anon community and made them irrelevant. Who needs all their hard work when someone has actually been given information directly from 'cue'?

That same source is now calling those who are not impressed with this person who has a clear advantage over everyone else, 'fake patriots' and they are part of the darkside. Yet his videos are nice, easy listening interviews with average people - not earth shattering revelations. Good old, loveable 'care bear' Charlie is now the person all good works have to go to to be approved for a GESARA loan to develop their business. The guests interviewed on a repeating basis, are either newly woken up - and some truly are obnoxious enough to think they are your new teachers - and a high percentage are teaching the OSIRIS path, saying the same stuff the cult programmed for over the last 5 decades - though fairly new to them.

This source is reaching mostly newly waking up so it is actually dangerous.



Previous article.

Mostly credible sources where you will usually find well sourced

Usually helpful and checked info include Santa - generally daily broadcasts, Cirsten daily shows, (sometimes can be good, but does not handle herself well), Gene Decode - recommended for useful info on the DUMBS only - he honours the One and only God but has learned the Osiris structure.

The X22 Report is highly regarded. Another highly regarded source is Scott McKay - the Tipping Point Radio of Patriot Streetfighters, is straightforward, normal, has integrity and is credible. A good source on Flat Earth - which is fascinating and who knows? - is David Weiss who has done some great work in covering this curious topic!

Dr Charlie is okay, generally lightweight elementary levels presented, some basic common sense, but really best for new people 'waking up' - so it reaches very high numbers - and also does wander into Marxist-cult interpretations at least from many of the guests.

It was not 'the source which exposed the royal family', and others have covered all these topics long before Charlie and these guests ever woke up - and maybe that is what is apparently annoying others who have done far more work. There is some dissention where this source feels they have been attacked when they are doing 'good work'. Yet they may not be as good at the 'good work' as those who are annoyed may actually be, yet are the ones people are going to. It is unfortunate that it is such a popular source.

If people wish to keep their ID's and locations secret then that is absolutely fair enough. The Brits who are for some reason defending 'Dr' Charlie are slandering others - and should stop it.

Good old, loveable 'care bear' Charlie is now somehow a person good works have to go to to be approved for a GESARA loan to develop their humanitarian business. No doubt a lot of run of the mill nobodies will step up for that, but those who recognize a deeper level of what has gone wrong here, will never go to this source to be judged on whether their work has value by this source.

Is it a source which is particularly exposing bad agendas? No it is not.

Nevertheless it is important that information gets out to wake up the many sleeping people - but those sleeping people are not going to understand deeper spiritual issues, they just want someone to explain what is going on. That is not an issue. But no-one has said this is a great authority as a source of inner guidance.

The guests interviewed on a repeating basis, are either newly woken up - and obnoxious enough to think they are your new teachers - or a high percentage are teaching the OSIRIS path, saying the same stuff the cult programmed for over the last 5 or 6 decades - the MK Ultra and Sirius groups began in the 1960's including with the Beatles - though fairly new to them. This source is reaching mostly newly waking up so it is actually dangerous.

It is expected that he will be offering courses soon because like the people who are waking up and looking for some answers, he, and many of his guests, never knew that all the things they have now discovered have already been known about for decades.

People give well meaning but ignorant information that is 'spiritual' because 'it is all the same god'. How do people get onto the Osiris Path then? Be very clear that the Osiris Path presents as everything you think True God Source is. It is a beautiful, powerful angel of light - but it is the fallen light.


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