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A Path to a Living Sun System and another

Path into a Dead Sun System.


What is happening with the energy dynamic of this planet as it moves into the 'future' is man-made.

It is the result of a decision by the people behind how this planet runs, and via science, made for their own gain, who illegally did something that changed the 'energy' dynamic.

Whatever happens with this planet is a man-made happening - initiated by that alteration.

It is not a 'spiritual evolution' for mankind - it is a man-made  course being explained as part of a 'natural evolution'.

Doing that, and then lying about what it is -

 is the 'conspiracy'.

Mostly, what this work has done, is look at existing information, that long ago another planet managed to blow itself up.  That planet belonged to its 'Command Star' Sirius - a binary star system - one of which went into supernova and died.

This planet is an Upper Realm planet that belongs to a different 'Command Star' - in the constellation of Lyra.  That is where the 'Command Star'  for this Living planet in a Living System is.  But after chunks of that other planet integrated with this physical planet - much of it as the oceans -  some of this planet came under the control of the Sirius  'Command Star' which had issued a very specific set of 'instructions for the planets that belonged to it.  The things that scientists are experimenting with on this planet now, are very similar to that other planet.

It involved altering the planet so it no longer held its natural axis, and instead began to list over in such a way that it can cause the coming Pole Reversal this planet is most certainly in preparation for.  It altered the magnetic balance of this planet.

And while 'energy experience' awakenings are expected once that Pole Reversal happens, in reality anything that occurs to this planet is the result of a man-made initiating cause, not a natural event.  They can only be the result of what was physically done to alter the planet.

There is an esoteric component to this too, in that when a 'Command Star' dies, it issues instructions for the planets in its system to die too.

That is very much the mission of the 'Sirius Command'.


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An Artificially Caused Pole Reversal.


We think that the deliberate alteration to the planet eventually causes a Pole Reversal.   It forces the planet to align with a 'portal' which is an 'entry point' to the super-massive black hole at the centre of this galaxy - the 'invisible force' that has the power to latch on to the planet's new North and flip the planet's poles over. 

The 'portal' is a central line through the galaxy and lies at the point where the planet would begin its Ascent Phase or Ascension back to its True North. Once flipped over the planet instead 'breaks free' - from its connection into its permanent Life Stream Source.  There is no other replacement, it is the same as an apple dropping from the tree.

In February 2019 this planet jolted to a new North which initiated some changes, one of which may have been the cut off point.  (This new change appears to indicate that it has just reached a point too far for individuals to now pull out of.)  However, it is written that the reversal is not expected to happen this time round.

It is about something that happened around 775,000 years ago. 

This world is now a reality separated from the Positive Upper Realms, and some people wish to make that separation permanent.


Thousands of years ago there was a teaching on this planet, for individuals to align into a Living System as it should be within the 'Blueprint'.  Right now, most people will swear blind that they are doing that, but they are awaiting the 'transformation' that is the result of the alteration to this planet. 

It may not be explained by the simple view of creating a new North-South alignment, but some things are certain.  The planet is in the preparatory phases for Pole Reversal, those behind the world want everyone to think the changes are caused by 'Climate Change' (there is never a mention of the coming Pole Reversal) and what is expected to happen when it happens is a planetary activation.

Therefore, a starting point is to look at what is in progress.  When some people long ago conspired to create a New World Order, they were at the time under the True World Order.  


Once upon a time, when this planet was like any other normal living planet, its True North Star positive - the 'Command Star' -was in Lyra.  A 'Command Star' is the source which sends the Life Streams to the planets in its System (body) like an endocrine system or like neurotransmitters etc to keep it functioning.  Sirius is vaguely a future south pole star, but the South Pole Star does not seem to have factored into it, but Sirius was never anything particular to this planet. 


When one of the twin suns of Siris/Sirius went into supernova it started to produce a new type of different energy.  More important to know is that as the 'Command Star' for the planets in that star's  jurisdiction, the new instructions were passed along the line for the planets to become the same as their 'parent star'.

So the people on that planet received instructions from their now dead star to become as it was and what developed is something like this. (The 'Command Star' is like the main instructions going into a computer so it is impossible not to obey.)  They developed practices and religions which helped bring that energy in.  They also found that the new energy made Technology possible and with that Technology they forced the planet into a Pole Reversal - so that it could be like the dead star running the south pole as the north.  They succeeded and the planet disintegrated as per instructions. 


However, 'space ice' from the exploded planet came to this planet, possibly much of the oceans - and this also brought a connection with Sirius.  From that point, Sirius did have a connection to this planet, even though this planet is an Upper Realm Planet whose 'Command Star' is in Lyra.  And that is why there were Teachings to keep this planet connected into its Living System.

The energy of a dead star makes the development of Digital Technology possible, even digital or virtual realities.  It was called the Eitr or 'black poison' and reached the planet across a 'rainbow bridge' under the attention of 'Iris'.  It was this that the ancient planet used to develop technology which eventually blew up the planet - which had not been the goal, but was the result of their level of consciousness.  They did this by using the Technology to force an artificial pole reversal - the instruction given out by a 'Command Star' - in this case Sirius - for when a planet is scheduled to die.

The energy of Sirius was of great interest to people on the planet, particularly some of the people in 'Ancient Egypt' which produced a multitude of artwork, illustrations, instructions, mystic initiations (some questioned by the Pharaoh Akhenaton) and books on how to travel into the realms of Sirius, including the Book of the Dead, and souls on departing the body were reinstructed onto that pathway as the 'After Life'.

Which is curious because, apart from what we have mentioned, Sirius does not have a particular relationship to this planet.


Which is where we think the Protocols Conspiracy came in. Some did decide to do that - and 12,000 years ago they did make it happen - and now this planet is at the point where it is approaching its forced Pole Reversal.


Yet this is also a story which took place on another planet which is now 'space ice' chunks, but the story of the entire process and the weird time warps that eventuated, keeps replaying in this reality from First Times to End Times. 

So we look at what a function of the Sirius Star wanted for this planet - this planet is scheduled to die as part of the 'Dead Star' - and later look at the other aspect of this directive which is the Sirius directive for the people on this planet.  *This planet does not belong to the Sirius System - only the remnant 'space ice' which came here and integrated into this planet, bringing with it the DNA of a fallen civilization which failed to evolve - only that belongs to the Sirius System.




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You would not easily know that there are Living Systems, and Systems which have died.

When star systems die, as Sirius did, they still actively issue energy. The type of energy it issues is what makes all Technology and the new 'modern world' possible.  (In ancient times called the Eitr and the 'black poison'.)

That is what happened to the main sun/star in the constellation of Canis and why people on this planet wished to access its energy.   Now at an angle of just over 23 degrees off centre, this planet aligns its tilted north with the star Polaris, the current magnetic North for this planet - which means it is not 'True North' and shows you that this planet is 'off true'. Polaris is easily seen because of the Plough and it is not the sun/star for this planet even though it is clearly taught by a specific martial-spiritual art system that it is.  However, the real purpose of Polaris was its magnetic characteristics which helped pull this planet into alignment with it.  *The Plough is seen at the top of this diagram for a spiritual teaching.


The Sun/Star System, which did have inhabited planets (there are records, but the issue would still be the same) is a 'pathway' into a Dead System which was once the 'Afterlife path' for those who belonged to that System.  The remnants from that planet are what integrated into this planet, making this planet partially answerable to a different and unrelated 'Command Star'.

The point of all ancient teachings/records is that that particular Sun and once Living System, died.  And that this planet does not answer to or belong to it. 


The story in the ancient scripts is this -

 a Path to a Living Sun System and another Path to a Dead Sun System.


In addition to this, is knowledge of a 'conspiracy' on this planet.  Some people are very concerned about that, but along with those who do not like that topic, they are nevertheless, all still preparing for, expecting, or looking forward to the 'transformation point' of 'evolution'.

People like the consciousness for this reality and they do continue to choose the promised 'evolution' even while researching the conspiracy.  They look forward to being amongst those 'evolved ones' who 'go through the portal' into an 'evolution'. 

However, getting you to do that, is the goal and the entire reason for the 'conspiracy'. 

Those of the 'conspiracy' - those who answer to the 'All Seeing Eye' which is the star system of Sirius where one of the twin stars went into supernova - are actually obeying the instructions form their 'Command Star'. 

But more important to know is that Sirius is not the 'Command Star for this planet.


Carrying out instructions from their 'Command' this planet has been physically damaged to alter the 'column' which runs through it's 'spine'. That was the physical act done at the implementation of the 'conspiracy' which relates to Sirius.


Because of this - and for those who really do come from the System that was Sirius - there are 'protocol' elements on the planet who wanted to create a  Pole Reversal  (pole flip) - a complete reversal.


There is evidence that the damage to the central column/pillar which runs through this planet and made it list towards the 'Lodestar' Polaris, was precisely calculated and carried out deliberately.  

The two areas that were targeted which ran through the column/pillar, are areas where there are unusual magnetic aberrations on this planet and still align to True North.  These were the Sargasso Sea and the Sea of Japan.  The Sargasso Sea is also known as the Devil's Triangle or Bermuda Triangle.


This is the current problem with this planet.  We showed this diagram before so you could visualize the column of light through the centre as bent at the top section so that it tilts over by about 23 degrees. It is believed this helps flip the polarity of the planet into reverse so that it feeds its specific energy into the planet to make the 'new world' possible - and controlled by those who made it take place.


This is what it is believed the 'conspiracy' is trying to achieve.  Being aware of the planet's tilt, is about what those behind the 'conspiracy' did. 


Those who considered the willful alteration of a Living Planet

to be an act against God

did leave as much information, and reports, as possible, to warn people about what happened.


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The reality is that the Pyramids, which were a network across the entire planet, were already bringing in the energy as the 'Abundant Provider'.

The positioning  is shown in the alignments shown in the Great Pyramid. The Plough or Big Dipper on the right shows you where Polaris is, Sirius is over to the left beneath Orion. 

The point of the pyramid would line up directly with 'True North' (that is what it is called, the current North Star is Magnetic North) so you can clearly see that a Polaris North and Sirius South could not possibly be the 'True' North-South alignment.



Which is clearly not this


The Dead Star in the twin stars that were Sirius, was the 'Abundant Provider'. It was the new energy from the dead star which made and makes all Technology possible.  That planet 'developed' in that way because it was part of the Star System and that System had begun to die. 

After that planet disintegrated - went into full dissolution - as per the instructions from its 'Parent Star' remnant 'space ice' travelled through space to and on this planet and this is currently what space agencies are looking at to find out how DNA came to this planet.  Those chunks from another planet integrated into the mass of this planet, much of it as part of the oceans (the dead planet was called the 'water planet') and that ancient world lived again.  The story that takes place on this planet is seen to be a repeating play of an original event that first took place on a different planet.  

As part of the process of following the instructions which issue from the 'Command Star' to its planets, that world did something to the physical planet.  It was expecting a moment of 'transformation' because of what they had done.  They also expected the energy to run like a Kundalini Activation through the planet as its apotheosis and an Awakening.  Such a process occurs when a planet reverses its energy dynamic so that the energy from the lower end of the spectrum rises to the 'Command' for the planet and replaces what was there. 

The force which did run through its middle blew the planet up.  The origin of the force and beam from the star was called the Death Star and Sirius is the Death Star.

Each Dissolution of this repeating 'Ground Hog Day' is followed by another 'new Earth' and Tep Zepi which is the 'First Times'.  This runs to the 'End Times', and it all repeats as the next Rebirth.

It is surmised that on this planet - very much under the instructions from Sirius which is claiming this planet as one of its family - the deliberate alignment of Polaris as North is for the purpose of causing a Pole Reversal on this planet. 

The 'Climate Change' issues on this planet are consistent with a Pole Reversal yet for some reason 'they' want the world to think it is only 'Climate Change'.  *On one of the morning chat shows in Australia, one host brought up this topic, and it was quite quickly silenced and definitely not followed up!

The alteration to, or murder of, a Living Planet - is the issue why certain people were condemned for what they did to this planet. 

From the point of view of the consciousness on this planet, altering its axis to feed from energy from somewhere other than its Source - provides those who know about this with the particular energy which comes from the dead star to then run into a Grid around the planet so 'they' can operate, control ,and run the New World.  There are people who think it is okay to do something like that.  The energy once called the 'black poison' is what makes digital technology possible, and thereby makes the original 'Big Brother' concept a reality.

But the only thing that proves this is to show the change of alignment to the planet. It is undeniable.


How can you remain quiet and let them get away with this?



In February 2019 this planet jolted to a new North which initiated some changes, one of which may have been the cut off point, and it is now too late for individuals to do what is needed for them personally to get out of what some people are trying to do to this planet.  However, there are other things you can do.

This information was given out from 2003 but it was never passed onwards to the world.



The last reversal occurred between 772,000 and 774,000 years ago. This also suggests that before that the planet was aligned towards what is assumed to be Sirius and may provide an idea of the time when the 'Abundant Provider' was 'providing' so abundantly. 

The dramatic forceful shutdown of the Pyramid Network was to reverse the polarity to what it is now (if it aligned to True North)  but in the process the 1/3rd which became this reality was lost.

Freemason Records also go back huge periods in time consistent with that, and describe the great cities they built and so on continues.


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