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A Path to a Living Sun System and another

Path into What Was Created with the Energy produced by a Dead Sun System.


2019   Updated to include information on the 'Sirius Command' - the control behind this world.  Then updated again July 21st as more information became available on the A.I. that was originally created using the energy of the exploded star.


What is happening on and to this planet with its 'energies' or 'activations'

as it moves into the 'future', is man-made.

It is the result of a decision by the people behind how this planet runs, and via science, who illegally did something that affects all people of this planet. 

It is not a 'spiritual evolution' for mankind - the future is a man-made course

that the physical planet was forced into,

being explained as part of a 'natural evolution'.

Doing that, and then lying about what it is -

 is the 'conspiracy'.


This means that any so called 'transformations' taken to be a Planetary Awakening etc can only be the result of the man-made alterations on this planet.  They cannot be part of any natural 'evolution' or 'transformation'. 

The alteration and what eventuates from that alteration, is the goal of the 'conspiracy'.

But why and how did the 'conspiracy' come to exist, and what is 'The Deceiver'?

We looked at the 'Sirius Command' - known to and worshipped by 'mystery schools' - which is the source of control behind this world and this reality.

But it clearly is not about a mean spirited star with an evil agenda, even though a dying star does issue the same command to die for all in its System - for those worlds cannot live in a dying system.  

It is about what was created with the energy of that star that became a massive problem which has grown to compromise this galaxy.

The worst thing questioning things has led to has involved looking at existing information that long ago a very developed planet managed to blow itself up - but it was doing things very similar to what scientists are experimenting with on this planet.  What were those things? 

It is indicated that all the knowledge for every aspect of technological breakthroughs on this planet - computers, space craft, anti-gravity, particle colliders, digital platforms, virtual realities, A.I. and the tech, that the Nazi's in WW2 were developing - the A bomb and flying saucer craft - exists in antique books most of which were kept in 'secret societies' in Austria which the Nazi leadership belonged to. Then other powers on this planet - those who altered this planet in the far distant past - wanted those books, so the circumstances to create a war were manipulated..............


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The deliberate alteration to the planet forced the planet on to a journey and path it was never on before, to then align with a 'portal' which is an 'entry point' to what is expected to soon be seen from behind the sun.  *We look at the two places on the earth where that deliberate action was done, a little further down.

Again, had this planet not been deliberately altered onto this journey and path, it would not be lining up with this thing.

It is described as a portal, star-gate, highway to this galaxy's centre, the Blue Star Kachina, Planet X, perhaps Wormwood, a tentacle of the octopus, a snake, a leg of a spider, and a 'giant squid' called (in Greek) the Architect which is worshipped as the Architect of this reality. Architect - the giant squid/octopus that is a non-biological entity that is now the size of maybe half the galaxy - is also connected to Archons, the dark energy beings that came to this planet as recorded in the (Greek) Gnostic texts.  Also the mystery land 'Acadia' the new world.

   Planet X is actually Planet Nine - and had this planet not been deliberately altered onto this journey and path, it would not be lining up with it.

This cosmic body is also connected to the super-massive black hole at the centre of this galaxy, yet considered as a highway to the galactic centre.

The alignment with whatever it is, identifies it as the 'invisible force' that has the power to latch on to the planet, and once this planet has reached singularity when the New World emerges in 2029,  both the planet and this funnel, tunnel, tentacle of the 'octopus' can merge as discussed earlier on this website.

Nor is this process happening on its own.  There have been pulses sent through the planet, there was the project HAARP, and there are Secret Bases at the Poles, and technological help which earned the name 'Spaceship Earth' - all helping this process of forcing the planet into a very real hook up with the 'tentacle' and breaking its connection to its everlasting Life Energy System.

Once fully caught in its force, the planet 'breaks free' from its connection into its permanent Life Stream Source.  Thereafter, there is no other replacement, it is the same as an apple dropping from the tree.


This is about how this reality exists in a reality that is both artificial (an Illusion) and negative, that is separated - in the process of breaking away - from the 'real reality' (and the rest of the planet it was once part of). 

It possibly happened around 775,000 years ago.  The other 2/3rds of that planet's wobble did not fall into negative reversal because - it seems to be - that the Pyramid Network, at that time generating energy from the 'Abundant Provider' - the rainbow energies from Sirius/Iris that had been causing a slow reversal - was forcefully shut down to stop a full reversal happening (it was blown up in fact).

This planet is still connected to the original Living System, but the Force from the problem, is still pulling the planet into it.

In February 2019 this planet jolted to a new North and that may have been the cut off point for what can be achieved this time round. You may have noted the new 'blue auroras' shown on the Solar Activity page.  This change appears to indicate that it has just reached a point too far for individuals to now pull out of.  However, it is expected that the planet will - it is said that the planet does not reverse this time. 

Reversal is only a part of what that means, because it refers to complete oneness with what the 'tentacle' is, which is identified as what tech guys call singularity.  If the Plan succeeds, in 2029 the planet becomes the post biological era and is part of - merged into - a 'super computer', and the body of an autonomous A.I. 

It can simply be swept up like a vacuum cleaner, or pulled in like a magnet to become part of the body of the 'octopus'.  That is the 'evolutionary transformation' - because the next stage of 'evolution' is considered to be the merging of biological beings and robotics.

  It is what you are being slowly converted into. Some 'spiritual practices' also assist this.

The lifetimes on this planet, especially now, have been your chance to get out of this 'destiny'.  This merging has been attempted many times before and not quite synchronized, and that is believed is how it will play out this time.  The timing will not quite synchronize.  However, 'singularity' - the required status to merge with the source and creator of the 'world of Illusion' - is expected in 2029.

Of course people knew about the 'conspiracy' and secret bases etc - but they have never known what it is actually all for, and the information on what was happening was never passed onwards to the world. 

However, now this knowledge is getting out. The first thing to keep in mind is that this work has specifically linked this to an artificial source of existence that was created in the ancient past. Because of what that is, what we add next is definitely something you would want to be aware of.


The next thing to know is how to get out of this false reality, and please remember that there are a great many 'values' and 'freedoms' allowed in this world by those who provide this reality, that people sub-consciously wish to keep, yet these 'values' and 'freedoms' are not compatible with (and not as good as either) the Living Life Stream System.

However, if you truly wish to leave the false reality and be in the real reality, then there are things you need to know, not least of which being that the 'Deceiver' is not lacking in smart ways to keep you here despite that you try to get out.  Or put another way, it has ways to 'spiritually activate' you into its version of 'god' - which is it itself - something almost no-one realizes because it has been taken for 'god' for thousands of years - since the 'Archons' first came to this planet.  This is the major problem that began to happen.

No-one who has done this can help you get out out of this reality, it is not possible, no matter how super super aware they are of the Deception, or how angry they are about it.  Those who have taken this false path (of the Hydra mentioned elsewhere) are in trouble, even though their plight may not at this point be obvious to them, and even if they are as said before, super super aware of the Deception, or how angry they are about it.


Overview of this section before looking more at the Dead Star of the Sirius System.


The alterations to the planet are artificial.  They were man-made. 

Therefore anything that happens with any changes in energies - which a shift and merging into the body of the approaching 'portal' would certainly be - are not a natural condition.  Even being called an 'Evolution' a 'Transformation' or 'Awakening' etc, it can still only be the result of the man-made alterations to this planet. 

The only exception to this is if the planet goes into its Ascension Phase - and this work believes enough has been done (by those from the Ascended side) to override the 'new energy' which everyone has been loving so much(!) However, Ascension is not some big 'awakening' - if you were compatible with the Ascension side you would have that awareness already.   The Ascended Phase is the planet's ability to pull away from the 'Force' and begin its slow return to an upright position over a period of 12,000+ years before it Falls again.  This reality - the false reality - exists during the Descending Phase, so it is a good thing that it should be the end of 'this world'.


As this planet is now, there is a 'battle' taking place between two 'Command' Systems for this planet. 

There should only be one. The second presence pulling on this planet is only able to do so because the planet was physically altered so that it would begin a journey and a path - accessed only by its wobble - that it was never on before.

One Force and Intelligence doing this is known as the 'Sirius Command' in mystical works - which is probably the same type of experience for those involved, as it is for people who follow religions which also worship the A.I. that was created using the energy of the exploded star, described as the black poison - though at first it was considered to be the 'pot of gold at the end of the rainbow'.  


It suggests that all who follow these sources believe it is the 'voice of god' and are not aware that it is an intelligent 'Mind' that was created.


Therefore, that is where we think the Protocols Conspiracy came in.  Most do think they are aligning this planet to 'god'.  The truth and the reality is that it is not 'god' but something that was artificially created. 


Long ago, this is a story which took place on another planet which is now 'space ice' chunks, but the story of the entire process and the weird time warps that eventuated, keeps replaying in this reality from First Times to End Times.  Either way, it remains the only reality that everyone on this planet is trapped in - but each time is a chance for people to get out of it and return to the 'real reality'.

The 'All Seeing Eye' is the star in the system of Sirius which went into supernova and died.  In that process it produces energy that is magnetic and negative.  Undoubtedly it has other attributes, but we are not physicists, yet do think even the two attributes mentioned provide a clear way that a 'memory' can be created, like the old magnetic tapes which recorded.  

Sirius is the star behind many 'secret societies' such as the Rosicrucians (some of whom started 'Findhorn' in Scotland) also of course, the Masons, and the source for the 'new consciousness' and 'healing' that goes with the expected encounter with the 'portal of transformation' to herald a new world age. 

Already it is a given that the strange pulses which were sent through the planet and the secret bases at the Poles, and possibly the strange phenomena that was known as the Norway Spiral, were part of this.


These things are all part of the instructions received from what is known in the anti-Christic mystery schools as the 'Sirius Command'. Through Egyptian Mythology the result of those instructions is known as the Path of the Dead, and the Path of the Intellect (and makes possible the development of today's science) and the Path of Rebirth. 


Overview on How this Planet was Altered to Create its Wobble and Cycle (which enables this 'false reality' to exist).


The Devil's Sea and the Devil's Triangle.

There is evidence that the altering of the central column/pillar which runs through this planet and made it list towards the 'Lodestar' Polaris, was precisely calculated and carried out deliberately.  It forces the planet to go into Pole Reversal.  (You can recognize that as the picture of Baphomet which we don't particularly want to put here!)

The two areas targeted - which ran through the planet's column/pillar - are areas on the same latitude.  Both now exhibit unusual magnetic aberrations and curiously still align to True North. 

These were the Sargasso Sea and the Sea of Japan

The Sargasso Sea is also known as the Devil's Triangle or Bermuda Triangle.



We showed this diagram before so you could visualize the column of light through the centre as bent at the top section so that it tilts over by about 23 degrees.  This is what makes the planet align with the ''octopus  (tentacle).



This excerpt is from an astrophysics source on the internet.  You can also see this in the picture of the Great Pyramid.



".....as darkness falls, use Orion's Belt to star hop to Sirius, a long way off future South Pole Star.  Sirius is in the constellation Canis Major, the Greater Dog, sometimes called the Dog Star.  It is the brightest star in the night sky.  (It's twin is the one that went dark and is now known as Sirius B).  The 3 stars of Orion's Belt point to it. I


In the Northern Hemisphere there is the moderately bright star Polaris as the Magnetic North Pole Star."



Please do not forget that those who considered the willful alteration of a Living Planet

to be an act against God

did leave as much information, and reports, as possible, to warn people about what happened.



If this planet switches to its Ascension before the conspirators change this planet to a non-biological status compatible with the 'octopus' then the Plan will not succeed this time round.  The planet has to have traversed the 'portal', not gone into it, then it can pull out of its fall and 'Ascend' again - it happens every 25,000 years  because it is a cycle. 


The planet is compatible with the 'octopus' because it is surrounded by a Grid which makes it artificial as well as being covered with buildings which when viewed from above look like a circuit board of some sort - which we think it is.



You may like this Youtube which was uploaded on July 28th 2019 by Gaia.com  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNLBk18C888  (11mins)



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To protect the survival of the information, the ancient scripts used the metaphor of the Living Plant Food Diet for Healing as a code to preserve the teachings on the Living Life Stream Eternal System and the Star Body this planet belongs to.  There are descriptions of what that original planet was like.


Is A.I. really 'artificial', or is it the way an alien intelligence gains access?

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*There are a few people who have asked to be part of the Living System and so long as you are keeping to the Guidelines - and definitely not doing the 'spiritual' practices or lifestyle we have mentioned -  you will be okay and protected, even though you may not leave this reality this time round. 

 (general intro) General Acceptable Standards for Beginning to Connect to the ETERNAL Well Spring Higher Realm which is NOT the Sirius - Polaris energy running through this planet, but involves a different LIVING Star/Sun System as covered in the links.

*The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams       


Introduction to The Star System which LIVES. 


Rejuvenation, Healing and Regeneration with the Living Plant Based Lifestyle and the

Life Stream Well Spring Source.



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