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In these days of too much information and online blog businesses and YouTube channels,  you may notice that there are a lot of young, fit guys (often clearly gym oriented) into and teaching this now - who look good - and some young females and older ones. YouTube businesses are very popular, and some of the presentations are absolute horrors, but that is part and parcel of now being popular and trendy amongst the 'self-improvement semi digital human'.  It is now popular because the science has now caught up with what holistic practitioners knew long ago.

Some are teaching a 'snake juice diet' which is based on Himalayan Salt-Water but this is really an adaptation of the 'sole' from a couple of decades ago. With this you dissolves a fair sized crystal of Himalayan Salt in a liter or so of water and then take a teaspoon or so each day.  We suggest you look to the original information on that.  As we said, YouTube businesses are very popular, but none of what that is, is what this work is about.

Intermittent Fasting means you are fasting intermittently.  It means periodically fasting.

The word is pronounced in-ter-mit-tent with the accent on the third syllable.

There is another effect that should be mentioned about Dry Fasting.  When someone is stuck in the desert and without water, one of the symptoms of the dehydration stage which precedes actual death, is a euphoric feeling.  Therefore, one should be cautious about such experiences!


We began the Raw Plant Food and Raw Juices as a complete lifestyle in the early 1980's, and began by converting fully to a vegetarian diet a bit earlier from a natural inclination in childhood towards being vegetarian.  The whole family did this.  A Vegan lifestyle is now very 'a la mode', and the 'new' interest in Dry Fasting is the same as the Breatharianism that we did in the 1990's, and obviously for others, long before that too.

We experienced excellent results, but in the early to mid-1990's I was poisoned with amalgam lodged into my gum, and the damage this does may not immediately sound dangerous or severe - but it is!  It disrupted my body's electrical system, and did immensely strange things.  Some 10 years later I found it was somehow hidden in my skin throughout my body (not face) and was registering extremely high toxicity.  It was invisible.  I would never have known it was there but for the tests I did which showed up the extremely high levels of toxicity.

There are protocols for clearing mercury amalgam from dental work, but that is not the same as when it has been lodged directly into your soft tissue.  Therefore, it proved very hard to deal with, or to even know how to deal with it.  Even so, I experienced great health benefits  and results with lengthy juice or other fasts in the early 2000's - but despite how good that was, I was surprised to find it had done nothing to remove this particular poison.

For those who chose to connect to the Living System (which I did by 1993, after being caught in the other path by making the same mistake everyone makes) there is a process that happens in one's life and body as this planet begins to pull out of the 'new path'. All kinds of things start to self-correct. That is what is most important, and that is what one goes with. The 'new path' is a product of the force causing the downward part of this planet's wobble, which is where it is now. The planet eventually reaches a stage where it has to have enough power to start moving upwards again - Ascend - but it is fighting against the force that is the 'new direction'. It has not changed yet, but is expected to. Ascension is what is wanted for this planet not the 'new path' which is pulling this planet into the other energy stream. 

For example, I began a correction with my spine injury in August 2007 and for the last maybe 8 or 9 years I have not been able to walk properly while that whole process corrected.  All sorts of things were out, one after another, as the correction from my atlas downwards to the base of the spine took place.  It was hard to experience for someone who had been super flexible.  I just had to have faith that it would work out and by 2019 I could walk properly once more - and wear shoes with heels after about 8 or 9 years of not being able to do so!

While that was also going on, I did begin a skin detox with a remedy based on magnesium chloride which did seem effective until I found that it was not removing the problem.  I then went to the second answer I had discovered (both around 2011.) This was one of the banned remedies - but I did not use it directly on my skin until  March 2018.  This began a lengthy detox of this poisoning which I am still doing in July 2019. More on this is in the article on 'Dental Poisoning'.  I look fine by the way, but this skin detox showed up how utterly awful this particular poisoning is within the skin - and many times I could hardly appear in public as I worked through the layers of just how horrible this stuff has been.  It is however, nearly fully detoxed as I write.

So general fasts did not in any way assist with this poisoning.



This can be incorporated into the weekly nourishment programme - given that taking in much less food or none at all for a while, actually helps the body regenerate and rejuvenate. It renews your immune system and reduces inflammation.

The Body Cleanse Part 2 explains how to easily incorporate intermittent fasting (fasting intermittently) and a full day fast into your normal week.  *We have to state here that the choice to do so is your own decision and responsibility.


The human body is actually not unlike a camel in that it stores water in the fat cells - and for camels that is in its humps. Now we know that a Dry Detox will force the body to find its deprived water supply, by squeezing it out of what for humans are unwanted fat cells, which also allows those fat cells to be gobbled up as a food supply during a Dry Detox. Studies show this is very beneficial for the body.

If you are incorporating an intermittent fast and a full day fast into your normal week, it is also possible to make one day a Dry Detox Day following the same timeline. 

A Dry Fast means not taking in any food or liquid, including water, so that your body is forced to replenish its water supplies from the water stored in fat cells.  Generally a 1 day Dry Detox is equal to a 3 day water fast.  You will need to choose a day when you can be relaxed and have no major plans, and are happy to go without touching water at all - no showers or cleaning your teeth, although dentists recommend flossing teeth and that does not require brushing them afterwards anyway. It is not a lack of hygiene to do that.  It is suggested to have a teaspoon of Baking Soda drink (dissolved in a glass of water) to begin the dry detox as this helps the kidneys. It is often recommended to break your fast with some oil.

It is easiest to begin with a 12 hour Dry Detox then build up to one day following the easy way to do this.  It will be slower to remove the unwanted fat stores than doing a forty-eight hour, or seventy two hour Dry Detox for example, but even so, the body does still have to access its water needs from existing sources in your body. Once a week is something the body can get used to but it is not suggested that you go straight into a long dry detox.  We find that the body may let you know when it is okay to do the dry fast - that is our experience.

It is also part of the spiritual discipline for the Living Source - therefore it is a spiritual or even religious teaching - but assumes you already incorporate a 1 day fast each week, or are used to this kind of discipline, and that you live a holistic and moderate lifestyle.  It is not covered here as a quick fix for losing weight. It is also ancient knowledge that it is common enough to start experiencing 'other realm' communication etc and the first rule when this is experienced with fasting and/or spiritual practice, is to ignore this.  The ultimate aim is to cleanse through that polluted and toxic level too.

You will be aware that there are always guidelines for preparing for a longer Fast or a Dry Detox, and preparation for correctly coming off these.  Always keep to these for longer Fasts.  You should not experience any issues at all with this as your normal daily nourishment routine and one day weekly fast, but as always, if you have health issues or are unsure always check with your medical professional. 


As a dry detox is the same idea as the ancient practice of Breatharianism, or a pranic transition, it obviously can be achieved by those who are aligned into the different energy stream, as can so much that looks to be immortal and rejuvenating.

The different energy stream is responsible for this reality and the body you inhabit.  However, you are not the body you inhabit.  It is not your real body. Those who do the practices into the different energy stream have no knowledge that it is into a different energy stream from that of the 'Perpetual, Everlasting Life' (which is why this website focuses only on explaining how that is so.) These ones may follow proper guidelines for fasting etc but they do practices that the guidelines for accessing the Living System say not to do.  These practices and lifestyle choices are not part of the guidelines to access the currently disconnected Perpetual Light, Living Life Streams System.  They are to access and integrate into something else.

Those who have not understood this accurate truth, were amongst the multitudes who have believed they did everything they possibly could of what was needed to achieve a joyful healthy lifestyle, 'eternal life' and to escape this false reality, as spiritual knowledge teaches.  Then they found they remained in this reality under the same source which runs this reality.  

Even some of the highest and most seemingly perfect of 'advanced practitioners' of whatever, at the highest possible levels, still return to this reality! Often they tell you they are returned masters come to help those here etc which is of course how they see it.  But when you leave this reality and gain freedom from its clutches, you do not return.  That only happens for a very specific purpose it is not something you continue to 're-incarnate' here to do.


Even after doing everything people thought was 'right' with diet, health and practices, and/or being super-massively aware of the deception-trap, people still remain in this reality under the same control because they have mixed practices which belong to a different energy stream that is not the Living System.

No matter how dedicated you are to detox and 'spiritual practice' lifestyle', or how super, super aware you are of things like the A.I. control and deception etc, if you have done the practices which were said not to do (are not part of the Perpetual Light Source, Living Life Stream System) you remain under the control of the Dead Star System - and you cannot leave this reality.


There was only one Teaching for this planet!

That is: to connect into the 'Perpetual, Everlasting Light', Living Energy System.




Your choice to fast is your own responsibility.  We provide our experience and guidelines only.  If unsure, please consult a health care professional.

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This work is copyright.  To protect the survival of the information, the ancient scripts used the metaphor of the Living Plant Food Diet for Healing as a code to preserve the teachings on the Living Life Stream System this planet belongs to.  It also ensured a lineage survived which can connect people into the Living System, in a world where over 95%-99% are part of the other energy stream.  It is impossible to connect into the Living System without the assistance of and from the Living Source.  This work and information may spread as intended - and people are always repackaging information as their own! - but this work (on the Living System not fasting) is unique and its only source of origin is this work.  We do not provide any details on this website, of how the connection is achieved.



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