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A Living System is one where the polarity has remained Positive and it produces 'Perpetual Light'

Therefore, it is important to align towards and connect into the Living Source.


There was only one Teaching for this planet.


That Teaching included Raw Plant Foods, a Vegan based diet (no eggs or dairy) fresh Raw Juices, and the idea of Food and Herbs as 'Medicine', as you know.

It also included a one day Fast each week, sometimes a longer period of Fasting at least once during a year, and a Dry Detox. 

It is also important NOT to do some practices.

Even though people teach/practice this as a lifestyle and include practices from other teachings, that is picking and choosing from different teachings as if they are the same thing. 

Those other teachings, where the practices people choose to incorporate come from, do not teach a raw food, vegan based diet as part of the rest of their teaching (even though they do have periodic fasting.) They are complete systems, but not the System for the Living Life Stream System.

For example, they teach to have dairy, eat meat, and to have cooked foods. 

No matter how dedicated you are to the Vegan and Raw based lifestyle etc, or how aware you are of things like the A.I. control etc, if you have done the practices which were said not to do, you are still under the control of the Dead Star System - and you cannot leave this reality.



Continues in Plant Academie.

Connect into the 'Perpetual, Everlasting Light',

Living Energy System.


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