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  This page looks at the different cosmology - star route - taught by the lineage which was persecuted and silenced. 

They taught a different cosmology which this planet properly belongs with.  This cosmology leads to the LIVING LIFE ENERGY STREAMS OF THE WELLSPRING SOURCE.

The Teachings of the lineage of Spiritual Masters which remained with this planet through its 'fall journey' to ensure the true story would not be lost, kept their teachings in written form, in mystical verses, and these include many verses about the Swan.

Back in 2003, the first information we became aware of was to follow up this planet's curious wobble, and that it tilts at an angle away from its actual 'True' North.  This was showing how this planet, and consciousness, access a different energy stream now. That energy stream belongs to a different cosmology. Obviously this was a very important anomaly to follow up, and for most of the initial years of this work, this is what we focused on. 

It is even more relevant now when it is discovered that the cosmology - star route - followed now as a spiritual path, is indeed the way Earth is facing now, and soon it aligns directly with a 'jet' from the black hole at the centre of this galaxy.  The point of importance is that this angle is a deliberate alteration to the planet's correct alignment.

The spiritual information on this was part of the Teachings of the lineage of Spiritual Masters which remained with this planet through its 'fall journey' to ensure the true story would not be lost. It is about this planet's correct alignment to, and within the Eternal Blueprint (from which it has 'fallen'). They kept their teachings in written form, in mystical verses, and these include many verses about the Swan.

People do the 'path of rebirth' in the first place because the consciousness on this planet decided to take a wrong turn.  They decided to prefer a different energy stream over the Higher energy stream which was part of the eternal Source.

They tried to justify that 'choice' is a right, a 'freedom value', and by continuing with that thinking - and continuing with that preference for a different energy as a priority over the True Source - they tried to say it was the same thing.

Those who continued with that wrong turn are still teaching what they have made a teaching, because it is what they like, not what is the Truth 

......and that is how they have marked themselves for the next 'new Earth' - which is the path of rebirth, and means returning to the world of Illusion. 

You can keep following a wrong turn, or can try to correct it, and how to do that is by honestly trying to understand what is negative and what is positive.  

The second reason people do this today is because maybe people simply follow the herd, and because of that they did not question anomalies, and do not follow up clues and anomalies. 

In a way that does not make what happened that people call a 'conspiracy' a deception at all, because those sources said what they were doing - and that was preparing for the next 'age'. People did it, do it, or just stay with what is and wait, without checking.

The information on the Swan also appears in verses of a number of well known mystics, like Rumi, who was born in Afghanistan, lived in Turkey and had a Teacher from the lineage who resided in Persia. The often mentioned Swan is information that any spiritual disciple could follow up.

While the verses on the Swan may not seem significant, it is what the Highest Masters taught.  Their importance changes completely when it is put together with additional information, in this case from the stone calendar of Gobekli Tepe, only in recent years. 2017 - 2018, revealing the information on the significance of the Swan - unknown to current spiritual knowledge.

So now we come to the strange buildings found in Turkey.

  The Gobekli Tepe ruins in Turkey are proven and dated to be at least 12,000 years old.  From 2017 it has been discovered that the pillars in the centre of the circles are pointing to a higher star system which the builders of this considered significant. Then as this planet moved on its journey, they built more of these circular 'star trackers' to replace the previous one.  They did this to monitor how the planet is slowly moving away from its path.  As this takes lengthy years to move from one marker to the next, it would suggest a great age to this archeological site and previous knowledge of the planet's movement - because the Gobekli Tepe site was buried and hidden during the time the planet still aligned to the first star markers that were built. 

The star Deneb is the start point for the planet's journey before it 'Falls' and before it goes through the Void, the 'rabbit hole', the dark rift. 

Deneb is a locator star in the star constellation of the Swan.  It is located within the vicinity of the Eternal Source Well Spring Blueprint/Design which this planet is correctly part of, and the star alignment for this Living Life Stream System was named Christos.  It is covered by the records on the 'lost path' as taught by the lineage which survived and continued to teach the inner Way out of the false reality. Obviously it does not involve meditating on, or visualizing anything to do with this.


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