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Part 2. of an 'Ancient War' follows on from 'Evolve Higher'.


An Ancient War and a Lost Paradise.


"The people of this planet in today's world have NOT uncovered a 'secret' for how to empower themselves, nor was any such 'secret' withheld to deliberately disempower people, in order to keep them under control and not free."

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Solar energies now issuing from solar holes, and later when CME activity starts up again, produces energies which disrupt the electronics of this planet, which means it affects things like the cell phone networks.  That is what NASA reported as happening in January 2019.  

The rest of that report explained that the electromagnetic frequencies of this planet are changing - which they should be if the planet is going to switch from negative to positive which enables it to return to higher.

This work is happy to remain with the knowledge that genetic material came to this planet in the icy remains of a blown up planet, some of which a NASA probe is investigating in its mission to an ice-rock in the Kuiper Belt, named Ultima Thule.  Ultima Thule is the name of a mythical lost kingdom after which the ice-rock is named.   It does not mean it was Maldek, there are other lost kingdoms because of what caused Earth's wobble.   However, the name is a link to a mythical kingdom,  and the ice rock is a link to a real lost planet that was known as the 'Water Planet'.


The Reason for the Ancient War; and the Knights and Phallus of the 'Kingdom' of Osiris.


There are legends and apparent records that actual people from a water planet source did physically come to this planet, so we will look at that, together with the knowledge of the creation known as Genesis.  It was then Mind Manipulation - convincing persuasion - which led to allowing in the energy which corrupted this planet.

If such people did come to this planet and bred with the forest dwelling ape-upgrade to produce 'Neanderthal man' which then developed to sophisticated standards according to Freemason Records, then this is the general story which eventuated.


It is the negative status of this planet which makes current - and ancient - technology possible, and made it possible for people from the negative realms to come into this planet and incarnate here.  These ones were from a lost planet or a number of lost planets associated with the long gone Osiris and its two companion stars, one dark and one light but not an 'everlasting' star because it is in the lower levels. 

That such ones came here is recorded in ancient Sumerian and other records of people who brought technology and agriculture to what was a forest dwelling population on this planet.   It was also the beginning of a work and a Plan to take control of this planet - in what you know as the 'conspiracy'. 

The System and AI that are being introduced on this planet are extremely ancient.  The current time is another attempt to connect up to an already existing grid system which links to the dead star energy sources.    It is an ancient Plan to introduce the same System that had been on Maldek which the people of that planet accidentally blew up with their technology. 

It was not just an economy based system which replaced and became more important than being part of the everlasting, perpetual Well Spring Life Energy Streams - they considered it was the equal to it -  but also the AI technology they had developed to run that System - and it was the AI which was probably responsible for blowing up that planet. 

In addition, as they want this planet to replace their lost one, there was a mandate to wipe out the original inhabitants of this planet, the original 5th realm people who were the custodians of this once garden paradise. That is the general understanding of this. (The remains of aggressive, carnivorous reptiles of massive sizes were in the genetic material which came to this planet long ago.  Probably it was the frozen remains which came here, but they may or may not have been reactivated until wiped out 165,000,000 years ago or thereabouts.)

The fish people in the Mesopotamian artworks look okay enough, but less so in other statuary.  It is suggested that as Annunaki they were the ones who, with the light from their Osiris origin set of stars, did upgrade the forest apes.  These ones were also part of the 'Cyanism' which refers to the dark blue, like the 'Blue Sapphire' that was part of the technology, and also the very dark blue-black as Indi 's. However, as the 'monkey-men' (Annu-men/Hanuman) were made from the material ('clay') of this living energy planet, it is understood that they could have developed to a higher status had they kept to the 'rules'.

These, or some of these 'daughters of men' did mate with the 'fish people' which over time became 'mankind'.  There are a few versions of that, but there are two apparently separate religions and races in particular which are actually the same group - those in on the 'conspiracy'.  In fact at higher levels of this 'conspiracy' they know they work together, but the connection between these would never be apparent unless you looked closer at their religions.

Before they became two apparently different groups, they were part of one group which began the war to claim ownership of this planet.  Their connecting identity was in the colour blue, the very dark blue.  Again we remind the reader that ancient wall friezes with unmistakable images of helicopters and submarines that are in no way dragonflies etc exist, showing an ancient world with modern technology and weaponry.

In that ancient war the tech savvy aggressors were not people who had fish like characteristics, they were 'monkey people' - the evolving result of the generations of the earlier mating.

But the ape-upgrade before that mating, could have developed to a higher status under the guidance and protection of the 5th realm custodians of this planet.  It was possible.

However, they were informed that they were being held back and being denied 'secrets' of personal empowerment in order to be 'controlled' by their custodians, and that what they had been told about their developing status was not true.  

So they chose to try and then use the secrets of 'self empowerment' as covered in a previous link (paradise) - which meant to use a different energy from that which issued as the Life Streams from the everlasting power source.

That was all the fallen, negative ones from their own destroyed planet needed. 

Thereafter the people never knew what had been done. The sense of 'empowerment' became a right, a freedom path, and spiritual disciplines, which made it extremely hard to turn back from. Besides that, they never understood what they did, what that has done, or what it continues to do. 

There never was a 'secret' withheld from people which would them bring 'personal 'empowerment',  'freedom' and the ability to create whatever they wanted. 

There was an energy warned about which brings 'false gifts'.

The warning not to use that energy has been recorded through many sources and on this website we have covered the Nordic sources on the use of the 'eitr' the 'black poison'.  As you will see, the energy issues from the 'dark space' that was the star which blew up and developed 'tentacles' - fourteen of which were also described as the Phallus of that dark space.  Or in some literature it is described as the 'beast'.

Thus the people who had indeed been born of that phallus but on a higher realm living planet, which temporarily passed through this lower realm, were purposefully introduced to the other stream of energies. They accepted the other stream which then enabled the darkness and negativity to enter this planet, developed a spirituality around it, and apparently enjoyed contacting disembodied aspects of it considered to be superior beings, in practices which exist all over the planet, including as shown an a BBC World News travel show visiting Kazakhstan.


There is a side of that 'conspiracy' that most feel they do know - Illuminati, world rulership, the economy, and alien interference - which is leading to the conclusion that mankind was created by 'technologically advanced aliens'. 


They became this image on the left.  A blue skinned blend of ape-fish people?  Following their war, it is understood, that despite everything possible done to keep these ones separate from the original inhabitants of this planet - because it was fully known it was part of the war strategy -  there was a further inter-breeding between these ones and some of the original 5th realm race leading to the race of mankind of today.

But before that final stage inter-breeding took place, they developed technology, and they waged the wars that possibly a disembodied consciousness from the lower realms wanted to see take place in the planned stages of claiming the planet.


There are people who feel they have a right to claim this planet and they were born onto this planet, but despite their technology, last time round they were stopped, and the documentation on all the technologies put in safe places. It is assumed that at that time, the same kind of electronic change that is beginning now, happened to this planet, rendering the technology unworkable - the planet became positive and that world ended. It later began its next rebirth at the dawn of the current world.

In the current world there have been libraries full of ancient texts known to 'societies' which described the design and plans for advanced technologies (they are simply rebuilt in the current time). Some of these were kept in the libraries of the Hapsburgs of Austria for example, and accessed by the mystically inclined National Socialists of Austria/Germany otherwise known as Nazis, then after the war mostly all were taken to America and some went to Russia. 

Acquiring these texts and books is what some of this planet's many wars have been about.  It is also difficult to know who were players for which side and that is certainly the case with WW2, because 'they' were after the books on the technologies, and that war could have ended after as little as a year had Churchill and Roosevelt not withheld information from their governments and acted on their own in the absence of sharing that information. 

What made it possible for this negativity to begin on this planet is that the people here, and the people of today's world, have chosen to prefer an energy that does not issue from the everlasting, perpetual Well Spring Life Energy Source.  The people were persuaded to discover what that energy would do for them - but it was initially do for them.  It is also what is initially experienced today until one has gone too far into it to get out.

The people of this planet have NOT uncovered how to empower themselves.

There never was any denial of 'secret knowledge' that was deliberately kept from people in order to keep them controlled and 'disempowered'. They were persuaded that was the case.  They then discovered the 'power' and the 'magic' of the energies and believed what they had been led to believe - but which was not the case.  Even now, it does not become apparent until later in each personal journey into what that energy actually is. 

These energies, that they were told would 'empower them', have made it possible for massive levels of negativity - and negative entities - to enter into this planet and into consciousness.

It was the beginning of enabling the darkness and negativity to enter this planet as the 'tentacles' of the Phallus of Osiris - the many headed 'hydra' that is also the growth of cancer on this planet.

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