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Dietary measures could help your body fight virus attacks. Genetic Disruptors. Fasting.

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But first - the bizarre and worrying situation of "covid-19"

Health Aids - Zinc Gluconate and Vit. D activate T-cells.

If you find you do have symptoms of the virus or a flu -

Budesonide -

Doctor Discusses Successful Early Intervention Medicine for Coronavirus

30 mins. super cheap medicine.

"Budesonide is sold under the name brand Pulmicort Respules. This is the type that can only be used by inhalation using the nebulizer." Also Rhinocort.

Watch WarRoom Pandemic Ep 293

for how to overcome a covid attack.



Department of Labor & OSHA . ... . Department of Labor & OSHA


UK. It is Illegal to Ask Why You Are Not Wearing a mask.

You can be exempt from wearing a mask and if challenged why you are not wearing a mask, it is illegal and involves a high fine if you ask someone with a disabilty (mask exemption) why you are not wearng a mask.


The Danger Of Facemasks - Canadian Worker Tests Dangerous Oxygen Deprivation OSHA approved test. 2 mins.

Department of Labor & OSHA Department of Labor & OSHA


Comprehensive List Of Companies That Use Aborted Fetal Cells As Flavour

Includes Doritos, Pepsi, Quaker Oats, Kraft Foods, Campbells, Cadburys, Maggi, Ocean Spray, Liptons Tea, all coffee creamers etc.


Scroll down to purple mushroom.


For those looking for health based ways to not join the ranks of Pheasants, Goats and Pawpaws by testing positive for Covid-19'

here are some possibilities -

According to an article, the only people that can be infected by the 2019-n Coronavirus have less than 98.7 µg/L of Selenium in plasma or serum. Those who have enough Selenium are immune to this and all other enveloped viruses.

Selenium can be obtained from Brazil nuts, Selenium pills or Astragalus tea.Two Brazil nuts a day are enough.

This is why only some people get the flu and why others get it infrequently or never at all.

This was found out in 2015 when Lipinski @ Harvard figured out why some people were immune to Ebola, a fact well documented in medical archives.

High Fructose

Another important factor is a high fructiose diet as in weight/fat gain and leading to Type 2 diabetes. This is one of the key factors in patients who reacted badly to covid. It can be overcome by exercise and obviously a good diet.


Health Aids and to Build Your Immunity -

Again Zinc Gluconate and Vit. D activate T-cells.  Also high levels of antioxidants, and get fresh air.


Living Light particles - Prana and Chi

There is a lack of living energy particles during the SOLAR MINIMUM. This was once called prana and chi.  The lack of this is also a reason for deficiencies which can lead to being more prone to illness.

We are at the end of the 11 year Solar Minimum without living energy particles – so people are more vulnerable now and in 2021.  It is the lowest point before those living energy/light particles pick up again. Sunlight and Vit D activate T-cells but higher energy living light particles are better. It has also been suggested to consider mineral therapy. Some sources are recommending homoeopathic views on sickness and to consider cell salt therapy.


Did you know that the following are a serving size? 

  • ¼ avocado 

  • ½ medium potato 

  • 2 large eggs 

  • ¼ cup seeds 

  • 2 kiwi fruits 

  • 1 slice of bread 

  • 40g of hard cheese 

  • Single shot of coffee 



The current health concern is in relation to the concerns about damaging frequencies and radiation on the human body. This work strongly suggests you find way to live your livestht does not rely on tech devices.

No matter how strange this may seems, the recommendtions are not to wear any metals, not even wedding rings, gold chains, belt buckles etc. At least minimize the amount.

As soon as you can, start to, or continue to remove all heavy metals from your body.

Protect yourself with high ORAC value antioxidants. High ORAC high antioxidant >

Also, if you have tattoos that are symbols or talismans, then do your best to remove them. It is better to remove tattoos.

The current situation is considered to be the lead in to something else. If possible try to live without carrying your phones.

There are always variations of viruses - medical specialists have put forward different things to consider. One source of information indicates that after the initial stages, it can be carried in the blood which may be linked linked to an increased likelihood of stroke. Blood is not oxygenated in Covid patients. Some have commented on something that does this that can be injected into the veins by vaccination, which can lead to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and also common to some cancers and that it originated from lab work at a high security facility. It is said that it was introduced into mice -which actually have a similarity to human DNA and is not unusual. The suggestion might be that this is planned to be included in a vaccine.

If it affects the blood, at the moment in addition to information to have high antioxidants etc. include foods that help cleanse and build the blood, while removing pathogens. The real answer is to reduce your reliance on tech devices.

To improve your blood, Barleygrass and Wheatgrass powders as listed below, can be included in your diet. Is that a definitive answer? No. We can only look at ways to build the integrity of the haemoglobin, and each of us do as best you can.


Fasting in the Future World.

The term Covid-19 is the ID of a SARS related virus identified in 2019 hence its 'name'.

A virus can be similar to cancer as shown on a different page, but this also provides a possible way to break through its covering and kill off the RNA false code. * 'Overcoming parasitic genetic codes' is part of this work.


KEEPING HEALTHY and Building Strong Immunity

Dietary measures for Future Food Restrictions, or other reasons -

to keep you in strong physical and financial health.


The usual covid-19 image is actually an artist's idea of what the coronavirus may look like, as the actual virus has not been isolated. In addition the photo of the female who is supposed to have provided this image was googled and found not to be a real person.

The picture then is said to be the COVID-19 protease -or perhaps any coronavirus protease. It resembles the symbol of a heart, shown on the left. These are on the tips of the little spikes on a virus. The membrane can be broken down and the 'fake info' genetic sequence RNA inside deactivated by protease inhibitors.

The Covid-19 is a coronavirus made up of some SARS and some MERS and the wild strain SHC014-CoV. The Cambridge Research team and perhaps others sources, have identified that this has the wild strain therefore there is information that it originated in nature. However, the combination now indicates otherwise. An Austalian university has discovered that the spikes have an unnatural ability to bind with humans and not animals which indicates it came from a lab.

It is highly contagious - but so is the common cold which is also a coronavirus - and affects very few people seriously- about the same as the seasonal 'flu even though it is not the same as the seasonal 'flu. It seems to be that the medical protocol to use ventilators is what has killed patients in high numbers, not just New York but now in Mumbai.

It is only in some circumstances that the virus becomes a problem, possibly in those with toxic blood, and also because of using ventilators which makes a case for a vaccine. It certainly became a problem in China.

We use precautionary health practices as there is no reason not to consider a healthy internal body environment. We do use Colloidal Silver along with anti-bacterial wipes and the hand washing procedure. The silver link provides additional health procedures and links to high ORAC high antioxidant immune system building fruits.

Do exercises that help open the lungs such as some chi kung or stretching the arms up above the head and breathing in. They do suggest taking a deep breath and holding it for 10 seconds, as an exercise for the lungs and heart. Keep hydrated, and take celery juice or kidney herbs to help filter the fluid from the body.

*Possibly we will add a page on exercises

safe to do when aligned to True Source, so will be a little different.

Factors that can place anyone at more risk include high blood pressure, diabetes, and kidney and heart issues.


Dietary measures that help your body fight viral attacks

- The topic of inhibitors is an approach of interest to our own work, to build resistance.

This involves the breakdown of the protein membrane that covers the genetic RNA data inside. Possibly a diet rich in the plant based inhibitors may assist build up a resistance to future attacks.

Plant based inhibitors include legumes.

Your diet could possibly provide the ammunition to resist this and any other Coronavirus.

Legumes include alfalfa, clover, beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils, lupins, mesquite, carob, soybeans, peanuts, and tamarind.

Recommendations include high Vit C and to take zinc gluconate, and selenium.


Regardless of any 'pandemic' we are all facing new difficulties

- queues to get into supermarkets and all spaced out for social distancing. Sometimes that wait is made more uncomfortable by very humid heat. Reductions in the availbility of food.

Economic difficulties which may now require being more creative with your diet and lifestyle and the emotional toll this is having on some. Here is our raw-plants page.

Should viral attacks become an issue for the future, it is possible that a diet rich in the plant based inhibitors may assist build up a resistance to future attacks. Most likely it is people with receptors for the 'spikes' of this virus who make up the 20% who have serious responses to this virus.

Plant based inhibitors include legumes.


Fasting in the Future World.

Because of my own circumstances I have chosen not to eat a meal since our lockdown began on March 17th. I do not have a situation where I can make raw juices. The most I am eating is a few nuts. I take a probiotic drink, and I do make 'juices and fruit' based smoothies with powders including wheatgrass or barleygrass powder, a quinoa based powder, black bean, and other legume powders, and chia seeds.

I also have green tea with lemon. It is a matter of what I can get, but that is never going to be instant noodles or packets of biscuits etc. Yet I am not eating meals - and the world does not fall apart if you go without the amount of food you think you need to have.

It is suggested that as food is expected to become an issue in the future, it is a good idea to begin assisting the body to adapt to the process of deprivation by practising fasting.



"Dr Tom Black, NI chair of the British Medical Association (BMA), told the News Letter that although planning for the worst case scenario of a Covid-19 surge had been essential, Government must now start to consider when it should reopen normal wards again.
He was speaking

............after it was revealed that tens of thousands of NHS hospital beds right across the UK are lying unoccupied amid the Coronavirus crisis — about four times the normal number of empty places — due to huge ongoing efforts to free up space for an expected Covid-19 surge.................

The Health Service Journal (HSJ) reported that the national average for empty beds is now 40.9% – and that even the most serious Covid-19 hotspots – London, Birmingham and the Black Country —
still have 28.9% and 38.2% of beds lying empty. The HSJ also reported that London’s Nightingale hospital is also largely empty. "

Norwegian-US Doctor - Large number of Cases, Minimal Deaths - Same as 'Flu

51 mins
So proud to be Norwegian now :) And I can confirm what he said about Norway-Sweden numbers. I live an hours drive from Sweden in a city of 280K people and we have fewer than 10 deaths. Edit: And no one travels more than Norwegians and we reacted as slow as US did. We dont blame China tho, we remember we knew about it for months before we reacted and see thru that polarized propaganda, its nothing but a smoke screen.

What is Covid-19?

This virus is a combination of coronavirus made up of some SARS and some MERS and the wild strain SHC014-CoV .

Even if the virus originated in China and even if they did not give out information early enough, China is protected from being sued by Sovereign Territory Immunity. Even so the data proves it only affects very few seriously, the same as the 'flu.

Researchers at Cambridge University show that this coronavirus mutated into three distinct strains as it spread across the globe. They traced the origins. There are 3 variations of the virus A, B, and C.

The 3 variations provide a timeline and locations.

Wuhan, China is type B so is the second manifestation, meaning it began elsewhere. China, or the Wuhan lab, may not be the origin.

Type A originated in September 2019 but it is not yet known where.


Teachings of the LIVING TREE Life Stream.


....Here is a short and informative video on the Covid-19 virus




- non-living codes which enter the planet and the body.

This is a topic that we have explored in the previous manuals covering how a parasitic energy - a non-living code - entered this planet and began to alter the DNA genetic codes - of the planet and the human body.

A PARASITE enters a living host and then alters the codes so that the life system supports it instead of the living organisim it is supposed to sustain.

This is how a parasite like Mistletoe operates. It is also how a VIRUS operates, and how CANCER operates and has been a topic discussed in earlier manuals so that people could prepare.

These non-living codes bring misinformation - fake news - that is passed on to the living organism.

Misinformation that was first passed on into the PLANET, and then into humans. It is part of the path this planet currently faces towards and is part of its perceived 'evolution'. That 'evolution' is its transition (into a non living intelligent being.)

They are codes that are part of the 'instructions' to end biological life. (Each infected cell is biological life.)


First up, for perspective, here is a short Introduction info on Teachings of the LIVING TREE Life Stream.

Recommended BOOKs. Reviews



Good Health, Rejuvenation and the Challenges

.................of Living in a World Which Poisons You.

This article looks at the problems of the effects of radiations from computers and devices on health which in this case became apparent from the overload of heavy metls in the body, particularly in my own case, mercury from dental fillings.

You will probably have no idea how bad having mercury amalgam lodged into your gum is - how many people have that happen to them? (Virtually no-one.)  But the 'accident' of that poison being inserted into my gum immediately did some strange things and this has been unquestionably my greatest challenge to my actual life, and to keeping youthful and looking good.

It was from a routine visit to a new dentist sometime in the early 1990's when I was working in Sydney, Australia. The first sypmtoms were that I would get an almost incapacitating sickness which would start up for no seeable reason and last about a month. Then they would just as suddenly disappear only to reappear later. It was like something to do with an electrical circuit in my body which I think was connected to some 'beyond the body' energy.

With energy changes to this planet that happened in 2003 I began a process of being shown what I needed to do, and in no uncertain terms I was made aware that I had a problem with my teeth. More correctly the electrical circuits. That involved lengthy and expensive visits to an wholistic dentist to clear out mercury in fillings, and it was he who found that someone had inserted the mercury directly into my gums. Removing the mercury did make a massive difference and I thought that was over, but a different test in 2006 showed I had high levels of poison in my skin. I had no answer for that - what could I do?

Despite working with a naturopath it made little difference so I just tuned out. From about 2016 I began another health evaluation programme in Singapore going twice a year to test how I was doing - but it registered very high toxicity consistent with someone who had spent a lifetime eating junk food, processed meat, and smoking. I had never done any of that!!!! I was a health nut. So, again. I had no answer to what to do.


The Amazing Differences to the Body and Looks if You Can Deeply Detox.

From the rejuvenation, ageless and good looks/beauty aspect there is no doubt that that did the most damage to me. There is also no doubt that it was really harming me and by 2011 and for a few years after I definitely looked the opposite of rejuvenated! It was a struggle to know what to do and I equally had no idea that this poison was throughout my body and primarily hidden in my skin.

I only found that out by a fortunate accident. A magnesium skin cream made the poison in my skin show itself and this literally showed me what was there, but it did not remove it. That was from about 2012. However, I did find an answer using one of the banned remedies, and began fulltime to use this in March 2018. It turns out I am still clearing this same poison and it is now almost May 2020.

However, most of what I have already cleared out has made stunning differences and changed my life. I look incredibly better and this is most notable with the amount of male attention I now get!

Probably nothing has made as much difference to looking young and with the kind of looks I can be happy with
again, than the effects after clearing out the poison. I gradually began to look better and better, returning to my former self - and I naturally lost weight too. Of course that was also with following and keeping to my healthy plant based diet and lifestyle.

I am still clearing out the poison though and look forward to my body being able to correct and regulate many functions that were impaired by this.




.......... CONNECTING into the Energy Stream of LIFE

The Hunza Region

- sometimes considered to be the fictional Shan gri La, it nevertheless referred to a REAL PLACE which gradually became invisible.

It is also where the People with Fair Skin and Blue/Green Eyes were driven from in the North India/Pakistan Region in an Ancient War 12,000 years ago who went to Europe. The people from an ancient 'Shan gri la' and the topic of Health benefits and Longevity.

and the People were driven North in an Ancient War 12,000 years ago.



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This planet was once a much larger planet.   It was described as 'Timeless'.

There were no seasons.

It was considered a Paradise, where the people were in perfect health and happiness, and their bodies did not die







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