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The Eternal Living Life Stream Well Spring System


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There was only one Teaching for this planet - to connect into the 'Perpetual, Everlasting Light', Living Energy System.  It included Raw Plant Foods, fresh Raw Juices, and the importance of Fasting at least with a one day fast each week.  *It is expected to restore lost collagen and safely and comfortably lose unwanted, unhealthy fat including visceral fat.

If you are interested in connecting into the issuing Source of the Living Life Stream - Here are some steps you may like to include in your lifestyle which prepare the way for that, *also keep in mind the things not to do.

Part 1 - Body Cleanse     Part 2 - Body Cleanse - Easy Way to do the One Day Weekly Fast 

  Part 3 Intermittent and Dry Detox   :  Keto,  MCT, Lycopene, and belly fat loss. Improve metabolic rate  :

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Why Die?    


Why the Upper Realm Works for Everyone   :  

The resources, and the abundance of a planet are there for everyone. 


The 'True Body'  :   The Illusion which exists in a Real Place  :   False Light   :  


The connection into the Living System of the real reality - which is not the 'false reality' or its realms - cannot be achieved by faking it.  You have to be accepted.  It is something like being nominated, then you will get help from that side to escape the immense power of a force, which also accrues debts and increases its hold on you, and is far too powerful and difficult to get free of without that help.  Then you have to do your part.

The body you inhabit is not your true body which is a far higher frequency real body It integrates with the density body and at the time of dying some return to the true body, but for the majority they were caught in the Illusion that this life was real.  The source which provides a reality that is an Illusion has different rules and a different place for people to go after they die - such as pure thought and what they imagine - which is part of a lesser level called Mind and the astral form.  It has the kind of spirituality you may like better, because it offers alternatives to the rules for 'eternal life'.  For why would that be any different from any other part of the reality offered by this source as 'freedom' to choose?

Building the 'true body' is something that has to be done during your lifetimes in this world.  That is, keeping to the guidelines, connecting to the Living System, and not being diverted by the Illusion that this world - where anything is possible and allowed - is real. 

This is a reality - but a false one - where it seems okay to not keep to the guidelines, because here in this world, by selling out those standards and not upholding higher values, you may get other more comfortable benefits, like wealth, some personal power, what you call fun, and so on. What's the harm? 

But what if this is a test, and you are trapped here and in the cycle of rebirth because of it?


Why Die?    :    General Guidelines for the Higher Realm   :   Connections  

Tree of Healthy Life  :   Plant Energy  Intro to Therapeutic Records


Introduction to The Light Streams System which LIVE. 


The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams

General Standards for the Higher Realm 


Rejuvenation, Healing and Regeneration with the Living Plant Based Lifestyle and the

Life Stream Well Spring Source.   

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