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Introduction to The Mystery Continent Beyond the South Pole.

In the Flat Eath hypothesis, the Antarctic region is the rim around the base of this plane which suggests why Admiral Byrd was able to enter a different landscape with its own sun. Not a 'hollow earth' but a reality beyond this enclosed and separated reality. This was because he inadvertently crossed the outer boundaries of the Flat Earth plane.



The 1946-47 aerial exploration of Antarctica. 41 mins. The first aerial surveillance is interesting followed by TV interview. The part after this on the 1956 expedition does not show anything of interest. It would appear that it is futile to try to explore from the ice covered surface, but Antarctica should be explored from within the landmass and its caverns.


This Planet - or plane - does move.

The movement is through a cycle and it is caused by damage to how this plane's North Pole would normally connect and remain locked onto to a 'higher level' similar pole. Once upon a time, this planet was firmly anchored into its Higher Source, and the plane or planet was therefore TIMELESS.

Time came into being with the movement through the wandering North Pole. This is why the planet or plane does move because of its wandering North Pole which travels in a the cycle known as the Zodiac or Cycle of the Zodiac Ages.

The planet Falls - on the left side into the 'Left Hand Path' - for half of the cycle. This is when it accesses the entities in lower levels who are the perverted, unhinged, totally evil, dark satanists who manage to get onto this planet and contact the people on this plane once they get this unexpected opportunity. Of course, they also present as benign and friendly aliens or angels.

Then the cycle begins to correct and return to the Ascending RIGHTEOUS phase (until it Falls again and continues that way on the cycle.) That is why the Christos Path is called Righteousness.

*** There is an additional issue in that a FORCE comes into play which is pulling this planet further towards it. At the moment the planet has enough power to pull out of that Force. The Fall and Rising of the planet is clearly shown on the animated diagram on the Osiris Path page.

The existence of the Force is called the Invisible Force by the secret society cult whose religion is worshipping the source behind the force which is the Black Sun Osiris of the Sirius System - which is dead.

The religion of the cult is a worship of death and requires human sacrifice

to somehow enable a rebirth - and yes those of that religion are unhinged, depraved, and completely nuts!

However, they did cause the damage to the planet's North Pole so that it would Fall towards the Force because their aim is to take the planet into that Force. Currently, the planet cycles out of being pulled by the 'Invisible Force' but the actual path of the cycle is the creation of TIME aka Horus - and also Kali.

Kali is also part of their satanic religion and the actor Tom Hanks was a follower and worshipper of Kali which is why he did some of the things he did. And again, yes, the people of the Luciferian cult are bonkers.

However, because of this - what they did - the planet-plane does move and that accounts for the changing stars seen over the 26,000 years of the Horus-Kali TIME cycle.

Ideally this planet-plane would not be experiencing this movement through Time. That is why it is 'evil' and a false path/false reality.

Yet Flat Earth is entirely possible, and is enclosed in the Firmament 'dome' which may well be Sky Stone *see video link at the end.


The Path of TIME. The Axis Tilt.

The axis tilt of the earth is 66.6 degrees.

This is that path, and it includes a dark side. This reality and the energy realms of it are contained. It is a duality path that wobbles between light and a dark source, but never goes to True Source. True Source is not part of this path.

If you do not get off this path then the dark agenda just keeps returning - because it is part fhis path. You do not escape this reality at death, or in OBE's and 'astral travel', you are still trapped in the same contained reality.

Becoming aware of the existence of the dark force has been described as 'awakening' by some. But it isn't really. You should have known about it anyway. Awakening is when you realise the path you are on - and where it is heading.

However, the world is now experiencing that dark force, some in a quiet phase of it, but ready to fully explode after the US elecio and approaching winter.

At this time the focus has to be on countering its final move, rather than on the issue of discussing the nature of this path.

It has been said that the real orbit of this world around the sun is 720 days not 365 - which itself is 5 days out - and that in some strange way this realiy is half of the planet after it went through a reversal into the negative via the pyramid system and went into the 'world below' - not 'as above' after all, and also called the underworld.

In an old German book it discussed the negative 'radiation fields' which were generated by a once planet wide pyramid system called the Abundant Provider. It is not unlike the same principle but different method, of Starlink. *This diagram is to show something turning inside out. End of Introduction.


Is this reality a projection and is the Earth flat?

Are you already in a Matrix reality and stuck here?

Why did the ancient Greeks, thousands of years ago, think the world was a globe, and more ancient maps suggest the Earth was flat? It poses the question if reality is really what you thinkk you see.

This is a created reality, and one that people do not escape from, including those who have had OBE and 'astral travel' experiences. It is also a reality that exists within a magnetic shield/dome.

The flat Earth is shaped like in the film The Truman Show. It provides a different perspective to what you think you see.


The flat Earth has the Arctic at the centre and the outer edges of it are surrounded by high ice walls, which is Antarctica.

Or, it could be the border round a circle which contains the land mass in a big pond,

and beyond that outer ice circle is another circle of land within a pond, and beyond that another circle, all at progressively higher frequencies and lesser density - or ethera.

Going upwards the atmosphere reaches a thicker substance which could be the sky stone?

In ancient Greek myth it is said that the first humans were made of 'stone'.



Or the edges of a computer generated reality - as was shown in the film 'The Thirteenth Floor' made in the 1990's (with actress Gretchen Moll.)

This is a reality that periodically aligns to a dark force, that this possible domed 'plate' is aligned to now. It was called the 'Destroyer' and 'invisible force'. This dark source has an agenda to control this reality.

In fact this world's 26,000 year cycle does only cycle as a flat 'plate' which dips lower - as it is now - then levels out again - during its Ascending Phase. It moves/wobbles like a flying saucer, and has been called 'Spaceship Earth'.

The appearance of being here does appear to be, and is experienced as, a globe, but how does one explain the experience of Admiral Byrd?

Admiral Byrd, long before photoshops, found a way through this at Antarctica and entered what was/is the Inner Earth and the real sun as would be experienced on what would be the original 5th planet Thera.

"If you do not get off this path then the dark agenda just keeps returning.

You do not escape this reality at death, or in OBE's and 'astral travel', you are still trapped in the same contained reality."


The recent Davos RESET attempt introduced the cult's dark agenda for humanity, and a Nazi format governance

with police behaving like the Stasi and so on. It also exposed an unseen and unhinged reality of child trafficking and satanic abuse rituals by the sick people who had literally controlled the world.

The people involved with the new RESET have indeed been been connected to Nazi origin.

The Nazi's had many ancient records from mystery schools of the cult - like those kept by the Hapsburgs of Austria.

The Nazi's had a secret base in Antarctica called New Schwabenland, and were aware of, or believed in, the same reality Admiral Byrd claimed to find. The original “theory” was proposed in 1947 by a Hungarian exile in Argentina. He claimed that Hitler survived the war and that U-boats that docked in Argentina after the war had first dropped him off at a secret Nazi base.

The Schwabenland, a German ship that sailed to Antarctica in 1938, had set up a base there. The Nazis of course went to Argentina and Paraguay etc and their chidlren and grandchildren then returned back to Europe and into positions of authority and influence.

According to 'cue' intel, Hitler did not die in the bunker at the end of WW2 but lived on and fathered 3 more daughters. One of these was German Chancellor Angela Merkel, born in 1954.

NASA as a cult operation begun by the former scientists of the Nazi regime, is to be ended.


In ancient Greek myth it is said that the first humans were made of 'stone'.



Generally it is believed, and was covered in our original Earthspell and the Earth Spell Override book in 2001, that as we move into the Ascension Phase the human biology changes from carbon to a silica format.

The Sky Blue Stones are caled Silica Airgel which is a porous ultralight material derived from a gel, in which the liquid component for the gel has been replaced with a gas without significant collapse of the gel structure. The result is a solid with extremely low density and extremely low thermal conductivity.

On another note the vaccination to chnge humans into part cyborg would also be silica based. One person on whom the vaccine was trialled died because his heart turned to crystal (silicate).


Gov/CIA Admits Flat Earth doc.1 - However, if the planet was Flat Earth you should be able to travel in a straightline across the earth from anywhere and end up at the ice wall.


FLAT EARTH Clues Introduction


It has been said that this reality is a repeating story.


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There is an ancient memory,

that the planet was in a war which may have involved an EMP space attack and/or nuclear, plus attacks that involved 'beams' sent through the Bermuda Triangle and Devil's Sea near Japan which caused the planet to fall from its axis. The lands inhabited by the 'Children of Light' - the Americas - were destroyed. This was in an ancient war even before 12,000 years ago. The continent was abandoned - but the maps remained.



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