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 The basic knowledge was on Plant Foods and Herbs, but it was a complete Soul System for Teaching for Peace

      ...........but that does not mean it didn't cover a 'controversy' and 'plan' that took away this planet's Peace.

"Before the 'Fall' this planet was a much larger planet.  The people were kind and loved animals.  Animals were not afraid of, or the food of, the people.  It had only one perfect, constant, season, because it was fully bathed in the Light.  It was Timeless; it was the realm of the Timeless.  It was described as a beautiful garden, a paradise.  Then that peace was taken away, and this planet became a lost paradise".

This planet became negative - and even now it is the negative which is embraced as light and yet people do not know why.

An ancient health system of Greek origin, taught the health benefits of a plant based diet and the special properties of the olive fruit, its oil, its leaves and as a symbol of PEACE - because  living in 'peace and in the positive' were its main message and part of a higher wisdom.  That higher wisdom began with a healthy, harmless diet made up of wholesome organic, fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs for healing and for Rejuvenation, Regeneration and Healthy Longevity - which has always been the known and very popular part of this teaching

Then this planet began the 'Fall' but wherever it Fell to, the worst thing was that it had turned away from the Eternal Well Spring Source which had once fed into this planet

The knowledge was a complete System, not only for a healthy body and for personal well being, but for liberation of the soul from its 'entrapment' in an 'underworld'. 

This work, provides some details on exactly what some things that in all ways seem to be good, are not.  And even though people do many of the really good things like the Plant Based Diet, healthy exercise etc, they also do a number of things that are not higher consciousness, not 'positive' (they are negative charged things) and if you do these things, it completely negates - wipes out -  all the good things you tried to do.

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