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 There are no visits, in person learning programmes or initiations scheduled for the rest of 2019.    

*If you would like more information on the next stages, please contact us.   


On occasions, and when possible, this work makes available the opportunity for initiation.

These have to be held somewhere and as this work has no income, it is expected that modest costs are involved. 

This Academie considers that the awareness of the level of consciousness of 'this world' should be easily recognized by those whose consciousness understands a 'higher level'. 

It is also understood that various ancient texts have stated clearly that the development path this world has taken has an expected result, that science and technology should not be developed - because it used a particular energy - and that that, and the level of lifestyle consciousness, as well as some 'spiritual' views, were part of the 'false path'. 

Only your own level of consciousness development can make that call for yourself.  However, this work has done extensive and selfless work since 2003 to find out why those things were said.

For those who visit, when such an opening is possible, we don't lecture - you explain what you think this work has said and what you believe or inwardly feel is what the truth is.  Again, some of the things of 'this world' should be easy to recognize as false, and if that is the case, then the urgency to seek help out of it would be an overwhelming priority. 

This planet is about to encounter an entry point into the Black Hole but is it an evolutionary step into a brave new world where mankind is about to achieve its perceived destiny to reign supreme over the galaxy and universe? Or is it what the ancient texts said it was?

This work explains a 'Higher Source' and the Breakaway Source.  This is the Breakaway world under the control of the lower centres which means from the 6th chakra downward, and is the path of darkness.  It most definitely refers to the negative energies of the lowest chakra.

As the Black Hole is the 'Invisible Force' of immense magnetic power which locks onto to those who have chosen its gifts and lifestyle, the only way to pull out of it is with the help of a greater Force, which is the initiation into acceptance by the Living Life Stream Master Source Itself.

 The first point to be aware of is that in the not too distant future, possibly just a handful of years away, this planet will encounter, and cross, an opening into the Black Hole which lies at the centre of this side of the galaxy.

The view of those on the Path of Knowledge is that the black hole holds INFORMATION on how galaxies operate, and therefore whoever controls that then controls and owns an infinity of possibilities within the universe.

That same path has a spiritual side with practices and values. 


For those seeking to prepare to take the Path of Life -  it is important to keep to the Guidelines.


- It is important to actively ensure that you keep negative energies, especially the lower chakra, away from your head. *This may be one of the most important and definitive keys, which identifies the differences between the path of Light or Dark Energy.

- Do not take recreational drugs and limit medical drugs.

General Rules for Beginning to Connect to the Well Spring Higher Realm.  



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It is surmised that with the creation of the first Technology and AI, and in the process of when that was first done, that in this galaxy the first Black Hole was inadvertently created, which then began to expand and bring other living matter into its 'event horizon'. continue>>

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There are no visits scheduled for the rest of 2019.    

*If you would like more information on the next stages, please contact us.   



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