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The Steps of Spiritual Initiation

and a Permitted Connection

Back Into the Life Stream which is 'True Source'.


The consciousness in this lower level is known as the Dreamtime.  It is a trance-like sleep and the reality here seems real. It is called 'dreamtime' so the people here will eventually realise they are asleep but are choosing to remain part of the dream state.

They are new souls here because they are being born into this lower realm under the direction of a different source (gene of Isis, which refers to the location of the star which went into supernova and they mostly did come from the planet(s) affected by that event) but their life force and life stream comes from the Higher planet and its Life Source which is an extremely high value energy and highly prized.

As none of this reality is ever going to become the 'True Reality' the challenge ahead of you is how to get yourself out of this. You can let the real reality deal with the existence of this broken away part, which it will do as soon as every soul possible has been rescued - that means has chosen True Source. 

Some of you might be caught up the 'Gospel of the Conspiracy' which has its gurus and which people worship. If you want to find freedom, then it is now time to forget the so called 'teachers' or self proclaimed 'scholars and philosophers' who are calling for revolutions and anger etc.  These ones clearly tell you they have done the steps to 'spiritual awakening' which belong to the lower source which is running this false reality dream state. (But perhaps ask yourself why is it this kind of stuff which fascinates people so much, that remain the sources they keep listening to and passing onwards, and holds such power over people?)  Guidelines for what you do need to embrace are given further down.


We have the possibility of two venues, one for the summer months of Europe - June-July August time -  to be held in Krakow, Poland, and one for the best months in Cambodia near Angkor Wat for November - December - January time.   If we can make these possible we will provide fixed dates when available.


 This is Smok the Wawel Dragon of Krakow.  He is located at Wawel Castle, and his hiding place is beneath the castle.  According to  legends he arrived long ago and caused havoc, so an enterprising cobbler came up with an idea which solved the problem of poor old Smok.

 This is the Benedictine Monastery just outside Krakow which is possible for the venue.

  Angkor Wat in Cambodia.  The second venue is within the ancient grounds of the temple city.

Air fares from Australia to Cambodia are just a few hundred dollars, if you fly to Kuala Lumpur the fares onwards can be as low as 50 aud.  Accommodation can be arranged from as low as 20 aud a night.  Please ask us if you would like more information.

Dates are not yet available.

 For those seeking to prepare to take the Path of Life -  it is important to keep to the Standards.


- It is important to actively ensure that you keep negative energies, especially the lower chakra, away from your head.

*This may be one of the most important and definitive keys, which identifies the differences between the path of Light or Dark Energy.

- Do not take recreational drugs and limit medical drugs.

- Do not kill or knowingly cause harm to others, or yourself.

General Rules for Beginning to Connect to the Well Spring Higher Realm.  

We won't provide lectures - you can explain what you think this work has said and what you believe or inwardly feel what the truth is.  Again, some of the things of 'this world' should be easy to recognize as false.

These are the basics.


If the situation of this planet has been understood, you will see that there is an accumulation of KARMA also called DEBT.  That means that you will experience life times when you have KARMA to work off, - the benefits being that doing so will help get you out of the false and negative alignment that is this reality, in order to eventually be able to be accepted by the eternal Living Life Streams Master Source. 

However, the consciousness here in this 'false reality' will tell you these issues which are your opportunity to work off karmic debt, should be ignored as that and instead are your 'right' to self-expression and 'being who you are'.

So, in reality, you do not want to make these issues of KARMA part of a life here, because that makes you accrue even more KARMA.  

As you grow towards the Higher Level you will naturally turn your back on the b/s that most people think is good here on this level.  Knowledge on this planet does not give you the full story, therefore it is hard to comprehend the bigger picture, the bigger purpose of a lifetime, so you really are in trouble. 

The highest level of assistance to get out of this false reality is to be accepted for initiation by the Living Life Streams Master Source, and you will have to decide if that has importance enough to you. This level guarantees that at the time chosen by the Master you will be lifted out of this false reality.  


'The Art of Escaping the World of Illusion'.


 You can spend all your allotted time in this world doing research, but no matter how much you 'research' the goal is still to do what is needed to escape remaining being caught in this dreamlike false reality from which there is almost no escape. It requires a connection to the different 'force', which has to be given to you from that source. The time available to you to take action, is when the 'portal' into the black hole becomes visible from behind the sun. 

As consciousness falls towards the different centre, people do actually believe they are 'developing' and becoming more evolved.  The reality is the opposite, but they don't know that.  The truth is that even those doing research, trying to uncover the 'conspiracy' or looking for 'spiritual development' do in fact believe that the world they are in and its consciousness level, are developed.  Thus they do not look there to find the 'conspiracy'. 

The consciousness and lifestyle here is the illusion.

The only way out of continuing to be pulled closer into the black hole which is what is happening - is by being attached to the greater force that is the Living System/Master for this planet.  It does not just happen on its own. 

As the Black Hole is the 'Invisible Force' - written of in controversial protocols of the agenda of the 'eye' - and is of immense magnetic power, it locks onto those who have chosen its gifts and lifestyle.  The only way to pull out of it is with the help of a greater Force.  Indeed, most will not be ready to be pulled out of it this time round - you would have begun the process long before now - but you can halt being pulled into it. 

You only have two choices - being pulled towards the dark force, or asking a higher and more powerful Force to help pull you out of it, because this is still the process needed into acceptance by the Living Life Stream Master Source Itself, of which we are the representatives at this 'end time'.

We have provided basic ways on this website that help keep you on the right side of the damage that has caused this planet to Fall towards the black hole.  



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