Rejuvenation, Healing, and Regeneration

and the Living Plant Based Diet and Lifestyle.

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This work began looking into ancient texts because of lesser known scrolls

covering outstanding results for

Rejuvenation, Healing, and Regeneration with the Living Plant Based Diet and Lifestyle.

Then we discovered this:


In the near future, by early 2030's or before,

 this planet will encounter, and cross, an opening into the Black Hole

which lies at the centre of this side of the galaxy -

and this planet is fully aligned into it.


So we will not insult the awareness level of those who explore this work by saying we focus on providing courses on the Plant Food Diet.


Firstly the ancient scripts - the ones which were generally removed from knowledge - were about the pathway into the Living Life Stream System this planet belongs to.

The rest of what the ancient world was writing about in their gospels and texts, was about a second pathway this world had literally been diverted into which is the soon to be encountered 'portal' into the Black Hole just mentioned, and it was a genuine warning.  It takes 12,000 years, journeying away from 'true' to reach this 'portal' which is over 23 degrees off from 'true' - as is the human brain and consciousness, and also the chakra system.  This is the second path and one this world and its people should not be on. 

Now there is choice of overwhelming urgency before everyone on this planet and that is to understand what the warning meant, to realize how soon that option runs out, and that the awareness is supposed to be a eureka moment to choose the Path of Life

Yet amazingly, this continues not to register, and not be seen, understood, or believed. 

Fully known to science, NASA, high profile experts like the late Stephen Hawking, this planet is about to encounter a pathway into that Black Hole.  Yet none of this is the reality presented to the masses on this planet.

You will see from a brief extract from a lecture by the late Prof. Stephen Hawking, presented in our 'Science' section, that Black Holes contain information, but when there is an overload a Black Hole is formed. 

Ergo, accessing a Black Hole becomes very attractive to some, as whoever accesses that information will control and 'own' the universe......

.......and a reason new religions were created to align consciousness towards that new 'promised land'.  And that is exactly what happened on this planet.

All of the information presented on this website is simply an introduction to the reality those on this planet are in, because only when people finally fully understand that can they act.  Yet this knowledge was by no means unknown and people at one time were protected from what they have now forgotten.

The bigger picture is now placed into perspective by the lost Teachings about the body of the Living Life Stream System which few have had any knowledge of but which this planet belongs to.

Before this planet 'Fell' there was only one intelligent-spiritual reality on this planet, and that was how to remain fully bound into the Living Life Stream Well Spring Source for this planet - a level of knowledge which was removed from general awareness.  It did however, remain hidden in the HEALING Teachings of the PLANT FOOD based diet for rejuvenation and regeneration.

More on this topic can be found under the heading Kindness Academie, and then the Knowledge Academie.

More on the topic of the actual current day science on the approaching 'entry point' is now on a new Academie branch called Academie Science. 

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Academie index

These are all short introduction pieces.


It is recommended to print out all the pages of each group, to create a hardcopy book.


(general intro) A Message for a World That Wishes to 'Evolve'   (general intro) General Rules for Beginning to Connect to the Well Spring Higher Realm

*The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams       


 Index    Important Sequence indicated by *

*Exploding Star Origins of this Solar System   *Knights of the Temple of Osiris (Knights Templar)  *Planet Maldek  -  a planet and consciousness in the energy streams of dying and about to die suns.   *The Fish Planet Maldek-Ek - alien DNA which came to this planet   *An Ancient Nuclear War 25,000 Years Ago   *Lost Paradise    *Knights of the Dead Star - the light still travels but ended eons ago.   *Ancient Mind War - control the belief and you control the war.    *Path of Rebirth      *The Cosmology which was Hidden  

 *The Path of Knowledge - what it is.

(general intro) A Message for a World That Wishes to 'Evolve'   (general intro) General Rules for Beginning to Connect to the Well Spring Higher Realm

*The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams

 'new Earth' , Dissolutions and Grand Dissolution - the result of the attempt to try to make the negative energy into a spiritual path   Peace and Paradise Lost.   Definitions   Brain Food      Current Solar Activity


  Kindness Academie

The Quality of Mercy  :  Love  :    Forgot to leave the Programme!       

Revenge Consciousness in action.            Gospels of Peace and Teachings on Kindness            The Bloodstream   

Wake Update page.         The Justice of this Level and Karmic Debt            Magic and Self Empowerment

The Urgent Choice that People Just Keep Missing           How do I love thee?

Academie Science

It is surmised that with the creation of the first Technology and AI, and in the process of when that was first done, that in this galaxy the first Black Hole was inadvertently created, which then began to expand and bring other living matter into its 'event horizon'. continue>>

Pole Reversal and Climate Change continue>>



Plant Academie  -  Full Index for Healing and Rejuvenating Plants


The Bloodstream  :  Tree of Healthy Life  :   Dental Poisoning  - a personal experience.

Plant Energy  :  Intro to Therapeutic Records

Health Benefits of Rhizomes   -  including Turmeric - Galangal etc               Anti-carcinogenic Fruit and Herbs   - including Sour Sop - Bael Fruit - Tamarind

Rejuvenating  Anti-Aging   - including Pomegranate etc.          More Spices : Teas   - including Saffron - Moringa - Bloodroot - Milk Thistle

Health    more plants covered on this link.


General Guidelines for the Higher Realm   Tree of Healthy Life 

Dental Poisoning - a personal story of being poisoned for 25 years by amalgam.  

Plant Energy  Intro to Therapeutic Records

Academie - Initiation and Visits

Rejuvenation, Healing and Regeneration with the Living Plant Based Lifestyle and the

Life Stream Well Spring Source.



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