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The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams


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Once upon a time, long ago,  the people on this planet took a wrong turn. They chose a different energy stream as their preferred energy, and without realizing it, began to bring in negative energy into this planet. 

By doing that - and by still doing it - they have given up their connection to the full power LIFE FORCE ENERGY which streamed down from the pure, unlimited, endless WELL SPRING SOURCE into its systems of living planets.

That wrong turn led to the loss of 'paradise'; and the body, which had once been eternal, began to grow old and die.


At this time there are people who are concerned about negative influences on this planet and others approach this same issue by choosing not to give energy to the thought.  However, what if those who are making this negative energy possible include both of these, and everyday life itself - because the 'every day life' of today's world is the end result of the the wrong turn that was taken a very long time ago. 

What if that wrong turn was intended

What if the issue is something far, far more powerful  - a significantly stronger force - than 'fear' and people 'being negative'? 

What if the very issue some want to uncover, and others wish to not give energy to, is nevertheless given its power and strength  because of something you are doing and consider very normal?

What if the strategy of those who truly are negative influences within this planet, made sure before they got here, that YOU would be supplying their energy even though you do not support it?


Even with all the negative energies that were then enabled to enter this planet and enter directly into consciousness, the reason it happened, and the reason it continues is still because of that ongoing choice to continue to prefer a different energy. 

The actual story was given backwards, getting to the cause of why there is so much negative energy in this planet, at the end.  It is this negative energy which enables 'negative agendas' into this planet, and to be all powerful.  But that can be stopped and could be removed forever. Therefore, every detail of what has been given matters. 

No matter what descriptions we can provide of what happened, no matter how diplomatically it is done, and so on, it is still that original wrong choice which has to be corrected. It is also this that provides all the necessary power for negative agendas to exist on this planet.


Before the planet 'fell', the body lived eternally, for its Life Energy Well Spring Source was and still is, everlasting and full of power. and always will be. The people lived on what was once our peace loving, gentle and loving '5th realm' world.  It was a planet which existed higher up the scale than where it is now.

Sometimes called the '5th planet' -  not the space in the solar system between Mars and Jupiter but a parallel reality-realm within that space from higher up - this planet was described as a garden and a paradise which had only one constant, perfect season because there was no wobble to the planet, so it was always fully bathed in the full power 'ocean' of living Light Life Force'.  

"Animals were not afraid of, nor the food for, the 5th realm people.  It was a world that knew to Love, and it lived within an energy 'ocean' that was entirely Love and Mercy. It was Timeless, the realm that was Timeless.

And it was our peace loving, gentle world - those of the 5th realm who did not choose a different energy over that of the all powerful, full, vibrant, everlasting Well Spring Life Source".


Long ago, the people chose to prefer a different energy over the True Everlasting Well Spring They made up reasons why they should continue with it.  They said it was the same, and that it brought the freedom and empowerment which had been withheld from them to keep them under control.  They made it a spiritual choice to 'prove' that what they had chosen was indeed equal, the same, and just another way. 

They found it gave them almost magical abilities, and they liked that.  Now they really did have powers which seemed so great that all needs were answered. They also developed sciences called alchemy which used the properties they were discovering with this different energy stream - and they liked that too.

They used this other energy which they had chosen to prefer over the WELL SPRING SOURCE to produce 'Magic', to fill their bodies, make it purify the body, to increase their sense of power, and were certain it would soon also provide them with eternal life again. It was only long after these things seemed to be happening, that they began to realize that all things were not as they had supposed. 

Even with this almost magical power, the body still died, and they remained on the 'wheel of rebirth', and then even more distorted and even grotesque things began to happen.   And they began to wonder -


  Where is the unending Well Spring Source that they had turned away from?


Because this is what happened.

Slowly they discovered that they had lost access to the all powerful WELL SPRING SOURCE and their newly preferred energy was not providing all that they had thought it would.  But they thought that meant not yet providing what they thought it would. 

So, they continued developing more ways to bring more and more of this energy into their bodies. Then the generations changed and time went by, and they began passing on their secrets of the 'Magic', while waiting for it to finally bring them back into a full power, vibrant, never ending Well Spring Source of Life Force and Everlasting Youth.  But where was it?

At this time at the end of the allotted time their world can exist on this planet, there has also been a chance to find the answer to that question. But because the secret of the different energy had been passed onwards, those behind this world decided that more people would have those secrets made known so they could choose.  Fascinated by these new secrets, vast numbers again chose to prefer the different energy, thus assuring their return to the next 'new Earth' - but also known as the world of Illusion.  The planet however, is still connected to the everlasting all powerful WELL SPRING SOURCE.  So the planet can go there -  but the people chose the next 'new Earth'.

Why did people think the energy, and sources of life energy, are the same?


The choice to prefer another energy changed the reality of the world from positive to negative. This planet became negative - and the life span which had been eternal, went to a thousand years and then gradually lesser and lesser. 

It did this because the people had decided they preferred a different energy source.  Even now they do the same. 

The blame can be placed on bad 'societies' and 'conspiracies' but those involved in that became that way by doing what almost all people are doing now - the people with conspiracies are just those who have already gone deeper into the wrong turn that people first took long ago and are still doing now.  

It is still the wrong turn that is the problem - and it continues yet people do not know why. It is also why there is a page on this website about Brain Food - to help with clarity of thought.


There are details we can provide - for the purpose of showing how the negative existence has slipped in.  To show how much damage has been caused by the choice to turn away from the WELL SPRING SOURCE but to remind you that it is a wrong choice which caused this.

It is mankind who began to bring negative energies into their existence on this planet, becoming so 'negative charged' that it meant that they could no longer live on this planet when it changed to its positive phase and returned to positive-paradise.  People who still prefer the different energy have not chosen to be part of that, they just think they have.  That is their absolute belief.  It is also what makes it so incredible to witness.

Although people want a positive paradise, they also want the energy they preferred to choose over the True Source.  Even now they will not budge from it and they are now bringing in massive amounts of negative energy.  And they want to keep things as they are so much, that long ago they made up reasons to justify that choice. Make it seem legitimate.

They did so because they chose to prefer it over the True Everlasting Well Spring,  but that other energy stream that they liked so much, returns to a different source.  Then they made up reasons why they should continue with it.  They said it was the same, and that it was their right to choose. Then they made it a spiritual choice to justify and 'prove' that what they had chosen was indeed equal, the same, and just another way. They insisted they could have that energy choice and all they would need to do was other things that were positive - like the plant based and raw or vegan diet.

But it was not a True Everlasting Well Spring and eventually people began to die and all things changed.  Yet the people still kept doing things that related to the energy that they preferred to choose over the real everlasting Source.  They would not let that energy go.

Now the world that exists within the negative, exists for half the cycle of this planet before ending, then is later reborn as the next 'new Earth' where they can again choose to prefer the other energy. 


Soon this planet will switch from negative to positive - Pole Reversal - and that is how it 'Ascends' and this negative world ends.  This world is the negative existence.  The problem is that people have already embraced its secrets and its magic - as if they were things that were being kept from them to hold them back - but how disturbing it really is lies unseen until later. 

These sticky, magnetic, truly horrible things are what people are aligning with in their droves, but are unaware that it is negative.  In addition, you may see that this is also bringing in all these magnetic, negative energies into the planet, which if it continued would destroy the planet. Therefore, it would be good if people would stop doing that. 

You may look for the 'enemies' who are bringing negativity to this planet - and they are there certainly - but the answer is still that it is you who makes it possible. It is done in the name of spirituality, the name of Source, and in the name of Love, but it is still the dark, magnetic, negative energy which has been embraced as the these things - because, it seems, consciousness decided the energy streams were the same. 

But, they are not.

This is why we provide some details on exactly why some things that in all ways seem to be good, are not.  And even though people do many of the really good things like the Plant Based Diet, healthy exercise etc, they also do a number of things that are not higher consciousness, not 'positive' (they are negative charged things) and if you do these things, it completely negates - wipes out -  all the good things you tried to do.

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The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams

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Their knowledge was a Teaching for Peace.

          But that does not mean that the teaching did not cover what took away that Peace. 


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