THE MYSTERIOUS CONNECTION INTO THE LOST WELL SPRING OF LIFE.  Rejuvenation, Regeneration. Best viewed on Google.


"The only way to find what is missing from the narrative of this world, is to look beyond what that narrative is."  

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The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams

General Standards for Accessing the Living Higher Living Realm   



This is about

the eternal benefits of 'living harmlessly and consciously',

and to remember INNOCENCE, HUMILITY,




Try to live each day by the Golden Rule 'do as you would be done by'.

Above all else, the Teachings were about life as it once was on a planet fully receiving the streams of LIFE FORCE ENERGY from its full power Well Spring Source. 




This planet had only one perfect, constant, season,

because it was fully bathed in the Light - which also proves it did not wobble towards then away from the sun....... 

It was Timeless;

it was the realm of the Timeless. 

It was described as a beautiful garden, a paradise. 

Then that peace was taken away, and this planet became a lost paradise".


What entered into the 'garden paradise', that changed everything, was a different energy stream. 


- The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams

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"The Tree that is Beside the Running Water

is Fresher and gives More Fruit"

- St. Theresa of Avila. 



"It may seem that this planet as it is now, is how it, and even life in this galaxy, has always been. That is not the case........!" 


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The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams

General Standards for Accessing the Living Higher Living Realm   



Once upon a time there was an idea about views on self expression and creativity as if these were somehow not connected into the Living Life Energy Source which gave each person existence.   Like you were being presented with some new options that had been 'denied' to you before.

It gave rise to a view called 'existentialism' amongst other variations of that same viewpoint.  Not just men and some women in the past centuries, struggling with the mind and intellect to understand reality and the construct of their reality, but a million years ago, maybe a billion years ago too.  An idea, as viewed by the intellect, mind and logic, that the guidelines which enabled a person to live forever in an everlasting, perpetual life energy system, were somehow restricting personal development, creativity, expression and freedom. 

Thus a reality came about within an 'Abundant Provider' life energy system which eventually was not bound by the laws of 'perpetual, everlasting life' and True Source.

Of course, over time, that system died and when something dies, just as when something is not a perpetual, everlasting life energy system, the energy changes. 

Despite that, it was the energy which became a world much like this one is - it followed the intellect and developed technology.  But it existed within that fallen energy - and 'fallen' means it is on the same pathway to 'death' as its power supplier experienced.  That is, the rules of this reality as given in 1) 2) and 3) in the first section of this page.

That is why this planet, which is still connected to its Living Energy Streams, offers the opportunity to choose, the energies and the consciousness, of Life.  However, as existentialism and other related views show, people think enjoying and exploring that same fallen consciousness and energy equates with 'freedom', creativity, and 'self-expression' - as if these had been restricted before.

Without the standards of an eternal system, people began to misidentify what love, real 'self-expression', and freedom were.  Indeed, the level of the creation of the Mind is also restricted by its own construct.  It itself is a limitation which it has trouble seeing. It also did not understand that it exists as a lesser level within the greater body it was trying to separate itself from, and that greater body has a function which 'cleans up' waste products from its body - all that is not 'perpetual' and everlasting.

Nevertheless, it is from that view that worlds on this level were created and ironically produced the prison that is the reality.




Most people associate the texts which introduced the living Plant Food diet, with Healing and Rejuvenation.


But the Teachings were actually about the Living Life Energy Stream Source Systems and the problems which eventuated when one of these systems in this galaxy, died.  That is to say, living food is good and full of life-force, while dead foods are, the process of dying. This level of knowledge was attacked and persecuted from way back, so the only way to preserve it was to hide it within what looked like something else.


However, there is more than hiding a teaching that matters.  There has to be a very true and real inner development that naturally recognizes all that is wrong with this reality.


One of the most significant differences which might be an easy to follow starting point, between the societies of the Higher Realm and those of this reality (which is the story of a people who fell) is knowing how to behave.  This world, caught between the Positive and the pull into the Negative is under the power of the Negative.

People do not have the wisdom to see a bigger picture to another's life, they basically see only 'gossip level', the level which sits in judgment based on its own lack of experience.  It also has a strong ego! The Rules of the Higher Realm always base everything on consideration for another's feelings first.  A high level person will always behave with respect for others.

The Higher Realm people know and understand how to behave and no communities, or the planet itself, can ever truly live in harmony without this 'Upper Realm' level of relating to each other. It is why those of the 'Higher Realm' have been on the receiving end of a slanderous misrepresentation campaign - which alters their history and their image - and is effected through ordinary TV entertainment programmes, films, characters in books etc and the promotion of new heroes and heroines who become role models for what not to be even if it seems 'free'  - because in reality is disempowers people, especially females.



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Reference: How soon will we see the black hole at the Milky Way’s heart? |   *sent to us by Erika.

(This planet has been deliberately angled towards this 'jet'  'highway' of the black hole.). - An international consortium has been striving to obtain an image of the “shadow” of the event horizon of our Milky Way's central super-massive black hole.

..........astronomers’ recent efforts – aimed at our galaxy’s heart – have provided insights. This week (January 21, 2019), they reported that, for the first time........ global network of radio telescopes to learn that the emission from Sgr A*....(the Black Hole).

The new work may indicate that a radio jet from Sgr A* is pointed almost directly toward us.




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