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You see this flower on the left, it has a story to tell.  The stem is the 'spine' and entire reality of this world, right up to the centres within the head.  But the flower is not the opening and fulfillment of the chakra 'flowers' which exist along that stem. The flower exists in the crown within the head for sure, but the flower is the very beginning, the lowest point, of the 'lost' journey to True Source. 

This is a new level of knowledge which has yet to make its way into consciousness as the energies that relate to Ascension begin to enter this planet and increase in momentum.  Apart from the 'spiritual journey' associated with that, this is about Healing and Plant Based diets and good, fresh, wholesome things to help you rejuvenate and get well.  And there is also a personal story to how this all came about. 

Most who come to this website will know there is a change expected soon which will see the planet begin the Ascent Phase of its cycle.  Anything which comes from the realms this planet is about to 'ascend' back to does not necessarily have an easy time in the energies of this world, because it is so very different from the reality of the 'Upper Realms'.  Most of those who come here to keep this Teaching and knowledge out of Illusion, alive, have kept a very low profile in order to do so, or been persecuted, even murdered. They have never represented themselves as 'magicians', or said that they were anything other than what you can be too - that is, the identity of the Upper Realms.  Except that currently this world with its distorted blueprints, is nothing like the identity of the '5th Realm'. 

However, there is a mystical element to this, in that the entry point into this reality which is the lower 3rd realm (first time) and the exit point (end time) from this lower realm back to the Higher Realm, are both inter-dimensional time 'portals' and accessing the exit one of these is not possible without finding it first! 

It has taken a great deal of hard work to be able to have the bigger narrative available to you. I have spent this life with significant injuries to my atlas/neck and nervous system through the left side of my body, which also mirror the same injuries which occurred to this planet.  It is actually very difficult to live life well when such an injury is present - personally or for the planet -  as it needs the attributes of the Upper energy realms which are described as an infinite ocean of 'Love and Mercy' - attributes which have very little presence in this world. So with my own injuries, it is definitely a bonus if there are circumstances where people in my environment live as a higher world once did, from awareness of the 'ocean'.

But this is a world which does not respect the 5th realm 'ocean' and sneers at gentleness and civility. Therefore being injured as I was has not been fun, and has led to constant situations which have made things very difficult, like misjudgments from others - as must be how it is for all kinds of people who are less able bodied or in otherwise poor health.  Misjudgments that actually lead to real malice, hatred, misunderstandings, and very real difficulties, which also make it hard to work through the experiences, the 'feedback' of how you are 'seen to be', and yet still find the 'True Self'. 

Therefore, I don't have any special skills which know how to target people and sell dreams and illusions! I just know to be genuine and for real.  I also don't really have any of the attributes of being a charismatic entertainingly great image of what a representative from a different world might be expected to be!  Which means anyone has to make decisions about what is offered here from an honest, gut recognition of what is being presented, and not because I have an image that you think is what someone who does a work such as this should be.

Strangely my injuries are also the same principle of injury that was sustained within this planet, which surely has led to our Mother Earth experiencing much pain and abuse of her many beautiful gifts and her gentle, and immeasurably forgiving, merciful nature. 

Not least of which is the indignity of a cycle which forces a high level planet to travel for some 12,000 years through the far lesser and more gross level of the 3rd Realm - the reality you are in now. I would imagine that this planet has had as much difficulty uncovering her own True Self amongst the damage to her body, as I also experienced!

What I can promise you is that this work and the information is real.  While all of this is known in the '5th Realm' it is a very different set of circumstances when you actually come into this reality.  Yet what is said about the second path that everyone is actually on by being in this reality, has been said for thousands of years, making it all the more remarkable that almost all people continue to do the very thing that was warned against. 

We hope you choose to take a look at what lies above and beyond the lotus flower at the top of this page.


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