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  There is a gift of GRACE is HOW to connect to an all powerful, everlasting Living LIFE STREAM ENERGY SOURCE.  This website now has many introductions to a knowledge that has been obscured from general knowledge - the existence of the Living Life Stream Well Spring Sources, and to one in particular which long ago, died.

There is a lot of negativity on this planet and it is a planet run by the mind.  One of the reasons for that is that this planet has gravitated towards an angle which has disconnected it from the higher attributes of Compassion, Empathy, and a level of Wisdom which understands that people are not black and white avatar characters, including myself as the person who set out to uncover the missing story to 'this reality'.  So I will tell you a little about myself. 

I assumed that pretty much everyone was searching as I was searching, so it came as a significant surprise to find that wasn't the case. I had been finding it very hard to find people who had more substance and depth to them, not to mention the absolute hell I lived through with an injury disability that had never been recognized and assisted.

I had naturally decided to become vegetarian and into a health oriented diet and way of life way back in childhood.  As a child I was very moved by books I read such as The Robe, but I was not religious, just deeply inspired by these.

I came from a a typically nice English family such as you might see in the old British movies like those of the Kenneth More and John Mills type, all very honorable with all the 'old' values.  But I also had the injury disability from birth. My head had been pushed in off the axis from the left and the experience was, amongst a number of things, immense depression - literally like a weight pressing in on  my head which is how I described during one of my many futile attempts to get help.   Interestingly that awful depression was corrected itself immediately nearly 33 years later when I finally found an answer - a practitioner literally lifted the back of my head back into position.

The experience was as if my soul had been buried within this planet and reality, and indeed my injury is incredibly similar to this planet's 'injury' which has separated it from the higher attributes of Compassion, Empathy, and a level of Wisdom which understands a bigger picture.

It is extraordinary how this world judges on what it thinks it sees.  This injury was to my head and I had all sorts of issues from that, maybe like I didn't always hear or see, and other things.  I had longed for a career in the Arts and was well educated in Literature, English etc but my heart's training was as a stage actress (like Royal Shakespeare Company) and as a ballet dancer (as in Royal Ballet training) and other styles.  Actually my forte turned out much later to be Hip Hop and Flamenco! 

But this interfering injury constantly caused problems, so I took a break and I gave up the dancing I loved until I came back to it about 30 years later.  Until then I remained in a soulless job which at best enabled me to travel and work in other countries, yet I ended up remaining a long time in Australia.  Other countries and cultures or not, this was the ordinary world and that injury made it impossible to remain safe in the workplace and yet there was no help to get out of the workplace.  I was slandered, misjudged and described as terrible things, I was humiliated, and reprimanded - for things that I never was.  The only way I could deal with that  was to switch off.  All I could do was continue to look for answers and for truth.  Ironically that is what made the search for inner truth so all life encompassing.  Nothing was easy, and I didn't ever give up, but to this day I do remain a person with a disability injury.

This world is not moving forward, it is simply moving into something different, which happens to be the negative consciousness that the world had been protected from doing throughout most of time.  This can be illustrated by this story which was on a current affairs programme in Australia.  An elderly man with some difficulties lived in some kind of government accommodation where the council required that some rubbish was to be cleared up from the yard.  This was something this elderly man could not do, and in response the council evicted this man from his home.  As this was taking place, in panic and despair that he had no home or other place to go to, this elderly man had a heart attack. 

Most who come to this website will know there is a change expected soon.  It is not the approaching 'portal' however, or anything that has been told.  As the 'false reality', the Real Reality has been trying to reach this planet for a very long time, to say 'hey, we need to tell you something'.

But anyone who comes from the realms of the Real Reality does not necessarily have an easy time in the energies of this world, because it is so very different from the reality of the 'Upper Realms'. 

Most of those who came with this planet into this low level realm to keep this Teaching available, have kept a very low profile in order to do so, or in the past, been persecuted, even murdered. In this day and age ít is still a very difficult world to be in. Yet this Teaching remains the highest and the ultimate teaching.

The travellers into this realm, have never represented themselves as 'magicians', or said that they were anything other than what you can be too - which is the identity of the Upper Realms - if you choose to be and do not accept the lower path by mistake. This world with its distorted blueprints, is nothing like the identity of the '5th Realm' and here is never about peace.  It is about being considered right, and its viewpoints being universally accepted. 

The Teachings of the 5th realm or Upper Realm have always been about the Living Life Streams.  And if you want to evolve to a Higher Consciousness, you must live from a Higher Consciousness.  Not equal, but the HIGHER option, the one that is selfless and considers the whole, and the impact of your actions on the whole.

No one ever says the path OUT of this reality is easy either, because it isn't.  You have to be the better quality attributes - and the person who makes that happen is you.  No-one can make you be that by transferring energy to you.  You have to work at it.  However, the benefits of this time now, makes it easier. 

When the planet switches to its Ascent, if you have done your informed preparation, and you may have gained the assistance of the Upper Realm Itself, to help lift you out.  At that time there is also not a strong force of opposition to hold you back, which also can make it easier.  Yet I don't think anyone would be suggesting taking your time getting round to doing that.

And do not think that this planet is loving the 3rd realm consciousness either - being used as a product to make a profit from. 

This work can only be offered as the real deal that it actually is, even though this is a world that prefers to be sold what it wants. I don't actually have any special skills which know how to target people and sell dreams and illusions. I just know to be genuine and for real. 

I also don't really have any of the attributes of being a charismatic entertainingly great image of what a representative from a different world might be expected to be!  Which means anyone has to make decisions about what is offered here from an honest, gut recognition of what is being presented, and not because I have an image that you think is what someone who does a work such as this should be.

What I can promise you is that this work and the information is real. 


May the Grace of a Living Life Sustaining System be with you.....






2019      In the Oncoming Years it is Expected that an Unusual Phenomenon will Begin to Appear from Behind the Sun.


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No matter what you choose to decide at this moment, in a world that is now overflowing with 'information' from just about anywhere, please remember this.

The important thing to remember is that when this unusual sighting appears from behind the sun - looking like a cosmic portal, or perhaps a planet - this is not a portal into the 'heart of God'. 

It is a portal into the 'black hole', which is not anything to do with God. 

This is what we want you to remember when it begins.  Generally people do not think it applies to them, and generally do nothing until something is right upon them.  You are being taught that it is a point of 'transformation and evolution' but the planet has been 'injured' so that it aligns towards this 'transformation point' - which exists within a life system which died long ago.  At the same time, the Teachings on the Living Systems which this planet would align towards had it not been deliberately altered, have been hidden.

Certain teachings from once existing planets which are no more, did come to this planet and do teach that the phenomenon which is soon to reveal itself from behind the sun, was indeed a portal or highway into the 'Heart of God'.  Indeed, even while knowing that it is not that, vast numbers of the population of this planet have been prepared to be resonant with that 'portal'. Every so called innocent step of the 'progress' on this planet is for that purpose.

If people did their research, they would see that there are records on when this has happened before - it is by no means a special event of evolution that humans have now reached.  It has happened before, and although the people before also thought it was the 'highway' into the 'heart of God' what they reported happened came as a terrible shock and was horrific.  This is what they reported so future people would not be caught in it, and not make the same mistake.

There is no saying when it becomes too late to 'mark' yourself to avoid this portal - and in addition this is a planet which has marked itself extremely negative, which means resonant with the portal.  Thus it is our understanding that those vast numbers of people who may just have enough awareness to have questioned things, are being helped to leave this reality and get to a spiritually safe zone before this planet crosses the portal, which is expected to be in the near future.  The opportunity happens during solar activity even during the Solar Minimum, for those who have taken steps to get the protection of the Upper Realms even though they themselves are not ready to be lifted into the Upper Realms.  They do have to come back to when this play repeats. They will however, avoid being resonant with, and will be protected from, being pulled into the portal. 

When it appears, it is not a highway to the Heart of God.  It is a pathway into the Black Hole.


...... for a World That Wishes to 'Evolve'.

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