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  Above all else, this work is about the lost connection into the WELL SPRING SOURCE of eternal LIFE FORCE. 

By taking a wrong turn long ago, the people gave up their connection to the full power LIFE FORCE ENERGY which streamed down from the unlimited, endless WELL SPRING SOURCE into its systems of living planets. That wrong turn led to the loss of 'paradise'; and the body, which had once been eternal, began to grow old and die.

Most who come to this website will know there is a change expected soon which will see the planet begin the Ascent Phase of its cycle.  That Ascended place has been trying to reach this planet for a very long time, to say 'hey, we need to tell you something'.

But anything which comes from the realms this planet is about to 'ascend' back to, does not necessarily have an easy time in the energies of this world, because it is so very different from the reality of the 'Upper Realms'.  Most of those who come here to keep this Teaching available, have kept a very low profile in order to do so, or in the past, been persecuted, even murdered. Yet their teaching was the ultimate teaching.

They have never represented themselves as 'magicians', or said that they were anything other than what you can be too - which is the identity of the Upper Realms - if you choose to be and do not accept the lower path by mistake. This world with its distorted blueprints, is nothing like the identity of the '5th Realm' and it is never about peace.  It is about being considered right, and its viewpoints being universally accepted. 

The Teachings of the 5th realm or Upper Realm have always been about Peace.  And if you want to evolve to a Higher Consciousness, you must live from a Higher Consciousness!  Not equal, but the HIGHER option, the one that is selfless and considers the whole, and the impact of your actions on the whole.

No one ever says the path OUT of this reality is easy either, because it isn't.  You have to be the better quality attributes - and the person who makes that happen is you.  No-one can make you be that by transferring energy to you.  You have to work at it.  However, the benefits of this time now, makes it easier. 

When the planet switches to its Ascent, if you have done your informed preparation, and you may have gained the assistance of the Upper Realm Itself, to help lift you out.  At that time there is also not a strong force of opposition to hold you back, which also can make it easier.  Yet I don't think anyone would be suggesting taking your time getting round to doing that.

And do not think that this planet is loving the 3rd realm consciousness either - being used as a product to make a profit from. 

This work can only be offered as the real deal that it actually is, even though this is a world that prefers to be sold what it wants. I don't actually have any special skills which know how to target people and sell dreams and illusions. I just know to be genuine and for real. 

I also don't really have any of the attributes of being a charismatic entertainingly great image of what a representative from a different world might be expected to be!  Which means anyone has to make decisions about what is offered here from an honest, gut recognition of what is being presented, and not because I have an image that you think is what someone who does a work such as this should be.

What I can promise you is that this work and the information is real. 

And more importantly it is about understanding what is negative and what is positive.



...... for a World That Wishes to 'Evolve'.

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The knowledge was a complete System, for a healthy body, healing, regeneration, healthy longevity, personal well being, and for keeping the living energy system that is this planet, within the positive energy spectrum, as it was in 'paradise'.

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