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   In late May 2003 there was a massive injection of positive cycle solar energy (the 11-11 cycle of the sun) which hit this planet.  In the following months, it caused electrical blackouts - complete shutdowns of the grid system across major portions of this planet. 

It also had a powerful impact on me personally, beginning a change that altered my life.  It was only from that time in 2003, that I began to remember who I was and where I was from.  Before that, I had been buried in the energies of this planet which has been caught in something called the 'invisible force', from which it has been trying to break free.  In 2003, that began to happen.

Up until that point, the so called 'new' or perhaps it is 'Anu' teachings were in full force and on track to introduce the new direction this planet was being pulled towards by way of that 'invisible force'. That new direction aligns to a different energy stream from the one this planet will align with if and when it begins its Ascension,

Not surprisingly, on this planet there are therefore two kinds of people. Those from one energy stream and those from the other energy stream, and some of these have mixed, making it a matter of 'ability to discern' what is 'higher' for those caught in the genetic mix, and choose what is a false reality and what is a true reality.

There are those - far, far lesser in number - from an Upper Realm world and other people here who are already, long ago fallen people, who somehow had a chance to live again and choose to be better, kinder more developed people - although they do not know that they are not 'developed' people.  They issue from different 'energy streams' but the objective is for those from the lower energy stream to 'evolve' to the requirements for the Higher 'energy stream', because that gets them out of an artificial existence (which can ultimately snuff out the soul) and get into a 'perpetual life' system.

However, this world is the world of the lower energy stream.  That is what this world is.  This is its mindset and everything that makes up all that is not the Higher level.  It does not recognize that it is different from the Higher realm, and sees itself as the ultimate manifestation of intelligent life. It makes a big issue of, and believes that 'all people are the same'.  And that would be the case if there was not such a thing as a Higher Realm.  So, either there is somewhere where there is a Higher and Real version of LIVING, or there isn't, and in that case there is nothing beyond what this world and its etheric realms are, and the direction where it is heading (or was until 2003.)

The belief that there is not a Higher and Better Reality of course, is not correct.  They are not the same thing, but it can be very subtle to discern why one world view and form of logic and reasoning may not be the actual truth.  It can be very logical, but not actually what is. Like if this reality was indeed the only one, then maybe some of that logic would be correct.  But if there is a Higher Realm, then it has to be different. There have to be things that the logic has not factored in, and indeed, cannot see or understand.

There are many things that the Upper Realms and lower realm people have in common, but those things are not what make someone an Upper Realm person.  The differences are very pronounced, and mostly can be seen in how people behave. That is, whether they are considerate, respectful, well mannered, genteel, refined, humble people who always think and act from the Heart, and always consider others first - not their own self-importance etc - or they are the self-centred lower ones who think with the Mind.  Under the current 'mind' for this world, everything is the lesser realm. 

Characteristics of the lesser realm people are things like gossip, always petty differences, misrepresentation of people, and a really big obvious difference in their ability for indifference towards others, which also means they don't notice as much - also a reason why they can be manipulated and 'mind controlled' easier, like with mobiles/cells, computers, and music affecting brainwave frequencies etc.  Other things include thinking with the mind instead of listening to the inner self, the selfishness and the arrogance. Some quirky differences are that they are usually interested in bodily functions as stuff to giggle about or in the general humour - it is a level which just fascinates them. 

Also, many often fall asleep when out at cafes and restaurants - not from travel but just as an every day occurrence - and will consider it perfectly normal to be asleep over the table!  They think it is normal to be drunk, behave badly, take drugs, screw anything available, and have you ever heard the lives of rock stars with their hangers on and party girls, who think that all of that was a great life.  The other perspective on that is what terrible, miserable, boring lives they live and lived.  But it is what this reality provided for them, they thought it was good, and it is all telling about what this reality is. 

This world is an Illusion, where all things are possible. It is a place where dreams are played out, provided by an intelligence which decided to keep you in its play.   For both the Higher level people (those not caught in the Illusions) and the lower ones who are living and believing their Illusion, this is a world caught in a massive, negative force which is hard to work against - not a problem for the lower realm ones because they are negative, but very hard for the Upper Realm ones because it is not what they are all!

Those ones will rebel against this prison of the so called 'freedom' that 'anything you want is possible'. But not everyone feels that great inner need to find answers, because within recent decades the 'inner search' all became very easy, requiring nothing but to claim that whatever you were doing, how you were behaving, anything at all, was spiritual.

For me, I certainly did need to search for more than what seemed so easy to obtain.  All of what was being offered did nothing to answer what I was looking for!  I also began to question the really low level of the people offering the new 'spiritual wisdom'.  Then I began to realise that there were some hugely massive differences between people.

There has been a lot that could easily have brought an end to this work, or prevented it from ever beginning.  There was an injury that pushed my head over and off the axis/atlas. I was thrown from the back of a moving car when I was 5 years old, a few other things happened too like bullying etc, and in 1993 I was poisoned with mercury amalgam lodged into my gum.  You will probably have no idea how bad that is - how many people have that happen to them? (Virtually no-one.)  But the experience immediately did some strange things that added yet another level of incapacitation and set backs that made it even more difficult for me than it already was in the workplace,  and even until 2019 I was still clearing that poison from my system.  It has now been eliminated not just by internal detox, but through the skin - and without having found a special way to do that through the skin, it would have remained impossible to remove the poisoning.  Internal detox would not have achieved it. (I have written about that in the Plant Academie section.  Luckily, I found an answer.)

Apart from the negatives, I was fortunate to be brought up in a family which understood the codes of the 'higher world' - a world where a highly developed civilization had learned how to live the 'Golden Rule' in Peace, Harmony, Good Health, Wisdom, Humility, and Compassionate Understanding of others.  I did not know that that was not the way it was for all people on this planet, I had to learn that.

Much of this world would be transformed if it simply knew - and was taught - something about how that works. Strangely this world does not know or have any of that.  It has become something that is even the opposite of it.  Later the metaphor of the apple that had fallen away from its life support 'tree' began to answer that.

I had naturally decided to become vegetarian and into a health oriented diet and way of life, way back in childhood.  It was from looking deeper into the origins of the 'plant based diet' and 'living plant foods' that I found ancient scripts which seemed to be teaching something far more.

The plant based living foods were being used as a metaphor to preserve the knowledge of Living Life Stream Well Spring Systems, and was about living planets.  Planets - like apples - which needed to remain attached to their 'Tree'.  There are links to information on this in the index.

So as I grew up I gradually found I was in a very strange world.  As a child I was very moved by books I read such as The Robe, but I was not religious, just deeply inspired by these. I came from a very nice English family such as you might see in the old British movies like those of the Kenneth More and John Mills type, all very honorable with all the 'old' values (but not 'old' at all, just honorable.)  In fact at that time, the world and the people around were all pretty good, there was nothing really bad on the news and when it was, we all reacted because it was so rare.  Except not everything was lovely. 

About a decade or two ago I finally received help for an injury disability. That changed everything, but it still left me with several decades which preceded that during which I had been unable to get any help at all.  And it became worse as the world changed to what it is today.  Having an injury disability - and how you are treated with that injury disability - can determine what your life experience will be. During that time when there was no help, I had to accept that people, and relatives, dismissed completely that anything such as injury damage could possibly be real.  Most people automatically judged that what I described was well within their own experiences and since what they had experienced was nothing at all, so too was my injury experience. 

In fact that is what people in this world do all the time. They gossip the most, and they self-righteously pronounce judgment exactly when someone is going through high level stress and trauma, is ill, may have an unseen disability, is grieving, and so on. That is exactly the time when they behave like that. This is an undeveloped world and that level of response defines what undeveloped means. 

It also defines those who were called the 'lower realm' people.

The majority of people in this world are not connected to a Higher Source and do not have empathy or a wiser level of understanding.  They judge instead. They are indifferent, and will let that mind level thinking prevent them from helping another. They will destroy another person to further their own career and so on. It happens all the time. That which does not know empathy or understand at a higher level, destroys instead.

So, for me, I found I was in a very strange world.  I had injuries and no medical help, which meant I also had to be in the work force, which while my life was based in London, and included Paris, New York, Rome etc was actually great but with some difficulties.  Then I went into the wrong workplace, and undoubtedly in the wrong country too and that presented a whole new level of issues to contend with.

Imagine a place where the culture has evolved from the dockyards and slums of 100 or 200 years ago, with an ongoing 'chip on the shoulder' and an inability to understand that the rest of the world is not like that.  It is extremely commonplace, extremely commonplace, that when they (perhaps now that means more the older ones over 50) encounter those who are different, the only conclusion these ones can come up with as the reason for people being different in that way, is because these ones are 'up themselves'.  From that conclusion - which is routine -  they are very aggressive and uniformly aggressive about it.  There are thousands of nice, refined unsuspecting people who have had that experience.  Of course, there will also be people who have not encountered it yet - not yet


So I went into a wrong career change and the wrong country! My career had been in the Performing Arts.  I trained in Royal Academy of this, and Royal Schools of that, and so on.  If anyone loves to dance you will know how it is!  I had a great life ahead of me with it - the sophisticated and fun world of London, Paris, Rome, New York, Monte Carlo, the Bahamas, TV, famous model agencies (and a good education on top of all that). I loved artistic expression until one day around the age of 21, I suddenly just could not do it.  I could not dance anymore.  I needed to search for answers for something that was lost inside me.

I went to another career until I could find out what I was missing - and it was a career that increased the 'something inside of me' that had died.  It was not until decades later, and finding out what is shared with you on this website, that I restarted dance classes - Hip Hop, Flamenco etc - and then I suddenly found I could finally dance again.  At last my heart and soul began to come alive once more................

And that is what this website is about.  For those who are feeling the lower level that this world is, there is a way for the heart and soul to come alive again.


There is a lot of negativity on this planet but I did not know that most people did not think it was negative. I had assumed that pretty much everyone was searching as I was searching.  That is what I thought, and it came as a significant surprise to find that wasn't the case. Most people are happy enough with the ways they choose to enjoy their lives and what is offered and provided for them to do so.  That 'providing' is what keeps the illusion of this reality in existence. 

But this world is not moving forward, it is simply moving into something different.  That 'something different' is to do with the original destiny of the fallen people who somehow ended up with a second chance to live again on this planet - and my goodness, what is that 'something different'! 

It is a total reduction of the level of inner development this planet had reached.  Everything has not moved forward - people mistake different for 'innovative' or 'new'.  It is the introduction of the reverse of what this POSITIVE planet was.

It is the introduction to the reality of that which created this world, which is not the real reality but a false reality, an artificial reality. This reality is an Illusion, and if you accept the 'gifts' of this reality as if they are real - wealth, power, image etc and lose your soul in the process (by behaving from the mind and sensory fulfillment instead) you will have great difficulty getting out of this reality and from being under the control of something that is by no means a loving and forgiving god. It is in fact a non human monster.

So we have a website here which has looked at an intriguing history to this planet, at an ancient world which had the same technology we have re-developed today, and at artificial intelligence. 

It is a storyline which seems to have involved another planet which became 'space ice' long ago but which NASA is now investigating as the source of life on this planet.  Of course, they actually have books and texts which provided them with that information. 

This in turn leads to a story on this planet which plays out from First Times (Zep Tepi) to End Times over a period of 12,000 years, and keeps repeating.  Because the now 'space ice' planet - once known as the 'Water Planet' - chose a wrong path, and that same storyline seems to be the same story which repeats and keeps playing out here on this planet.

Isn't that interesting.

May the Grace of a Living Life Sustaining System be with you.....




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