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   In late May 2003 there was a massive injection of positive cycle solar energy which hit this planet. 

In the months that followed, it caused electrical blackouts - and complete shutdowns of the grid system across major portions of this planet.

That was 20 years before the next Solar Maximum begins which it is believed will lead into this planet's ASCENDING PHASE during the 11 years from 2023 to 2034.

That time which began in 2003 has been the correction of some of the cords of the the twisted cords of this planet. The Ascending status will be when those cords are untwisted.

2003 is when it began.

So it takes some 20 years to straighten enough out of the twisted energies that currently make up the reality most think is the real world.  

Up until that point, the so called 'new' or perhaps it is 'Anu' teachings were in full force and on track to introduce the new direction this planet was being pulled towards by way of the 'invisible force'. That new direction aligns to a different energy stream from the one this planet will align with if and when it begins its Ascension.

Not surprisingly, on this planet there are therefore two kinds of people. Those from one energy stream and those from the other energy stream.

This current world is their reality.

It is NOT 'new thinking'' and 'the future'.

It is old thinking and the past.

It is a past, old thinking thing that did not work, but all here are still living in it.

This is the world that happened, evolved to, came into being, maybe millions of years ago, certainly thousands of years ago, and the reason you are here now is because this planet travels backwards to it.

It is the famed mistake that was the result of the 'misuse of technology'.

That is what this world is, again.

There has been a lot that could easily have brought an end to this work, or prevented it from ever beginning.  Once you see how twisted this reality has become - and it does literally twist this planet's 'spine' - you may begin to realise how difficult it is to untwist out of it.

Yet it is exceptionally easy to align into the false reality and its future world.

So for me, there was an injury that pushed my head over and off the axis/atlas. That was a big issue, an immense handicap in the world, and one that could easily have taken me out in childhood or my teens. Even my birth at Queen Charlotte's Hospital in London was a joke. Then I was accidentally thrown from the back of a moving car when I was 5 years old, a few other things happened too like bullying etc, and in 1993 I was poisoned with mercury amalgam lodged into my gum. 

You will probably have no idea how bad having mercury amalgam lodged into your gum is - how many people have that happen to them? (Virtually no-one.)  But the 'accident' of that poison being inserted into my gum immediately did some strange things that added yet another level of incapacitation and set backs which made it even more difficult for me than it already was in the workplace, and even until 2020 I have still been clearing that poison from my system. 

From the rejuvenation, ageless and good looks/beauty aspect there is no doubt that that did the most damage to me. There is also no doubt that it was really harming me and in 2003 the first steps to clearing it made me extremely sick, and by 2011 and for a few years after I definitely looked the opposite of rejuvenated. It was a struggle to know what to do and I equally had no idea that this poison was throughout my body and primarily hidden in my skin.

It was by fortunate accident that a magnesium skin cream brought it out and showed me what was there, but it did not remove it. That was from about 2012. However, I did find an answer using one of the banned remedies, and began fulltime to use this in March 2018. It turns out I am still clearing this same poison at the end of January 2020 currently clearing out a very nasty, vicious patch of it. which I think must be the end of it as the serious threat it was.

Probably nothing has made as much difference to looking young and with the kind of looks I can be happy with
again, than the effects after clearing out the poison. I gradually began to look better and better, returning to my former self - which was incidentally, good enough for top professional model agencies (even though I am under height by about a 1 or 2 cms) and for TV jobs - and of course that was also with following and keeping to my healthy plant based diet and lifestyle.

But my spiritual path was insistent on working through 'stuff' and it was a journey I had to take - from a good life but one that was part of the twisted world, to the mess of what my own twisted cords had led to, then onto being able to realign.

During that process it was like one disaster after another!

Amongst a huge amount that I found myself stuck with, I had to endure working in a really dull, brain numbing situation in Sydney during the 90's - dull because being a creative, theatre. and artistic type, an ordinary world job is
so ordinary! But I suppose that was part of what became my 'path to untwisting' my own twisted energies which followed after I was initiated into the LIVING System.

During that time nothing of what or who I am seemed to be noticed! My career had been sophisticated, upmarket, involved world travel, in TV, theatre, I had the easy opportunity to be in with a European royal, and I won many jobs because I looked the best,

That doesn't mean I was 'up myself' because I wasn't. It was just normal, how it had always been and I was unmoved by it. Yet during my time in Sydney- which began as I was poisoned incidentally - it seemed that I was about the level of chopped liver!

In fact, just about every aspect of the time of moving from England to another country, including for my family, was pretty much a disaster, it just didn't work for any of us! As I cleared through disaster after disaster - after 2003 to about now, maybe to 2019 - thankfully things began to get back on track again.

Apart from the negatives, I had been fortunate to be brought up in a family which understood the codes of the 'higher world' - a world where a highly developed civilization had learned how to live the 'Golden Rule' in Peace, Harmony, Good Health, Wisdom, Humility, and Compassionate Understanding of others.  I did not know that that was not the way it was for all people on this planet, I had to learn that.

It is also a world of trendy veganism, fake and trashy TV health gurus and bloggers.

I had naturally decided to become vegetarian and into a health oriented diet and way of life, way back in childhood.  It was from looking deeper into the origins of the 'plant based diet' and 'living plant foods' that I found ancient scripts which seemed to be teaching something far more.

The plant based living foods were being used as a metaphor to preserve the knowledge of Living Life Stream Well Spring Systems, and was about living planets.  Planets - like apples - which needed to remain attached to their 'Tree'.  There are links to information on this in the index.

So as I grew up I gradually found I was in a very strange world.  As a child I was very moved by books I read such as The Robe, but I was not religious, just deeply inspired by these. I came from a very nice English family such as you might see in the old British movies like those of the Kenneth More and John Mills type, all very honorable with all the 'old' values (but its not 'old' at all, just honorable.)  In fact at that time, the world and the people around were all pretty good, there was nothing really bad on the news and when it was, we all reacted because it was so rare.  Except not everything was lovely. 

Having an injury disability - and how you are treated with that injury disability - can determine what your life experience will be. During the time when there was no help, I had to accept that people, and relatives, dismissed completely that anything such as injury damage could possibly be real.  Most people automatically judged that what I described was well within their own experiences and since what they had experienced was nothing at all, so too was my injury experience. 

In fact that is what people in this world do all the time. They gossip the most, and they self-righteously pronounce judgment exactly when someone is going through high level stress and trauma, is ill, may have an unseen disability, is grieving, and so on. That is exactly the time when they behave like that.

The majority of people in this world are indifferent, and will let that level of thinking prevent them from helping another. They will destroy another person to further their own career and so on. It happens all the time.

So, for me, I found I was in a very strange world.  I had injuries and no medical help, which meant I also had to be in the work force, which while my life was based in London, and included Paris, New York, Rome etc was actually great but with some difficulties.  Then I simply had to take time out and work on my 'stuff', but I was also definitely in the wrong workplace, and undoubtedly in the wrong country too and that presented a whole new level of issues to contend with.


So we have a website here which has also looked at an intriguing history to this planet, at an ancient world which had the same technology we have re-developed today, at artificial intelligence, and at why people in this world AGE, DIE and are REBORN in new bodies but without memory of the previous or ther lifetimes. 


May the Support of a Living Life Sustaining System be with you.....



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