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  "The Story to this Planet".

To understand what is truly 'of the Light', it is necessary to look at what happened in this world that led to things that are not of the Light being touted as the Light, or being unknowingly represented as the Light when they are not anything of the Light but are the 'lesser light' which means 'dark'. 

Yet some of these things people would swear are light and defend as if they were.  Things like exposing a 'conspiracy' for example, and endless so called 'spiritual practices' which belong to the darkness.  That is why it is helpful and good to know why some of the things considered 'of the Light' are not. 


"The Tree that is Beside the Running Water

is Fresher and gives More Fruit"

 - St. Theresa of Avila. 


 The 'Fruit' and the 'Vine' of the 

        Living Life Streams


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The Teachings of the Living Systems were the lifeline to find the way out of the worlds of the Mind, aka the level called 'Intellect'.


They were about the state of Grace presented by the opportunity to be born on this particular planet, which is still connected into a fully Living Life Energy Stream Source System.


As recent NASA and Japanese probes to space asteroids and space rocks show, science is now investigating how the 'building blocks of life', how DNA and more came to this planet.  They are looking at rocks, asteroids and space debris that exist from an exploded planet (or more than one) which once belonged to a Living System which died.  After that happened, some of its genetic material and water, came to this planet. 


Science is doing this because they have records on this particular history to this planet.  Not records they tell the everyday person about, but the actual records none the less, on the beginning of life on this planet, and which have been kept throughout Time.


The records are about another world whose planet exploded because it approached what this planet is also soon to cross the path of, and that is why this work exists.  Do you want to take the path of those fallen worlds or do you want to avoid what happened?


Their planet(s) naturally enough, disintegrated, exploded.  Those from those worlds became the 'star-seeds' which began again on this planet.  But, they developed in the same way they had on their exploded planet - even though there were Teachers and guides/'guardeners' who were here to help rehabilitate them into a Living Energy Life Stream Source System.  Instead, most of these ones still wanted the information on how galaxies worked, which they believed existed within the black hole at the centre of this side of the galaxy, and they wanted it so they could master and control it and other galaxies. 


It was a literal path because it clearly has an 'entry point' actual location, and that pathway was called 'The Path of Knowledge'. It was their 'god' and it was their fallen religions, alignments, and development which has produced the world you are in now for example.  It is a real thing, and it is not 'God Source'.


However, it is also taught that this is a 'world of illusion' and a 'false reality', and it is something that presents a choice to continue further into it, for the 'entry point' into its source is soon to be encountered.  It is a real thing, and it is not 'God Source'. It is widely accepted, taught as a more aware level of consciousness, and once you take that route fully, you cannot return to the original 'Eternal Life'.


The state of Grace offered was and is HOW to NOT align into that path, but instead align into the Living Body of something that the teachings on its existence were removed,  That being the case, it looks like all things are the same and just choices and preferences, but they all lead to the same 'one god'.  It exists through the 'portal' into where all information and knowledge on how a galaxy and universe works is stored - the Path of Knowledge.


Which is not the Path of Eternal Life.  Nor is the key to what powers and gives life to galaxies, Living Systems and the universe stored in a place of Information and Knowledge - that is the unfortunate result of the first ones who explored the lower energies and created something that later began to 'mimic God'.  But that story is for later...........


Whether it was by accident and good luck, or by a design of Grace, the genetic material and the water, from planets which had pursued the wrong path, came to this particular and unique planet. 


This gave a second chance to abandon their lesser development - which we will explain - and to turn from their lesser 'god', and instead, connect to an all powerful, everlasting, perpetual motion Living LIFE STREAM ENERGY SOURCE - because the other one the 'star-seed' planets had once been connected to had died. 


This planet spends only some of the time in this low level realm so that those who understand that the other energy stream died - and who then adapt to choosing the attributes which match the Higher Realm - can then literally be lifted back into a LIVING SYSTEM.  The metaphor for a living system was 'the fruit of the tree, still connected to that tree'.  It was called the Tree of Life, and also a Vine. 


The Vine is a particularly apt description because it is the vine which produces the 'wine' and the description was used to preserve the Teachings which had been removed.  It denotes the Living Life Streams (from the Living Source) - which in the body is within the bloodstream.  Yet when the venom of a viper gets into that bloodstream by certain practices etc, it eventually kills the bloodstream.  


This planet with its own 'Fall' - because of the entry of snake into the 'Garden' - has aligned, or been helped to align, into a once upon a time living system, which died.  The light still exists, but the source of that light went long ago. 


The energy of a dying system changes to more magnetic, something the ancient Nordic world called the 'black poison', and it is this energy, and only this energy, which is used to develop 'Technology'. This includes artificial intelligence - an artificial 'Mind'. For this reason it is easy to identify a FALLEN planet/world, because the consciousness develops 'Technology'.  And its 'god' (or 'goddess') is the created Mind which then runs this reality - yet it only exists because it is made from the fallen energy.


It is also easy to identify those who are fallen souls because they are the ones who come forward with the pre-knowledge skills of this development and of a planet run by the economy, and technology, and they become its beneficiaries. This even includes pop stars and celebrities - 'big name' people of significantly lesser talent and ability but catapulted to the stratosphere of fame and wealth by a flawed, lesser consciousness system - which led to the destruction of the original planets NASA and science are now investigating.  There is also a programme for how humans should live their lives which was created by a computer. 


Nevertheless, there should still an awareness in those of the Living Light which recognizes that what has been taught is not right, not quite good enough, not a high enough standard if you like.  Certainly the full information has been prevented, obfuscated, and the Teachers and the Teachings of the Living System have been targeted, silenced, slandered, and eliminated. 


If you are interested in a healthy diet, healthy, fresh, wholesome living, then yes this work covers what the Living Plant Food Diet was about, but it was about the LIVING SYSTEM.  Almost everyone on this planet is 'marked' into resonance with the portal this planet is soon to cross, and to avoid this it is mandatory that you are 'marked' to avoid it.  There will be things that are part of your life which you do not know or realise, bring in negative energy, and even if you are a vegan, vegetarian and trying to keep to a 'conscious life' there are things being added which also are from the fallen side.


Please also note everything that this Teaching relates to that we present here, and also what we do not present.  


May the Grace of a Living Life Sustaining System be with you.....






The texts about the Living Plant Foods were not about plants and diet. 

They were about the LIVING LIFE ENERGY SYSTEM each soul needs to be attached to.


The Teachings of the Living Systems were, and are, the lifeline to find the way out of the worlds of the Mind.


- General Guidelines for Accessing the Higher Living Realm   

- The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams




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Above all else, the Teachings were about life as it once was on a planet fully receiving the streams of LIFE FORCE ENERGY from its full power Well Spring Source. 

If you think about it, nothing else matters in the bigger picture but that the system you are living on or in, is fully connected to a LIVING ENERGY SOURCE - and that includes for the 'after life' which still must exist in a  LIVING ENERGY SOURCE.

That is what the mysteries of so many 'spiritual teachings' began with, only to wander off into meanings about the experience of the energies that in fact, did not always issue from a fully LIVING LIFE FORCE PROVIDER.

Because sometimes these systems die, and what that lengthy process is, can sometimes be hard to describe or explain.  In that process their energy becomes more magnetic, and that in turn is negative and corrupts the life forms which were in that system. 

That is what happened to a once upon a time Life Energy Provider of many star-seeds now on this planet, who found their own home planets beginning to die.


This left a question : should they continue trying to find their way back to that long gone source? Or is it that when they became star-seeds here on this planet, they had been given a second chance to find a Living Life Source to replace the one they had lost?

This planet is still attached to a Well Spring Source that is bursting with vibrant LIFE FORCE ENERGY which then streams down from the unlimited, endless, ever powerful Source, to its systems of living planets.

But also, there is another energy here too, an energy which still resonates with a corrupted source.

It is here and flourishes, because the people did decide they preferred a different energy source from the actual True Well Spring which streams to all its living planets. 

The preference for that energy has been bringing staggering amounts of negative energy into this planet, thus sustaining the negative control of, and presence on this planet. That intelligence knows that is cannot have this planet while the planet travels through its Ascended Phase, but it also knows that it can return and claim this planet once again.

Making that possible has always required that the living souls on this planet help bring in the negative energy.  On a planet that was once a highly developed 5th realm planet, that would seem to be impossible.  There is a  question, for how can this planet be so full of so obviously not developed people!  Where do they all come from, because they were never from a 5th realm planet.  Yet it seems to have been achieved by creating a lesser level body for the living light to inhabit. 

With a lesser level body, lesser level people from fallen realms were able to incarnate here - with the best intention that they could evolve to the higher status and return to a Living Life Source System. Those people came from developed planets, albeit that they were fallen planets and on their way into the 'black hole' - because that is what resonance with that energy is.  Now this planet is aligned with the negative pole, the stories have played out again, but the Masters of the Living System have said this is not yet the time of the Maha Pralaya - the Grand Dissolution (final).

But it is not those who control the negative reality who are taken, it is those who chose to be negative - those who used the negative energy and were foolish enough to raise it to their 3rd eye;  and those who thought they were above it, beyond, untouchable, powerful in this world perhaps. Those who have carried hatred and jealousy and more, in their hearts and allowed that feeling to win.  People who were tested and closed their hearts.

Thus ensuring negative energy flows freely into this planet was all part of ancient religious teachings, the teachings of those who star-seeded this planet from the previous lost planet, and also the teaching for the preparation for the next 'new Earth' - needed by those who are the negative reality (this reality) which requires that there is a sacrifice, for it to be able to return. It is a sacrifice of about 95-98% of the planet's living energy souls. When we move to the next segments, please remember that.

Long ago, this planet did take a wrong turn and if it can see what that wrong turn is, there is an incredible extension of Grace that this particular and unique planet offers this world.

Right now mankind is, without realizing it, bringing in massive amounts of negative energy which is also harming this planet badly.

But we will begin with the Plant Based Healthy Lifestyle, and its most important root meaning to be Kind to All Living Beings - and this planet is a living being too.

A plant food based diet and herbs as Therapy were the easiest and most known part of an ancient Therapeutic Teaching which survived through to today. Living by the wisdom of a healthy diet made up of wholesome, organic, fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs for healing - was the basic level of what was once a complete System, which tells us that -.


"......Before the 'Fall' this planet was a much larger planet. 

The people were kind and loved animals.  Animals were not afraid of, or the food for, the people. 

It had only one perfect, constant, season, because it was fully bathed in the Light. 

It was Timeless; it was the realm of the Timeless. 

It was described as a beautiful garden, a paradise.  Then that peace was taken away, and this planet became a lost paradise".


What entered into the 'garden paradise', that changed everything, was a different energy stream. 



   The Time When an Unusual Phenomenon Will Appear

from Behind the Sun.


1-minute read


In a world that is now overflowing with 'information' from just about anywhere, please remember this.

The important thing to remember is that when this unusual sighting appears from behind the sun - looking like a cosmic portal, or perhaps a planet - this is not a portal into the 'heart of God'. 

It is a portal into the 'black hole', which is not anything to do with God. 

This is what we want you to remember when it begins. 

People generally don't do anything until something is right upon them, but when that happens it is very close to the time of crossing it.   We will keep this website active as best we can, and keep the information up here.  All we ask is that you remember this.

Certain teachings from once existing planets which are no more, did come to this planet and do teach that the phenomenon which is soon to reveal itself from behind the sun, was indeed a portal or highway into the 'Heart of God'.

More to the point is that it is believed to be a repository of Information and Knowledge on how galaxies and the universe work. That is why the literal pathway to the literal location of the actual 'entry point' into it, was called the 'Path of Knowledge'. 

However, the ancient teachings pointed out that that pathway is not the same as the Path to 'Eternal Life'.  Not everyone means to be following the path into 'Knowledge' but do so because it is considered to be 'god'.  So people here really are in a conundrum, and because of it are pursuing a lifestyle which is increasing their own 'magnetic resonance'.

Science agencies and prominent scientists believe the 'portal' or highway is into the 'Heart of God' in that it is expected to contain all the secrets to how the universe and galaxies operate.  In a long hidden history of the past, or for some mysterious reason, the axis of this planet was altered so that it would follow that path.

The 'black hole' as a repository of Knowledge is also what is believed by science, NASA, and prominent names like Stephen Hawking.  In fact the late Prof. Stephen Hawking has explained in a lecture that Black Holes contain information.  This in itself is why there is such interest by some to access that information, because whoever accesses it can indeed control and literally 'own' the universe. 

That is also why in the ancient past, following this path to Knowledge, became a religion or religions.   People began practices which made them more resonant with  the source they had identified.  But the force of the Black Hole which is the negative is highly magnetic.  It is not possible to just pull out of it.  In addition, many people are completely unaware that there have been warnings about which way one is 'marked', which means they are magnetic and therefore resonant with the journey into the Black Hole. 

This is what this work believes ancient spiritual texts were warning about and what they reported happened when the entry point into the black hole was encountered came as a shock. It was reported so future people would not be caught in it, and not make the same mistake.  However, those who wanted to access the Black Hole and become 'Masters and 'Owners' of the Universe' blocked those teachings reaching people in an understandable manner, and because of this it has been treated as a joke. 

But if people did their research, they would see that there are records on when this same event has happened before - because it is by no means a special event indicating a kind of 'evolution' that humans have now reached.  It has happened before.

There is no saying when it becomes too late to 'mark' yourself to avoid this portal - and in addition this is a planet which has marked itself extremely negative - and that means resonant with the portal. 

We hope you will do some research on legends and mythology from the past.

Please remember this. When this phenomenon appears, it is not a highway to the Heart of God.  It is a pathway into the Black Hole.  


We have included valuable information via the three links below.


- General Guidelines for Accessing the Higher Living Realm   

- The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams

- Index

"The Tree that is Beside the Running Water

is Fresher and gives More Fruit"

- St. Theresa of Avila. 


  The Plant Foods and Herbs Therapy was a complete Soul System for Teaching for Peace

             ...........but that does not mean it didn't also cover what took away this planet's Peace.


*We will be adding a 'current Wake Updates' news page.


'Wake Update'

This work does teach and live the Plant Food Based Diet, but the texts which recorded that information were not about diet. 

They were about attaching to, and remaining attached to, a Living Life Stream System - something this planet has been separating itself from to pursue 'freedom'.

Science will no doubt prove the 'no real existence' to all of this 'reality' but just too late for people to have understood what it was all about. 

This planet is caught in this by Magnetic Attraction, but it is the people which are magnetic, the planet is still connected to the 'Higher Force'.

It is hard to know when we have reached an end point with enough information to achieve any shift in consciousness that people in this world are marked for resonance with the entry to the Black Hole. 

But we are not here to just provide information.

Our job is to get people out of this 'false reality' - if possible - before the planet encounters the 'black hole' portal. We know that many people, including scientists, think that the portal goes to another dimension which they also think is the 'highway' towards the galactic centre and is a good thing, without registering that this is the dark side of that centre.  They also do not know about the Living Life Stream Systems, or about what happens to those Systems which die. This planet has deliberately been altered to align towards the entry point into the 'Black Hole', and that was done during the time of an ancient war, since that time the people of this planet have been under the control of the victors of that war.


The 'lost paradise' within the everlasting, full power, vibrant, ongoing LIFE FORCE ENERGY Well Spring Source which is bursting with a level of LOVE that has never been experienced before.

There are good things like the natural plant food based healthy life and lifestyle : the importance of kindness to balance karmic debt : not so good things like the hidden 'shadow poison' in the body - which turning away from the Well Spring Source caused : intriguing things like the exploded star which became a life energy source losing life force : how peace was taken away  :

and "The Power Connection into the Vibrant Full Power Eternal Well Spring Life Energy 'True' Source - and the Way Out of the 3rd realm ongoing Rebirth."


We will keep this information on this website and keep this website up and running, as possible.


"It is better to feel emotional pain than to be caught up in the pleasures of the illusions - which are the cause of the eventual pain."


This is a world rapidly being directed into an even more false version of 'false reality'.  It promises pleasures, empowerment, and the wealth to explore more pleasures and move further away from your own inner truth and inner being.  In today's world there is a lot of depression.  Be warned of the dangers of taking medicines to 'treat' and 'cure' Depression even within a few weeks, and only available 'under strict medical circumstances'. 

This stuff is dangerous.  Not only is it about trying to 'cure' something that is a signal telling you things are wrong that you need to correct - therefore trying to mask it - these pills also add to the profits of the 'sickness industry'.  The philosophy of those who created this world is that everything is about making money.


In a world that is now overflowing with 'information' from just about anywhere, please remember this.

The important thing is this :

When this unusual sighting appears from behind the sun - looking like a cosmic portal, or perhaps a planet - this is not a portal or 'highway' into the 'heart of God'. 

It is a portal into the 'Black Hole', which is not anything to do with God. 

This is what we want you to remember - but it is better to know it before it begins. 


        Two introductions then please go to the index.

- General Guidelines for the Higher Realm   

- The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams

- Index

This work is about the way out of this reality.

*If you would like more information on the next stages, please contact us.




The knowledge was a complete System, not only for a healthy body and for personal well being, but for understanding what is negative and what is positive.



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Reference: How soon will we see the black hole at the Milky Way’s heart? |   *sent to us by Erika.

(This planet has been deliberately angled towards this 'jet'  'highway' of the black hole.). - An international consortium has been striving to obtain an image of the “shadow” of the event horizon of our Milky Way's central super-massive black hole.

..........astronomers’ recent efforts – aimed at our galaxy’s heart – have provided insights. This week (January 21, 2019), they reported that, for the first time........ global network of radio telescopes to learn that the emission from Sgr A*....(the Black Hole).

The new work may indicate that a radio jet from Sgr A* is pointed almost directly toward us.




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