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Along with ancient texts on natural health, diet, herbal medicine etc, and alongside beliefs in a God or anything identified as ‘spirituality’, there were also texts on something that had happened to this planet, and what to do about it.

Within about fifteen to twenty five years this planet will move out of its current ‘end times’ corridor, and leave the rare window of opportunity that presents the easiest opportunity for the soul to escape entrapment in the ‘false reality’ and return to the ‘God Worlds’. This is the last chance for the Light to help those caught in the ‘darkness’.

  WAKE UPDATE Newsletter May 2017


The Magnetic Sphere which surrounds this planet is now thinning considerably in preparation to reverse its poles -  thus letting in vastly more solar heat and making ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming’ real – but for different reasons than those you are told. 

“When a CME from the sun struck Earth on April 22nd 2017, this planet's magnetic field reverberated from the impact. A day later, a stream of solar wind arrived, hit, and had the same effect”.

This is a report from the space weather monitoring agencies, and seems to indicate how the changeover back to the ‘positive polarity’ would happen – in that the magnetosphere thins.  It means the solar forces are beginning to dismantle the product of the magnetic reality which has dominated ever since the ancient world made this happen to the planet.

This planet could now be seeing the beginning of the magnetic dominance surrounding this planet, being removed by solar energy, in preparation for a pole reversal. With that removal goes the reality until it reforms and becomes the next ‘new Earth’.

More such ‘quakes’ (cracks beginning in the magnetosphere) could be expected from solar forces impacting this planet and the sphere which surrounds it.  It is believed that it breaks up the reality, there is a dissolution, but the reversal to positive does not happen. The planet does not have enough power to break free of the Magnetic Force.  Instead the Magnetosphere reforms. That means the existence here always remains within the Magnetic Reality and within the Magnetosphere.  This status is what the ancient world caused to happen in order to access the energy which they discovered, which makes all the technology possible. 

An X class flare will of course affect a thinning Magnetic Sphere, and how strong such a flare is will determine its effects.  Eventually the Magnetic Sphere will reform and that is the beginning of the next ‘new Earth’. 

There is one spiritual view which teaches to align with and help along the introduction of the next ‘new Earth’. 

There is also another and most definitely opposing spiritual view which teaches how to find liberation for the soul from being within the Magnetic Sphere/magnetosphere and going into the next ‘new Earth’.


Peace be with you.

End of newsletter.


The topic of the Wake Updates covers that the planet is immersed in the lowest point of the Fall, but many hope that it is going to lift up (ascend) from that place. It covers changes happening to the planet, why the ancient world did what they did; how it altered the planet; and the solution to the damage which eventuated and ‘trapped souls’…….but that both the description of what happened, and the all important solution became ‘religions’.

This page also covers what exists at this part of the planet’s cycle, why it was of interest to the ancient world; the existence of ‘thought energy’ which can be used to influence events and matter, a Force which the planet has difficulty pulling itself out of, and also covers what has already been experienced with it in earlier rounds of the ‘cycle’. Hardly known at all, despite all efforts, is the other side of the story which goes beyond all of these interpretations.

There is a rare opportunity for the soul to escape the world of ‘darkness’ and get free of answering to the control of the ‘false source’.  If a soul gets free, it can return to the ‘God Realms’.


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