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The Union Flag, or Union Jackis the national flag of the United Kingdom. It is so called because it combines the crosses of the three countries united under one Sovereign - the kingdoms of England and Wales, of Scotland and of Ireland (although since 1921 only Northern Ireland has been part of the United Kingdom). Now an unwanted agenda 21, is dividing the UK into regions of the EU. To do that required the UK to become part of the EU - but the British people said NO - and NO means NO. Therefore, it is not legal to do that.

"Boris Johnson Has Led a Fascist Coup Against the UK" -

headline from Brietbart News.


It is vital that the People Wake Up Before 'They' Get Too Far with what 'They' Are Doing.



Color Revolution - Belarus.

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said last month via Belarusian Telegraph Agency, BelTA., that World Bank and IMF offered him a bribe of $940 million USD in the form of “Covid Relief Aid.”

In exchange for $940 million USD, the World Bank and IMF demanded that the President of Belarus:

• imposed “extreme lockdown on his people”

• force them to wear face masks

• impose very strict curfews • impose a police state • crash the economy

As Dan Andrews is doing in Australia, also in the UK, and with the NZ PM, and as Biden intends to do.......

*There was no advice given for curfews in Victoria, not from the Medical Officer, not from the police, and Dan Andrews will not say who gave the order for a curfew.....

Sept 14th - The Coup d'Etat players are carrying out their playbook. Next move of the democrats to steal the US elections is that soon they are going to say that an Electoral Commission is needed.


1. UK Column - David Ellis Report - Military insiders.

"Elite Capture" also covered in recommended book 'Stealth Wars' by General Spalding. The CCP cultivate elites.

Interview with former NSA Tech Director BIll Binney


This week, David speaks to retired NSA Technical Director and whistleblower Bill Binney about bulk data collection, Russiagate, Christopher Steele, Richard Dearlove and Donald Trump.

"Why do you think that the European Parliament in Strassbourg is Exactly built like a Modern Version of the Unfinished Tower of Babel by Artist Breughel?"



2. Is the UK Under Martial Law or Are We at War with the CCP and Do Not Know It.

Parliament is being left out of Government Decisions.

UK Column 9/11

The Calcifediol form of Vit. D can reduce chances of getting covid. Better than Cholecalciferol form

*Dr Yan is expected to release information that confirms Covid-19 was created in a lab.


Consultation Document to Support Rollout of Covid Vaccine.

Planning to change the law so unlicensed vaccines and treaments can be used - and vaccines can be administered by non-medical staff. Here is the full government document about planned changes to medical law to impose ‘Covid’ vaccine




Wokists tried to ban Rule Britannia - the people sent it to the top of the iTunes charts!

Download the ‘Take Down the CCP’

Download on iTunes, here: This has gone to #1 across the world!


Don't worry that 'covid' is now being called 'dangerous' - the scamdemic is dangerous and the West is going after the CCP because that is where the scam began.


The new 'Elderly' is 45.

In the new system people will only live until 'elderly''. Death will be decided for you and will be initiated by someone in your 'region' clicking 'enter' on a computer. Your social credit score may enable you to extend your life. People will never know that life was ever any different. continues



3. Douglas Murray: The Dangerous Dishonesty of the Modern Left

48 mins. The Social Justice - Woke - Cancel Culture CULT. Cult Behaviour is : Break up the family. Pay tithes to the group. Turn your backs on and never again see family members for having the 'wrong idieas'.

For those who are looking for intelligent discussions, the interviews of Douglas Murray are recommended. Also the online programme the New Culture Forum Channel.

As I remember from school, I was taught the history of my country England/UK - wars and warts, horrible murders, Roman occupation, Danish occupation, French occupation, etc the same as it was taught to people who chose to want live in and become part of this country. This country, not another country.

If you do not embrace how your country became what is - and it is a very high standard that has been sabotaged - why are you in this country (whatever country.) Or is it hatred of, or contempt for, your new country that has sabotaged it? Because hatred and contempt false values, and false history are what is being taught in schools - and in light of the new system, is what is wanted.

Beautiful words or beautiful music have nothing to do with whether they were created by a man or woman or what race they were. If there is a corps de ballet do you chose the lead dancer because of some under represented aspect? Do you forget Jane Austen, Dickens and Shakespeare and teach the work of an unrepresented minority whose work is not very good?

Many kids today actually think that the work of Mozart or Beethoven is a choice that is contempory with Justin Beiber.

It is the same as the BLM female in an interview who said she 'didn't know if Winston Churchill is a racist because she hasn't met him'.

This was one of the wake up calls that astounded people to see how little - and how dim - those forcing their limited view on our cultures really are.

If life becomes based on that type of reasoning then it will stagnate and not have the best people in the job - whoever those best people may mean - but it does mean those most suited. Or do people seriously think that people are ommited because of some characteristic about them. Because right there is an example of reasoning that is inferior - really dim and stupid. The world would never develop further, but would regress.

This thinking is the one-dimensional creation of 'thought prisons' - because that is exactly what is wanted by a dictatorship, totaliarian no freedom system.




There is an ancient memory,

that the planet was in a war which may have involved an EMP space attack and/or nuclear, plus attacks that involved 'beams' sent through the Bermuda Triangle and Devil's Sea near Japan which caused the planet to fall from its axis. The lands inhabited by the 'Children of Light' - the Americas - were destroyed. This was in an ancient war even before 12,000 years ago. The continent was abandoned - but the maps remained.

Ancient war.

Maps An Ancient EMP Attack on the Planet. Templars . Ancient Star Wars.

The13,000 Yeas Ago Project - 11,000 BC.

The new 'Elderly' is 45 continues

In the new system people will only live until 'elderly''. Death will be decided for you and will be initiated by someone in your 'region' clicking 'enter' on a computer. Your social credit score may enable you to extend your life. People will never know that life was ever any different.

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More Headlines -

Fareed Zakaria on CNN doing first stages of what the TIP playbook says

Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) beam shooting from California

first time seen continue

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Unwanted Body Fat Programme



Current World

> Academie Economy The Great Reset from the Economic Forum.

The Plan to Change the US Constitution. And the Occupying Military.

The Sabotage of US Elections continue.

The CCP - globalist.elite Marxist-Leninist World Domination.

Brainwashing and never seen before Australian and UK Police Aggression

Featured Shows


Democrat Strategy to 'Steal the Election' - A Coup d'etat - copy of the document.

*This also covers John Podesta who is named in the PAEDOGATE 2020 PT.3 - Symbolism & Pizzagate 2.0 on Featured Shows link.

Marxist-Leninist World Domination. You have seen video links detailing the billion $ USD deals done by the Biden family with the CCP, and the extent of involvement by high up military generals and poliicians. The extent of the planned and in progress Coup d'Etat across the globe but also in the USA is part of a 'get rich' deal at the expense of all the normal, decent people in the world. It is a disgrace and it should be prevented from succeeding.

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Cultural Marxism - in contemporary usage, the term Cultural Marxism refers to a 'conspiracy theory' which claims that there is an ongoing academic and intellectual effort to undermine and destroy Western culture and values. From 2020 it is clear it is not a 'conspiracy theory' but real, because it is now happening.
Fascism (fash-ism. Fascistic is not a word, but if it was it would be pron fash-istic. The term is fascist.) Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, as well as strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.The governments of Engelbert Dollfuss in Austria and Adolf Hitler in Germany are examples of fascism. Spain under the rule of Francisco Franco, and Portugal when António de Oliveira Salazar was the head of the government.


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