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A Message for a World That Wishes to 'Evolve'.


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(Continues from article)..... Already people are automatically 'negative', because that is the existence of this reality...... which involves stars, light, and also involves the existence of artificially created intelligence - the piece of junk somewhere out there which was made to create the System to run a planet dominated by the consciousness of money, the economy, and a super efficient world which does not recognize the qualities of being human.  This planet may not have been where that system began, but it is this which is the big 'crime against humanity' that was well recognized and fully understood in ancient times, then pointed to and covered in the 'childish ramblings' in texts like the bible, more specifically the Christos viewpoint.

Humans, even with their feelings and flaws, are still the highest form of life. But the 3rd realm mankind has never reached that stage.

This level of mankind consistently thinks the point of transformation to a higher status involves merging mankind with machines, and then 'mankind merged with robots' will have the ability to travel space and colonize other planets and so on - which is a predictable, unimaginative, and very ordinary point of view.  It is not the smart forward thinking these limited levels of consciousness believe it to be (at least based on what is understood to have happened). So for some unknown reason, they think machines are better, which completely fails to understand or recognize what mankind has the opportunity to discover within it's heart and head yet continually misses.

That is the humbling recognition of a presence that one can only bow before, gasp in shame that it is not recognized, and perhaps cry for, that this ignorant world does not see. If it is described as radiance, people think that means a brighter light - and misses it again.  Mankind if it could muster something of the required development it is asked to try to achieve, could then evolve to a higher status. 

But it doesn't. Mankind chooses everything that is part of the denser physical realm. It also chooses the super efficient world, a lesser form of 'spirituality' or none at all, and after that, most of the world's population get to experience the switch off of the movie, to try again next time, perhaps.

In the conflict set up in this world, which may be a created story line but that is not certain, if the players involved in the conflict between Arabs and Jews really wanted to resolve what is a totally impossible to resolve situation as it is now, then all they have to do is choose the rules of Higher Consciousness - apply the Golden Rule, practice forgiveness and compassionate yet logical understanding.  The situation is what it is, it has to be graciously accepted.  It has to stop the endless hatred and trying to kill a perceived 'enemy', which is not only the situation mentioned but also between two different groups of the same faith.

There is something else that must happen too.  There are those who caused the Fall of this planet. What also must happen, is to give up continually trying to bring in the system to rule this world via the economy and through technology - for that is a terrible crime which curses the people on this planet and condemns mankind to remain in, and keep returning to, the fallen realm.

For everyone else, the choice to be 'marked' for the Lower Realm comes with complacency, not understanding, and by accepting the life provided, and the attitudes of this world, and its lifestyle.


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