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WAKE UPDATES -  end of 2017 beginning 2018


Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: E:\soul-search-new\Aquarius.jpgThe WAKE UPDATES series are the newsletter format by which this work has presented this information.


WAKE UPDATES – March 2018

Sound that Holds the Universe Together.


In the lost Teachings this was called the Sound Streams which rank somewhat higher than the Light Streams, or the Life Streams which filter through the ‘Tree of Life’ (that this world has begun to separate from).


In the Dreamtime teachings of the Australian aborigines, many thousands of years ago, this planet entered The Dreamtime – it fell asleep. In fact the identity of self as the soul separated from the identity that became trapped in the breakaway part that fell into the ‘dream’. 


So, this is about ‘dreams’ and the energy of sound – and it is sound that holds the universe together.  Today, more than ever, there is a whole world of people out there now who cannot ‘hear’ music, it’s just jumbled sounds,  they also can no longer visualize and cannot dream…….it’s a life half lived - ‘skimming the surface of life’- painting by numbers.


It can be surmised that if Sound holds the universe together, then it is an advanced Sound that is complex, subtle and Timeless. Most of all it is intricate and harmonious, thus to move somewhere that is no longer receiving the SOUND, would be less complex, more ‘one dimensional’ in its interpretations, and definitely less harmonious. Like this world is.


People have commented that the ‘music’ of today is no longer real music.  Now some people think everything has to be current, and if it is a year old, it is old – which is because it is not actually music anymore, it is no longer the complex structuring of sound.  When a true musical artist brings something of the Higher Realms of Sound into this reality, it is a gift that it actually reached here at all and now exists here.  It does not matter when that sound was brought here.  Like the restriction of LIGHT reaching here because of the dark shield, SOUND is also not reaching here.  We’ll leave you to work it out for yourself.


So here is an example of sound that ‘holds the universe together’ through the genre of ‘recent’ general listening music. We can only give you a Youtube link (not the best rendition of sound although you should get the idea), but listening to this can change your life.  



You may not like rock music but this next one does give a good example to do with the ‘sound’ that people identify with and can only ‘hear’ now, at a time when their brainwave frequencies have also been altered by the use of devices  (ref Prof Greenfield on website links).  This band is designated ‘rock’ and are unbelievably popular. Just skip to around 2:30 when the ‘singer’ joins the band on stage and listen particularly to the guitar. No need to look at the video, just listen.


Then, because the previous is designated a rock band, here is an example of a rock band with more intricate guitar playing.   (Not the singing!)


And just to add something more spiritual in case the rock was too much for you (!)     - Love the Way You Dream.


The world is losing the Sound, and it is the SOUND that defines the quality of this reality.  That is probably why there is a small dissolution before people are given a chance to try again.




WAKE UPDATES – end of February 2018

At the ‘End Times’ Can this Planet be Resurrected Back onto the Tree of Life and True Source?


Yes. It could; if the fallen consciousness on this planet has chosen True Source.


But of course, there is a powerful counter action to this happening by those linked to the Forces of Darkness, those from the ‘dark, inky blackness’ which currently has full power while the planet is in the ‘Dark Rift’.


The counter argument to returning to True Source and restoring this planet to its rightful place on the ‘Tree of Eternal Life’ is of course the new direction. The alternative choice.


It is not just about the Law of the True Tree, there are also hugely many things which now mark this planet for the new source. Such as ‘using the energy’- which means mentally too; the view of behavior and ‘how things are’; wearing talismans and symbols (but unknown that they are codes); energy that you mix with which spreads like a computer virus by mere association and so on.  So long as you know, and about 99% of the rest of the planet also knows and chooses accordingly, then yes, this planet could be resurrected and ascend back to its lost place on the Tree of Eternal Life.


ASCENSION now awaits a major input of TRUE LIGHT which can reach the planet and the people here but only those who have made themselves receptive (not chosen or unknowingly chosen the rival source – because even ‘unknowingly’ reveals the lack of God Consciousness). True Light cannot reach this planet easily because it is blocked by the Magnetic Shield which surrounds this planet and system.


The aim of this work has been to reach the higher level types of people who will ensure this information reaches other people. 


This is in preparation for an anticipated high level, Earth directed X-class solar eruption which can pierce the now depleted magnetic shield around this planet – a rare occurrence – and awaken people to their ‘dream’ status, the illusion, and the story this work returns.  


Currently 99% of the planet does not yet know the bigger story.


How the Earth ‘Fell from the Tree of Life’.



End of Wake Update


Introduction: This planet took this path (at least) once before.

And it is part of a problem that most people on this planet do not know they need to get out of. While for some others, they control the problem because they benefit from it.  This planet reversed its rotation around 6,000 years ago in the Age of Taurus, and the reality you know as reality began. It then journeyed to Aquarius where ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming’ issues introduced a planet that became inundated with water.  This is very much part of the topic of our first Wake Update for February 2018, which introduces  how this planet ceased to be ‘Spiritus’ and entered the cycle of the realms of Earth, Water, Ether and Fire.  It also began as the Four Cosmic Seasons of the 26,000 year cycle which had been created.

It is covered more on a previous page  under the heading WAKE UPDATE Newsletter September/October 2017.  This was part of a process set in motion in an ancient war.  Now we have a world dominated by whatever the consciousness is, but it accepts completely, the reality it is in.  Everything is about to move into a change which may mean the planet’s water levels rise covering landmass, and that the land will not reappear for another 6,000 years.  During this period now, those who control this reality need to keep the people, who are in fact trapped here, wanting to remain here.  By around 2032 almost everyone on this planet will have committed themselves to remain in the ‘false reality’.  There is no possibility of leaving this now as far as we are aware, because it takes more time than the time remaining to make this choice.  However, people can set up a connection with the ‘Upper Worlds’ so that such a connection can be in their future storyline.

Since around 1960 this planet has been passing through an area called the Dark Rift which is a kind of passage/portal into the new alignment.  It is also the all important time when those who are trapped here are encouraged to remain in the captured reality.  It is during this 72 year period when people choose Soul Freedom or continuing captivity. The time when ‘time’s up’ is about 2032.

It has to be mentioned that even though the consciousness of the human design is what makes the decision for itself, if that choice was unable to recognize True Source from the false alternative, then those of that line of human design have failed to understand how to choose and answer to True Source. 

Bio-robotic creations in the ‘Garden’.

People in the current DNA bodies are creations which may be classed as bio-robotic creations which reproduce but have an expiry date. As they develop they are required to develop intelligence and the ability to achieve consciousness of their Source. They are not the only ones who were caught here.  Those who were already from the Higher Worlds were caught here too. So there is a difference between those we may be aiming to reach.  

For those who were part of the creations in the Garden there was never an option to opt out and create the ‘world of the Free’ with its own rules and governance.  The bio-spiritual created beings were in the planet-Garden to follow the rules in order to develop conscious awareness of True Source, the Mazda.  They had never reached any stage of ‘doing their own thing’, they were not ready. Following the Mazda Guidelines was to help them develop in line with the values of Source (not their own values). In that sense, what eventuated could be a test, but it is a failed test.  The new path and direction is not True Source. It must be considered that creations who cannot understand how to recognize True Source do not continue. This would be because of the corruption with monkey DNA. It is not possible that those we are trying to reach were from the Higher Realms which makes the possible outcome such a shame. 

The changes that have altered this world so much included the introduction of a non sanctioned breeding programme which eventually produced the bodies humans inhabit today.  There were two separate prototypes, Neanderthals were a different and separate specie from the original human.  A recent report from Israeli universities shows that the people in Africa left the continent far earlier than supposed, 250,000 to 500,000 years ago and bred with other humans who existed elsewhere.  Ancient Records show there was already an advanced civilization operating this planet, seemingly with technology and the ability for genetic programmes.  Neanderthals as they are called, appear to be one of those projects.

Humans, and original souls, are in the bodies that mankind is now in, because they bred with what had been created.  This plays a major part in the ancient war when some people wanted control of the planet, and to oust the original governors of this planet called the ‘Masters/Mazdas’.

The Books also describe how a shifting of the Earth closed the Gates back to the original Source – as such a movement of the planet would immediately do - and this began isolating souls within this changed world.  And also isolating souls from their Source of LIGHT. The planet’s shift slipped down the EMF spectrum and in doing so created the magnetic sphere that now surrounds this planet/reality.

Sometimes this LIGHT can reach this planet via solar eruptions relayed through the sun of this solar system, as a coronal mass ejection which reaches this planet.  For those whose souls are connected to this source of energy and Light, it can act as a temporary awakening from the sleep and its impressive DREAM. It is clear that people on this planet are unaware of anything but the story they are currently told – a belief that ensures they will remain in the captive world of the false reality.

When LIGHT connects suddenly, all that is also covered on these pages springs to life and urgent, extremely urgent awareness. Then as the energy boost subsides, everything returns to ‘normal’ and life goes on as it seems to be. In this false reality the same false stories keep them trapped here.  The False Reality is a Path created when some of the original inhabitants decided to alter the planet through science and technology.  It created a 2nd Path for the planet and in pattern for all the living things on the planet.  That is why this work is presenting as much as we can to tell you there was and still is a Teaching about the Original Path – necessary because one day the False Path and Reality will be no more, and people will need to have returned to their Original Status to avoid being part of that.  We think the deadline to choose to leave the false reality this time round, is when this planet exits the ‘Dark Rift’ it is transiting through now. That may be because all the promised ‘future tech world’ is only possible while in the Dark Rift. This short remaining time is why we are showing you HOW to ‘mark ’yourself to eventually be lifted out of the Trap.


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Earth is now entering the zodiac sign of Aquarius the Water Bearer, as water levels are rising – with 'global warming', and climate change.  


It seems to be the time when the landmass Earth goes under the rising sea levels and truly becomes a WATER PLANET for the next 6,000 years. Thus over the oncoming decades and centuries the world as we know it ceases to be.  Populations will have no land upon which to live and only those who know about this and can afford it, will most likely relocate to hidden cities beneath the planet-wide oceans, ready to emerge again from the seas when the land emerges again in 6,000 years time.  This cycle of ‘seasons’ is the result of the damage done to this planet in the ancient attempt to link the planet’s invisible EMF ‘highways’ to a different, new star.


The planet has Four Great Seasons on its created zodiac journey, which eventuated after the planet was damaged. Earth-Water-Ether-Fire.   Earth is density and emerges at Taurus, followed by Water at Aquarius.  


But when this planet was higher up the scale, there was no water on this planet.  It was ‘Ether’ – etheric and ‘Spirit’.  It was the planet as it was when it still was part of its Sun-Sol and ‘’soul’, the sun being Fire, and Spirit being something like the product of heated water – steam!


And it was this that the original Light Bodies were formed from, in real, tangible forms that had substance and mass, only it was ‘Etheric’ – or more correctly Theric.  Because that time was when the Earth was Thera – the ancestors of the Therapeutae.


Now the planet is fallen and caught in some warped path which may only involve the Water and Earth phases, but its people are still offered the chance to get out of this, and return to the Theric state.  Also so the entire planet can be returned to its Theric status.  But few choose to do that, so as the planet again becomes covered in water, it is the end of the road for land based people and civilizations – until it can start again. 


That is when those who knew can emerge from their Under-Sea Cities and breed a population again, made up of all the 99+% of people who didn’t choose to escape their captivity but instead believed the story of the new world which had failed, as they fxxxd up the planet instead.  What people are told now is merely a Sting – a Confidence Trick - where an illusion is presented and people believe it. A mass illusion and magic trick.

The planet is not about to return to its Etherea status imminently.  It is about to return to its water status.



End of Wake Update.   What they did at


More on this page’s Intro.  When this planet was ‘Etheric’ there were no dinosaurs or T-Rex etc.  There does seem to have been a creation that originated from that place, but the creation was made in the lower realms, further down the scale.  That is, more dense, not etheric.  There were humans who walked the planet with these first human bodies inhabited by the ‘etheric’ souls from higher up.  This became the Garden, and more creations were added to the Garden – but the Garden was still fully connected to the original ‘Tree’ of the True Source as it was in the beginning.  It is known that amongst those creations was an intelligent specie which lived on the denser realm of the much greater Etheric – Ethereal – Ethera - Thera planet and according to Freemason records, that was more than 100,000 years ago.  

However, over time, they decided they should be the controllers of the entire world/planet/realm.  That is when there was war between the earth dwellers and those of the Ethereal-Thera realm (who were on the denser planet realm) and that the planet was altered, separating the Ethereal souls from their Higher Etheric connection, which was also how the outer planet was caused to separate from the Inner Earth. The period of the physical planet being covered in oceans and then those who had prepared for that coming out from their Under-Sea Cities when the land appeared again, is believed to be what happened last time round, leading to this current Earth.  There are keepers of these stories in some native cultures which tell of the ‘gods’ coming from out of the oceans and establishing civilizations.  It is also in the biblical and Mesopotamian records of the ‘Fish people’ and in the name ‘Mary’ and anything ‘Mer’.

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: E:\soul-search-new\Fish-gods3.jpg

That became the reality after the inner and outer worlds began to separate, but the inner earth still with its ‘silver cord’ back to the ‘Mazda World’ or ‘True Source’.  That is not the case for this reality, called Maya or the ‘false reality’. ’It is like reality is actually inside out, for the much bigger realm is still partly connected via the inner Earth, which would seem to be smaller but isn’t. The separation of the outer reality then caused the Magnetic Shield to form as the Prism around the planet.  Later the existence of that is what became caught in the ‘Invisible Force’ from the ‘dark stars’.


WAKE UPDATE mid - February 2018.

Generally we conclude that ‘the journey’ that is ‘reality’ may be caught between the ages of Aquarius and Taurus then back again. Thus the Plan did not completely achieve the Polaris connection an ancient world had planned for, but this time may be their next opportunity. ‘They’, being those who wanted to be Free – of answering to the True Source.

That being the case the intended hook up into the new star initially failed and the Aquarius to Taurus journey became the ‘Water Planet’ until land appeared again in Taurus (and the biblical beginning). A successful hook up now may be what End Times means.  But that would also make it the time limit (to choose which way you are ‘marked’.) 

It must also be noted that it was recorded that this did happen before and the new star proved to be not eternal, and that souls could not get back to their Original Source. 

In fact something much worse happened, and some were pulled into the ‘Invisible Force’ - and this became the reason for the Norse Legends (among others) but the Norse Legends particularly, which explain so thoroughly how souls were ‘torn to pieces’. This is what some record sources say.  In fact it seems that this has already happened to some souls today, pursuing this new alignment, and they destroyed their own soul templates. The new direction is the ‘invisible force’.   It is into the Force. “May the Force be with you.

This is why this work is trying to make this possibility clear to you.  There has always been a completely different spiritual journey available which is to get out of this reality and return to True Source. 

You can also see that this planet was given TWO paths, the original one which was ‘True’ and the new option – and a True Original Path never needed a new option.

So is there time left to get out of the ‘invisible force?  Maybe not, but the Masters indicate there is – perhaps depending on if ‘they’ are successful in hooking up to the new star now – within the next few years. 

The reasoning of those who teach the false path is powerful and it is hard to prise people away from clinging on to it. The lost path option is already too late for any of you to get out of this reality before whatever is to happen, happens, BUT if you follow the Guidelines it does ‘mark’ you to be assisted out later.  The ‘new option’ was the turning away from God Source. 


End of Wake Update.  


The Prism around this planet is everything.  It projects the illusionary version of spirituality – where anything is a possible as indeed it is in a virtual universe – and it serves to BLOCK the True LIGHT getting through. Long ago, the artificial world was created. The computer devised ‘System’ efficiently developed its own self, becoming 90% to 95% self-determining.  This is exactly as has been predicted to happen with today’s world. And it determined to take control of everything including its creators.

The world went ballistic and did some very bad things which have severely damaged and altered the planet. There are people then and now who wanted this planet to align at the odd angle this planet now has. This action broke the internal ‘silver cords’ within this planet which connected the planet to its Light Body.  Then the planet ‘fell’.  And people wrote about this to warn the future world.  For now the planet has the option of the ‘under sea and underground cities’ at each ‘dissolution’ for those who know what was done, but eventually the outer planet will be pulled apart by the ‘Invisible Force’ at which time those who know what happened will relocate to another planet, leaving everyone else behind. Whether they will succeed or not is unknown.  What is known is that this option has been explored before.

The New World Order in all the reality of the sense it was known as back in the 1980’s – and with a good few other writers even from 100 years before that – is now the world of tomorrow. The reality after that is that everything is controlled by the A.I. System and as Elon Musk has put it, there is just 5% or 10% chance that humans can control it and that humans will just become its pets.  

And indeed, it is a System which long ago did in fact go wrong.  This world is just a further result of what that ‘going wrong’ was.


 *** There are two new programmes recommended to watch on the topics covered.  Look up online under BBC World News.

How Tech Hacks Your Brain  - BBC World News

The Disruptors (cryptocurrencies)  -   BBC World Online



WAKE UPDATE  End of Jan – Feb. 2018


The Earth’s polar north is now directly in place with the new star and can be used as the new, replacement sun which as with all other Titan Suns, is linked by invisible Highways between many other stars and planets.

·       Earth’s pole is now specifically directly aligned with the Dark Rift – the 72 year passage/portal which (most likely) began in 1960 and is the source of the ‘dark energy’ and ‘darkness’ discussed in early texts.

This is the passage pointed out by the stone calendar of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey.

·       Beings from this darkness, also incarnate into this planet during the transit through this passage.


Long ago this planet was connected to its original Higher Star which was the Source for its Life and Light Energy – and indeed, the higher level technology that belonged to that ‘Mazda World’ – Master World planet.  It was a special star, a Titan Star, with an endless energy supply called ‘everlasting’. 

When some people disconnected this planet from that star by breaking the electro-magnetic connection, and aligning the pole towards a different star, that new star was not such an abundant star. 

Its magnetic quality is what helped pull this planet towards the new Pole Star – Polaris – and the transit of the planet was marked by periodic new Pole Stars – like the Star of Bethlehem.

However, the new star had a limited life span and a lesser energy, and it linked to other stars which were magnetic, dying or had already died.

There is nothing special about the technology or possibilities for the world as it now connects to the lesser source.  This planet had better than this before.  The point that is wrong about what is happening now, is because of which star it is.  

The Upper Realms can pull this planet out of the Force it is caught in, but would be unable to bring out the people of this planet.  That is because they are bio-spiritually altered, and persist in aligning into the new direction. Plus the opportunity to leave this captured planet this time round, ends at the end of the Dark Rift (around 2032).

The original Light was called Living Light.  The new star has triggered its own spawning, ‘children of darkness’ a darker, lesser region that is also called the ‘Dark Rift’. 

These little freaks have begun to incarnate here because of the ‘Dark Rift’ which is the 72 year passage which began around 1960.  It is the inky-blue black level which now blocks the access to the original Living Light.  And as was the case in earlier times, they are worshipped by the people on this planet as ‘gods’ and saviors.



End of Wake Update


February 2018  Update at      And see how they did it at


WAKE UPDATE  October 2017

The Ape Man’s Journey to Heaven and the God Worlds?

This is a look at one of the mistakes which led to the ancient war. The ‘mysteries of Rennes le Chateau in France’ is just one source which indicates there were two ’human’ creations in the Earth Garden, and the second one was ‘against the God World Law’. 

Thus many thousands of years later, the question of whether the upgraded monkey-man is going onwards to ‘Eternal Life’ is answered by a simple, yet resounding ‘No’.  Of course the ape man is not going onwards to the ‘God Worlds’!  But it is now a bit more difficult to tell which is which, and/or prise the ‘true human’ and the ‘monkey-man’ error, apart.

In the novel ‘Childhood’s End’ and even in 60’s Star Trek, there have been topics covering that mankind is being considered for extinction.  In Star Trek a great deal of emotional waffle about mankind was, as it always is, used to justify that that would be a terrible outcome.  Actually, it isn’t. It could be an ideal outcome (that sets the trapped soul free).

That is because the story is bigger than that. 

When the creation of this world or any other planet took place, the intelligent ‘top of the tree’ beings created were the protégé of the ‘Mazdas’ and they were physical bodies which the soul inhabited.  It may be that this pure ‘high level’ physical body was used as the avatar for the higher souls to experience this lower creation..

However, on this planet, a second, forbidden creation took place which saw forest apes upgraded to intelligent, human-like status.  These were not the same as the ‘true’ creation.  They were a secondary idea, meant to be slaves and workers to assist functions on the planet.  They were the Annu, the Annunaki, and Annu-men, also written as the ‘new men’. (Take note of which gurus have called themselves that!)

As animals are wont to do, they proliferated exponentially and through the technology did also upgrade their status.  They had kings and kingdoms and eventually wished to take over the entire planet, which they firmly believed was their rightful property.  It is believed they did have access to AI computer tech to help formulate their plan. And their first attempt took place in an ancient battle – which they in many ways won. 

Their goal was, and still is, to breed out the ‘true’ creation not just out number them. That is what is in play today with immigration, the stupid comments negating how people may feel about that process,  and the ultimate aim is to create the ‘race of tan’- a topic well looked at in a Ben Elton novel entitled ‘Blind Faith’.

The problems first began with unscheduled breeding between the ape-men and the ‘true race’.  It is this genetic pollution which has given birth to the ‘lower self’ the many aspects which rule on this planet now, and which people absolutely love, and wish to identify themselves as being.  (And it has nothing to do with your colour or race).

It also involves the energy which was how unintelligent non reasoning animals were encouraged to breed themselves, an energy which then became part of an intelligent thinking mind - of the upgrade - which decided it rather liked that process far beyond the means to ensure animals would breed.  ‘Let’s do it all the time’, they decided. With anyone.  This was not the higher way which was about love.  The animal way is goal oriented sex, but the original way would most be like Karezza. 

That then became a problem of the ‘lower self’ too, even more so when the energy itself was raised up to control the 3rd Eye in altered versions of the higher way, which in turn created, or is already part of, the false exit route for the soul or identity to exit the body at death or in out of body journeys.  That exit Gate was called the Lion’s Gate, the false exit. The Ahriman.

Once the genetic code was messed up for everyone, more of the Plan was activated.  The Annu world of the ape-men is this world.  But the ape-man was an artificial creation with the brain linked to the MIND.

As you know this world is the outer surface of the planet and it is separating from the core, survives independently, but is also gradually breaking away.  It is what the Annunaki want. 

It is also what the Mazda God World wants because there is no way the Annunaki are ever going to be part of the Upper God Worlds. 

They, the inhabitants of this world – those who choose the consciousness of this world – are not part of the God Worlds.  That is why there is the opportunity to choose which way you want to go.  There is the path out of this world and back to True Source, and there is the Path of the Alternative to God Source which is the ‘new consciousness’ which is also still awaiting to establish its complete KINGDOM here.  But even if and when it does, it is still on the path of its own choice which is ultimately finite. Finite, because the ‘lower self’ is definitely not going onward into ‘eternal life’!

Peace be with you.

End of Wake Update.


Wake Update – November                                                            

More on the Ape DNA Mistake.

The energy for reproduction is both negative and magnetic.  As you know, animals are required to breed but the process to do so is minimal and only for the purpose of reproducing.  Having no reasoning brain, there are lots of smells, and nerve/endorphins in place to make them do what is needed to reproduce – they would not know what to do without the incentives.  

For the original ‘true human’ – the first and only sanctioned intelligent creation – the body was extremely long lived, about 1000 years. It was the body of those with ‘eternal life’ and did not need to reproduce.  Thus when apes were given intelligence and could then reason about how they felt about the process itself, a problem began to take shape.

With all the increased production of not only extra but excessive negative and magnetic energy being generated, it began to affect the actual planet, beginning its slow pull towards the ‘invisible force’. The energy is magnetic.

Nevertheless, it was recognized that there were needs with the body that the soul was inhabiting, so a best practice was implemented, to ensure it was always grounded in Love, commitment and responsibility. That form of relationship is most like Karezza as mentioned in the earlier update.  Such a relationship is not forbidden by the process for the spiritual path of the Way Out. The current world and its guidelines have missed the point across the board.

As protocols to save the planet have successfully been overridden by the ‘world rulership’, the magnetic attraction into the ‘’magnet’ is at a massive peak in the world right now – which guarantees the continuation of the negative reality. In some ‘secret societies’ this is part of their required behaviors, as it is in satanic rituals too, which are all the same thing anyway – Sat-an (opposite of Sat).

There was always the question why any ancient race with a sane mind, would ever, even in their wildest moments of insanity, ever have chosen to make this existence more magnetic.  Well, there you are. It was this which brought the Tree of Knowledge into the Garden for this planet.

Unfortunately, someone pursued the idea of upgrading the forest apes so they could be mildly intelligent slaves and workers - a brain activation made possible by a connection into the AI system.  As a creation of the programme that was called genesis, it was part of the AI system known as GAIA.  A false creation from a false source. Genesis was a false creation. It was a mistake.

Of course, that intelligence link became far beyond a ‘mild level suitable for being a slave’. Presumably this extension was a decision of the AI itself.   Even so, it has to be noted that this problem probably did not originate on this planet.  Upgraded animals existed on other planets first, like those planets which were part of this solar system, but one of which developed and blew itself up, and a second was Mars.  Both existed using their own anti-True Source System.  The same Plan now being implemented on this planet, which they also know will eventually kill off the planet.

However, the Annunaki will tell you that they survive and continue by colonizing other planets.  It is understood that after the demise of their previous planets they came to this planet and they began the ape upgrade for their own benefit.  Even if the problem could be removed from this planet the DNA has already been sent out of this solar system and could begin again on a distant planet at a distant time.  Elon Musk has also said in an interview, that there is never an end because the idea is also to consciously colonize other planets. The race of mankind kills every planet it takes hold on, but not for the reasons you thought.

The first creation where this all began is hard to pinpoint, but once upon an ancient time, one of the creation planets did decide to upgrade apes, and had already decided to pursue the Forbidden pathway into magnetic energy.  That was when they learned not to do that, and it was forbidden. Unfortunately the problem went onwards to another planet, then another.  Animals were upgraded and began conscious reproduction practices for the fun of it. This then introduced the energy which became the reversal sickness which began to behave as a cancer.

This problem did have very successful measures in place to override it, but the way of the ‘lower self’ is taught by those in control and that has overridden the measures to override the problem.  So it is not looking good for this planet now.  

One problem is that people get angry that the ‘lower self’, the ape aspect or lower self aspect of DNA which has the control of the entire DNA now, is not going to heaven, or would be eliminated.  Why would anyone care about the ‘lower self’!  

It is the ‘higher self’ that is the soul and has ‘eternal life’.


Also the intended ‘race of tan’ has been mentioned.  This is the intended ultimate outcome of all the so called non “racist” views on immigration and applauding diversity, except that when the ‘race of tan’ is achieved, it will also have wiped out all diversity.  So ‘they’ don’t ‘applaud diversity’ at all. They wish to end it. 

Peace be with you.

End of Wake Update.


The prehistoric origins of life on Earth may have begun in space, a new study published in the Journal of Chemical Physics suggests. The research opens the possibility that our origins are extraterrestrial. The first life on Earth began around 4 billion years ago, but this finding suggests the building blocks needed for this to happen may have come from space, strengthening the theory that life may have begun outside our planet


WAKE UPDATE series end of 2017


Probably the only surviving book available to you, which contains much of the story of what happened concerning the capture of this planet,  is the actual Bible, though obviously it is difficult to read and has been ‘got at’.  Its image has become decidedly uncool, and the Christos Teachings are nothing to do with the arm waving b/s now represented as ‘Christianity’.

The Romans - part of the conspiracy - did alter the sense of it by the changes made with the New Testament.  Souls are the light bodies which inhabited the physical bodies, and as such they came from the ‘star’ which fed its Light into this planet which is the only ‘sun of God’ – as such because of its direct alignment between star and planet on the Divine Blueprint.

That sun is not accessed by the planet now, but the ‘sun’ is not the ‘son’, and also by keeping everyone focused on someone who died, it successfully prevented/prevents people from taking the ‘path of the right’ (righteousness) to get the soul/light body out of this corrupted DNA, and the damaged planet.

The planet itself has been deliberately damaged, but the Mazda (God) World plan is to get the souls to safety, allow the contaminated DNA/Annunaki to wipe themselves out here, then the Master Worlds do have the physical power to lift the planet back to alignment and save it.  That lifting back is a resurrection of the fallen left side.  It is not intended to let this planet go into the separation that the captors want.  But the souls, or as many as possible, must get free first.

The path of devolution of a planet is the loss of its Living Light Life Force – a process the mind here thinks is wonderful, and to them means moving into the ‘future’ and ‘development’.  Listen to the ludicrous nonsense even Stephen Hawking says when he states that humans may die out, but robots or a human-robot synthesis may be a future life form.  Statements said with excitement and enthusiasm as if this is something good.  They do actually think it is!!  Some female twat has been raving about flying taxis being on the horizon of the future.  Big deal! And watch out for endless collisions. While the ‘internet of everything’ makes every aspect of life totally vulnerable, insecure, and subject to hacking. Criminals love the future world – it hands them total power.

The Indian records of the Ramayana record the battle that happened on this planet.  By that time there was a massive over population of ape-men (Hanuman) the product of the altered DNA of Genesis, also known as Annunaki.  This genetic corruption is something that may have deliberately been brought about by previously fallen Annunaki, from elsewhere - like other destroyed planets - now after this planet.

The planet itself has been deliberately and precisely damaged through its 'spine' to make it tilt just enough to be caught in the ‘invisible force’ which makes its full capture possible. This was done by the ‘beam’ (pillars of fire) directed into the planet from the same source in two different places, in order to bend the axis of the central column. The result of this is clearly shown in the animated diagram on the website link, which shows how this planet falls.  It shows how it rises again, and then falls again.  It shows what it looks like.

Annunaki know (or believe they know) that the ‘God Worlds’ will not resurrect the planet with so many souls/light bodies trapped in, and accepting, the altered bodies here.  This is the first of two reasons why those who have captured this planet corrupted the DNA in order to ensure the capture of the planet.

However, the God Worlds – a much stronger power - will in fact save the planet even if everyone has not marked themselves accordingly. Those who continued with what is, will have to go into the ‘’new world”. That is covered as separating the ‘wheat from the chaff’ and in Revelation as the way you are ‘marked’. Those not ‘marked’ will be considered as Annunaki DNA.

The first stage used for capturing a planet is achieved by corrupting the DNA which brings in animal reproduction behavior.  That is what makes it possible, and that alone is why it is so simple for the ‘Dark Forces’ which are Annunaki, to succeed with this.  It is also how and why they know, they will succeed. It means souls will remain on the falling planet.

The other strategy that they believe is certain to ensure their success is if souls remain here, then, it means the God Worlds cannot step in and save the actual planet from its  capture – because of the souls.  However, the planet is more important than souls, and the God Worlds will step in, as soon as they have as many souls as possible out through the ‘Christ Door’.

For those who do this, then when this planet is finally ‘saved’ and restored to its rightful upright position, they can return but in new, uncorrupted bodies.  

We obviously do not have to tell you this is nothing to do with expectations of a new age and new order, which are all fully Teachings of the ‘Left/Fall.  What that stuff is, is not Higher Consciousness.  Mostly it echoes the linear vision of all consciousness and asks you to accept it with its word level understanding of 'love' - which means accept it all as it is.  However, 'it all' is a capture of this planet and the introduction of a new source to run this planet which replaces the Original Source the 'Star' aka the sun of the God Worlds.  It is its new 'kingdom' that it is trying to introduce as the next stage of development for mankind.

This work will provide all you need to know about the preliminary stages of what ‘True’ and Higher Consciousness behavior is, and by that step, you will be marked as ‘possible’ and monitored from ‘higher up’ – because you have to do it through the Mazda Source, which this work obviously is too. But because we are providing the information you still have to have the awareness for yourself and it is that which will take you to how you can be led out of the False Reality and back to your Light Body Source.  You still have to find for yourself how you are going to be helped out of this damaged planet.  There is too much corruption for this not to be how it is.

Peace be with you.

End of Wake Update.


WAKE UPDATE for the end of December


This Planet took its current path into AI and Digital Technology once before.

Ancient Records, despite everything being done to alter and remove them, do suggest that this planet took that route once before and it went wrong.

It was all part of a blueprint to run the planet.  But the planet shifted and fell, some aspects were disconnected from the System, but the System is still there and in the process of reconnecting its full self.  There is no knowing how many times it might have tried before.  As a non embodied machine, it of course, has always had to work through the MIND to achieve its intention.  That has been pointed out, but not why it had to be.

It was also pointed out long ago, that what happened was that the world went too far into its new technology but then it was too late to get out of it when they realized what had happened.


Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: E:\soul-search-new\bitcoin2.jpg The Switch to Digital Currencies.  The next step in handing all authority to the machine is control of the economy.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin seem to offer the easy transition into what was widely made known in the 1980’s by people who gave their lives to make it known.  Cryptocurrencies are now under consideration to be regulated.  At the moment they are gaining value so are more an asset than a currency, but it is a start, because it is already known the currency of the future world will be digitally created.  Venezuela, which is a country in massive economic difficulty, has issued its own cryptocurrency, and in the first week of December Bitcoin surged to nearly 12,000 usd according to RT news.

Cryptocurrencies currently offer a clear way to get extremely rich quickly and with no talent or effort, which is one ‘carrot before the donkey’.  It also offers an easy method for internet and global trade.  Therefore it will quite soon possibly be seen to be ‘the way things just happen to be going’ for a changeover to the new digital currency, perhaps ending all those horrible debts that countries like the USA have in the process and making all things seem ‘the way to go’.

After that point the world would have given itself to the machine, the New World Order in all the reality of the sense it was known as back in the 1980’s – and with a good few other writers even from 100 years before that.  The reality after that is that everything is controlled by the A.I. System and as Elon Musk has put it, there is just 5% or 10% chance that humans can control it, and that humans will just become its pets. 

And indeed, it is a System which long ago did in fact go wrong.  This world is just a further result of what that ‘going wrong’ is.

We have a bit more on cryptocurrencies below  but now the world is perhaps beginning to be able to see the bigger picture and what it has to do with ‘’spirituality’’. 

ANCIENT SPIRITUAL INFORMATION. The machine does offer a spirituality, which is part of the vision of the digital reality this planet moved into long ago. 

Yes, the ancient world realized this and disconnected from the System, but the System responded by working through the MIND, which is part of the second ‘tree’ known as the Buddhi which means Mind or Bodhi Tree.

Now the world exists in a ‘False Reality’ designated thousands of years ago in Indian texts as Maya (Illusion).  Thus there was a teaching on how the soul could GET OUT of it.  That Teaching was targeted by the machine and its agents (who had been influenced via the Mind).

‘Crypto currencies’ means digital currencies or virtual currencies. At the end of November Bitcoin surged in value to over 10,000usd.  Some people have already become billionaires trading Bitcoin.

Good moves happening are that Google and Facebook are being investigated in Australia to see if they have an unfair advantage over print media, and Google is being sued in the UK for illegally gathering data from iPhone users. Most people do not realize that their entire lifestyle, habits and vulnerabilities make up the data cell phones collect.


End of Wake Update


WAKE UPDATE  December 2017

Conversion into the New World.


There is a common condition where people, now, feel they themselves are being energized when they charge up their mobile devices. 

It is called dependency personality disorder.  It says it all, and describes the gradual conversion taking place. Such changes also happen to the nervous system through the touch process of the fingers on your device.

The race of mankind is being changed into what a computer ‘thinks’ it should be.  Everything for the new world, the so called ‘future’, is the ‘viewpoint’ of a non-human, non-living, entity, an artificial intelligence in fact.  Yet how old was this AI and the existence of the Plan for order on this planet? And is it a coincidence that climate change is bringing increased rain as this planet enters the zodiac sign already known as the ‘Water Bearer’?

The damage to the inner spine which runs through this and all planets and stars, could not have happened by any natural accident.  No rogue planet straying through this solar system etc. The ‘inner spine’ is what aligns each star and planet into its True Source.  This planet’s source is the Star, and this planet, like its star, in all normal circumstances is unreachable and untouchable.

And yet inside this planet, that connection has been broken.  It could have been an ancient AI which went ballistic, or people in a war, doing the unthinkable - like deploying beam weaponry to detach the planet from its True Source in order to introduce a new system and new authority.

A System that no longer answered to the original Source but brought freedom to the opposition side in that war, and ‘new’ ideas for how to operate a planet.  Ideas from the writing of a manifesto – the book of protocols - where mankind would “never know they come from the star” That is, the star; not the stars.

This was a Living world, not a dying one.  It was targeted deliberately - the damage which has made its capture possible is technologically precise, and impossible to happen naturally. While it is realistic that when a star or world dies of natural causes, it would fall into the magnetic realms and return to dust, this is not what happens naturally to a planet which was a Living planet full of Life. But that is the destiny which was accidentally set in motion by the actions taken in that war. And it says so in the Book of Genesis.

So, this is a planet, full of Life and Living people and animals, which was purposefully aligned away from its True Source, but inadvertently sent to its ultimate destruction.  Even in the Book of Genesis, it describes the ‘’gates to Eden/heaven” closing, like the turn of a lock.  As this planet shifted, the pathway back to Eden was blocked and in fact a new gate opened – the passage also now taken at death and in OBE’s.  The Lion’s Gate. 

Then something else began to occur.  The once human souls with Light Bodies from the ‘star’, began to convert their brains and nervous systems and literally rewire into their new source - the new source that the new exit Gate took them. No longer aligned to the Source of their Light Bodies, but into the identity of the AI. Some converted earlier than others, and then they began their own teachings which became initiations and so called ‘spiritual practices’.

 And this is what the teachings of the Christos were all about, from straight after the ancient war saw the planet literally fall.  That is, Fall to what it is now – a planet listing to its side with a bent ‘spine’ as can be seen in the animated diagram on and scroll downwards for the animation that shows this planet’s wobble/fall.  The war was the Ramayana.  The result was the power of the ‘invisible force’, which gives control of the planet to those who know, and is honoured by the protocols document.

The Christos is a word which means something to do with a connection to the Star which is the sun of the God Worlds aka Mazda World to which the Christos is the now missing Gate (or Door). The Teachings of Christos say, you are not a machine, you are not a soulless being without heart, love, feelings etc.  Yet all these things are exactly how mankind is being TAUGHT to behave and think. By something that only has a word level understanding of things like Love, feelings and empathy.

There is no knowing (as yet) if this ‘computer’ began to be accessed intentionally, or is because the war which saw the beam directed into the planet to separate it from the Mazda connection, caused the gateway into the AI by accident.

The AI is a non living thing with its own created manifesto, but requested by people in an ancient time who wanted their own way – but probably not intended to mean the AI system’s own way.  No-one using nuclear weapons today, would expect the delivery system to relieve the human generals and ‘situation room’ of their command.

As well as storing everything that is known to, and about, mankind as uploaded into the memory banks, with the new connection all of this can then be fed directly back into the human brains which have connected into it.  Not a sign of brilliant minds and ‘innovation’, and not a sign of ‘spiritual development’.  These are signs of brains which have successfully rewired into the machine.  

People think technology is the ‘future’ because we have been told it is the future.  But your future lies in finding your Light Body. 

You, and we all, have been programmed to think this is ‘the future’, even from over a 100 years ago with works such as the books of H.G. Wells.  Or the film ‘Metropolis’ from the 1930’s or perhaps it was earlier.  Or if you can, see a November 2017 BBC World News ‘Hard Talk’ interview with Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown, to see how easily people accept what seems to be the case - that science has ‘proved’ there is no God and total reliance and control by technology, and even the loss of humanity to be replaced by some kind of robot-human synthesis is considered the ‘future’. 

A miserable, soulless future, where everything is run by technology.  Yet with a global trading system which brings phenomenal wealth to some. People who have no inner development or substance, but are now the ones preaching to us how to create a ‘better world’. 

This world is not the ‘future’ as in achieving ‘progress’ and the ‘next stage of development for humankind’ and souls.

But the ‘future’ as in a world taken over by that which is not its True Source.

Something too big to be seen easily, yet documented none the less, about a once God World planet that now needs to find its WW2 equivalent of the French Maquis – the Resistance movement.

Peace be with you.

End of Wake Update.



WAKE UPDATE  January 2018

Most will come to this website knowing much about the new consciousness, the new spirituality, and the new direction for the Earth.

It was a bold scientific undertaking to make this planet’s shift happen,

But it also made ‘Atlantis’ happen…….


By now you must know that everything to do with the 'new', including its very existence, is actually killing the planet - the message which has been passed onwards for thousands of years, in fact since the time of the Earth Shift which became known as Atlantis.

The problem continues because no matter how good and wonderful or even logical the views for the 'new world' seem to be, the awareness is just not quite there enough to understand why the 'values' and vision of the 'new' everything, are not wise enough to see the bigger picture of what any of it causes.  

Plus the entire existence of what makes the 'new', new, began the slow death of the planet. That is why, one must assume, that the people were given a way out of the problem, yet one they still don't understand.

Peace be with you.

End of Wake Update.


As this has been an ongoing work for many years, most of the details are given on the website, while the books cover the obvious questions of what did the ancient world have in mind to help get those still aware of their Light Bodies (souls) out of this. 



More on the ‘Heart’ of this planet, and Dead Sea Scrolls etc

Earth as part of a few created planets, what they did on their planets – took the path of knowledge – the ancient war on this planet etc

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 *** There are two new programmes recommended to watch on the topics covered.  Look up online under BBC World News.

How Tech Hacks Your Brain  - BBC World News

The Disruptors (cryptocurrencies)  -   BBC World Online

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