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Description Meanings.


Dissolutions, and the Grand Dissolution : There are a number of 'dissolutions' of the 3rd Realm reality, then when the planet Falls into the 3rd Realm again, another 'new Earth' is reborn. Eventually there is to be a Maha Pralaya - a Grand Dissolution - which is when this planet's Fall will be corrected and it will thereafter remain in the 5th Realm where it belongs.  The existence in the 3rd Realm - which is a false existence - will no longer exist after the Grand Dissolution.


Rebirth : This refers to the repeating process through the 25,000 'Cycle of the Ages' when the path of this planet cycles through the 3rd realm during the time period between 'First Times' to 'End Times'. This is the period of the 'rebirth' of this reality which takes place during the 12,000 years of the 'fall' covered in detail elsewhere, when the planet is in reverse and in the negative polarity that is the lower level (after passing through the Dark Rift - Void - Portal into it). 

It could be likened to an experience that suddenly happens and the people 'found themselves in this world'.  This is the 'First Times' of the Rebirth.  The reality continues until the planet switches polarity back to positive at the time of its Ascension. At that time the planet moves out of the 3rd realm and this reality.  This reality ends at that point as the 'End Times' almost as if a movie projector has been turned off. 

Following that, the reality that is this world ceases to exist for the next 12,000+ years while the planet is Ascended, but it is reborn again, and repeats to be reborn again, each time the planet re-enters the 3rd realm after passing through the 'portal'.  This is the Path of Rebirth, aka the Path of Life and Death, and positive and negative


Negative Light :  This is the form of light accessed in the lower levels of the electro-magnetic structure of a universe, a galaxy, a planet, or a human body, and it is negative.


Ektoplasm :  A word which described the substance of the energy from the 'negative light' (magnetic and therefore the reverse of the upper end of the electro-magnetic scale) which issued from a dying star.


Photo-Negative Reversal : The realm you are in as this world and this reality is the photo-negative reversal of what will become the ascended status if this planet successfully switches to its positive polarity. 

It means that the planet even up to the moment prior to its changeover, is still negative - which is what life on this planet and in this reality is -  until it changes to its Ascent  when it will become positive.

Briefly, the soul is 'trapped' in reverse within the negative body - born of the lower light - and to return to the Higher Realms, it must reverse out of where it is now, and become 'positive'.  The 'higher body'  is 'positive'. It is the magnetic-negative polarity which keeps you trapped here in the same way two magnets repel each other. This issue is what was discussed in Revelation as the way people are 'marked'.

Therefore, for the soul to reverse out of being the 'photo-negative', and in order to be resonant with this planet once it switches to its positive charge (for Ascent) the lower body which is the creation that is mankind, has to have already established a reversal out of being the photo-negative reversal. This is something that has to be prepared for before that change to the planet happens, because the instant this planet changes to 'positive' this reality, which is negative and reversed, it ceases to be part of this 3rd realm reality, and all that is part of the 3rd realm reality ceases to exist on the planet. *The two realms this planet cycles through is discussed elsewhere, and this realm is the 'false realty'.

It is the magnetic-negative polarity which keeps you trapped here in the same way two magnets repel each other.

If this preparation is not undertaken prior to pole reversal, the experience expected was warned about, and is called:


'The Rapture':  Given that this planet is about to switch polarity from negative charge to a positive charge, it might be, or perhaps could be, considered to be something like the experience of an 'electric shock'. This is also relevant and echoes the overall message in ancient texts where the current interpretation of 'Rapture' seems out of place when the same texts also tell us there is an 'anti-life force', and a bitter force called 'Wormwood'. 

The experience known as the Rapture is generally interpreted to be the same type of thing as a state of ecstasy and euphoria, or a Kundalini activation.  However, this activation in the planet is not and does not take place as that kind of activation, because it is a switch of polarity whereas a kundalini activation brings the negative polarity up to the crown chakra.

The experience of 'Rapture' according to almost all the texts which have described what happened at the last 'end times' is more consistent with the description of a planet within a 'cosmic ocean' which then experiences a rapid ascent out of it (as is expected at the moment this planet switches polarity to positive.) Under this kind of pressure, as with an ascent after deep sea diving, Nitrogen increases and enters the bloodstream and produces a drug-like feeling which creates an inability to think clearly but can also be a euphoria. It becomes what is called Nitrogen Narcosis.  Rapture.

n.b. This experience in previous times when the planet changed polarity, was documented, yet 'scientific and logical minds' like Einstein or even people like Richard Dawkins, have taken these to be accounts from people who were childish and did not know what they were talking about.


Tentacles  : There are tentacle-like pathways which issue from the space that is now associated with the 'dark patch' associated with the star which went into supernova 'Osiris'.  It is also associated with the black hole at the centre of this galaxy.  Our guidelines page provides ways to at least try to avoid being resonant when this planet crosses its path before switching to the positive polarity.  However, there are many people doing things which bring in massive amounts of this negative energy into the planet and 'mark' themselves with it too.  It is also part of the 'false path' we provide links to.  As such it is believed that when this planet crosses this 'tentacle' those who have made themselves highly resonant with it (perhaps thinking it is part of spiritual practice) may experience what was described as the 'Rapture' as given above. This is also what "how you are 'marked' means."

Scientists are observing this 'tentacle'.

"The Global mm-VLBI Array, joined by ALMA. The inclusion of ALMA let astronomers determine that Sgr A* occupies a region of space smaller than previously thought and that a jet from this black hole might be pointing in Earth’s direction. Image via NOVA.

In addition to ALMA, 12 telescopes in North America and Europe also participated in the network. The astronomers said the resolution achieved – that is, the sharpness of the image – was twice as good as in previous observations at this frequency....."

Resurrection :  This refers to when this planet rises out of the lower realm and is therefore 'resurrected' out of its 'left side fall'.


Additional considerations:

Sin : Latin for 'left'.  It also refers to the magnetic side of the EMF scale.This planet falls 'to the left' hence the path it enters is also called the 'Left Hand Path'. Everything that is born in the photo-negative world is part of the planet's fall phase when it is in the lower realm, and as that fall is to the left, it was called 'sin'.

Iris and Isys - Source for the energy harnessed by the 'Abundant Provider' which was brought to this planet to run the System and the grid. It is the same energy used today to produce all forms of technology. 'Iris' was associated with rainbow colours which formed a 'bridge' between the issuing stars and this planet.

Eitr - A Scandinavian (Norse) name for that same energy, which means 'black poison'.

Osiris - The star which exploded and produced this solar system (but not this planet).

Osiris, Iris and Isys (also called Isis, Sothys and Set) - The trinity of stars which some people on this planet see as their source of origin. Also called Sirius AB and C and represented by the shepherd's crook. 

Pictographs and Pictograms - the earliest forms of written language found are symbolic or single lines and dots such as used today like 'i' for 'information'.  Or perhaps seen as a name on the machine/'mindbox' which houses the i-Sys-tem.

'Mindbox' - *a speculative term used by this work, to describe some kind of 'holy box' that ancient people worshipped, such as suggested in Dan Brown's book 'Origin'.  Also referring to something that secret military have been very keen to recover in today's world, such as the Nazi's and others who searched for the 'Arc of the Covenant'.

Asgaard - In Norse (Scandinavian) religion, Asgard means "Enclosure of the Æsir" pronounced Ice-ir to do with the 'gods' and used as 'Ice-ir's bridge' (which could sound similar to both Isis and Iris).

Spiritual Practices: Although there are issues about different viewpoints on spiritual practices - some embracing and some warning against - there clearly are two different streams of energy.  The practices refer to two different eventualities. One is about reversing out of this reality and its light source.  The other is an extension into the source and realms, and also about preparing to be in the next 'new Earth'.  It is also, we believe, about resonance with the 'tentacle' mentioned above. This is an important topic which we believe and hope this page link explains clearly .

We hope people will at least keep to the Guidelines for 'marking' positive and into the Well Spring Source at

May the Grace of the Living Energy Streams be with you......

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