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The Norse Legends of the ‘Gate’ at the end of the Bifrost Ragnarok

‘The Nordic ‘Gate’ at the End Times of the Rainbow Bridge’

Norse legends (Scandinavian) discuss the same ‘end times’ as do the Maya, Christian, Gobekli Tepe and so on.

Referring to the end, or ‘turn of ages’ point of the Cycle of the Ages, it covers where a very significant Open Passage (Gate) exists between the pillars of Scorpio-Sagittarius leading to the centre of the Galaxy – where new worlds are birthed from raw (recycled) energy. 

The Norse legend tells of the end of the cycle, or the future ‘battle‘ of the coming ‘end times’ which they call the Ragnarok.  They also discuss the Gate which exists at this point. The Bifrost - Rainbow Bridge - stretched from the Asgard (the positive charge ‘realm of the gods’) - to the end of cycle ‘Gate’ which is the negative end. 

The Gate at the negative end is ‘magnetic energy’.  It is called the ‘Death Gate’ which leads into the ‘Pit’. 

The energy of the ‘Pit’ is called eitr – the black poison – (while on the Gobekli Tepe Star Map it is shown as the Dark Rift). The Norse name of its location in the skies is Helluland aka Hell, marked on either side by a wolf called Fenrir and the giant serpent’ Jormungandr whose ‘tentacles’ encircle this planet. 

So powerful is the ‘Pit’ that in ancient times it swallowed whole massive planets of the size of Jupiter, and suns, known as ‘god stars’ – like Thor and Odin.

They discuss Valhalla as the place where the ‘weapons’ exist which will defeat the ‘giant serpent’ which now encircles the Earth beneath its surface, which is the same ‘monster’ we look at on the next pages.

In the parlance of the Records of this work, that ‘giant serpent’ Jormungandr which encircles the Earth is the Force which showed itself after the ancient world had first accessed the Asuras – an energy from the ‘Pit’ originally considered to be the bringer of all gifts, magic and miracles, but then in the legends, as with all other legends, became the ‘black poison’ known as eitr which began to mutate human DNA. 

As energy it was fed into the Grid around this planet at the earlier time when the Grid was known as ley lines (first introduced in the book ‘View Over Atlantis’) which stretched around and within the planet like the tentacles of a serpent.  The Grid was what powered the technology of the ancient world, and has been resurrected today as the energy feed for the technology of the current world. 

It was described in Norse legend as the tentacles of the Jormungandr serpent, encircling the planet. In modern day language it is described as the octopus. The Gate is where living energy is ‘captured‘ in order to become the raw energy which births new worlds. With this, the first glimpses of understanding of the rituals and agenda of the ‘Atlantean Order’ begin and why this work covers the need to ensure you are not ‘magnetically resonant’ (with the black ‘pit’.)

*This is the same Order which eventually ran Ancient Egypt and led to the overthrow of Pharaoh Akhenaten and the banishing, and disguise and sabotage of the lineage of ‘Jesus’.


  Location of the black eitr – Helluland.


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