For too long, ignorance and irresponsibility have dominated the understanding of ‘spirituality’.  Best viewed on Google.. Okay for Cell Phone viewing.                                                              Description: Description: E:\soul-search-new\New_(animated).gif     


<previous  For far too long, ignorance and irresponsibility have dominated the understanding of ‘spirituality’.


*Information known to great Spiritual Mystics like Rumi,

yet now completely overridden by the teachings your local ‘Energy Healer’ and/or Tarot Reader.

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and other Problems

Includes how the teachings of Spiritual Mystic Rumi were altered. 

How the original RA and Earth’s Ascension Star were lost – this planet’s True RIGHT ASCENSION.

  How the Books and Records were interpreted without the key;

and the Stone Records which did ensure some messages would endure through millennia.


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Description: Description: E:\soul-search-new\grass.jpg  Also with Guidelines to avoid  being ‘marked’ into the False Star

and a section on the Energy Reversal diet.



The planet/world awaits a process called Ascension, and also Resurrection.


This has been attempted many times over eons of time, it is believed.

Yet there are still several problems:

the planet has not been able to accrue enough power to Resurrect itself,

the energy is a dreamscape directed and presented by a ‘false source’,

and the people just cannot or will not Wake Up!


For eons the Higher Worlds have tried to Wake Up the people caught here.

The consciousness on this planet is that of the illusion. 

Many people think something is going to happen which will ‘save’ them, so they simply read this information and it does not register.

Many of the people became distracted by what the reality offered…..mostly sex and an iPhone is all it takes ….. and this was enough not to even try, or know, that the reason for reincarnation was the chance to get to the Void, cross the Void, and escape captivity within the ‘invisible force’.

That was why it was necessary to find the way to make the body healthier, more youthful, and thus enable more time to find the secret way out.  The way out of what was described as a DREAM.


The lineages of the Spiritual Mystics, which included an ‘Essene Jesus’,

taught that you have to do so yourself on a personal level,

by Waking Up and realizing not only the reality of this odd planet with its wobble,

but that the human soul is trapped/stuck in the changes that the ancient world made to this planet

…….and the only way to achieve that is through the human body.


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But the body did not really live long enough to provide enough time to achieve what was needed to get out of this reality.    

Thus groups like the Healer Essenes, known as Assaya, taught ways to achieve longevity and better health.

But that was only the first step to knowing what, despite all efforts, still remains unknown,

what to do….and doing it.


And the reason why for all of it?

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The outer crust of the Earth is breaking away from the inner core,

which is the heart of this planet which remains ‘true’. 

That is why and how Earth has the wobble,


and why the outer Earth is rotating in the opposite direction to the Inner Earth,

which is still attached to the Tree of Life.


However, you are not attached to the Tree of life.  

You are part of the Outer Earth which is aligned into the new reality and the new energy

that the ancient world pursued as the Tree of Knowledge.


The Outer Earth will eventually break away from the Inner Earth

and then disintegrate.


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