Gobekli Tepe and The ‘Energy’ that is Mistaken for God’.     Best viewed on Chrome. Okay for Cell Phone viewing.

The knowledge belonged to and survived with those who escaped eastwards to Turkey-Persia.



Gobekli Tepe Maps of the Location of the ‘Tentacle’ in this Galaxy.


If this planet had not fallen into the ‘Cycle of the Ages’, it would not be on any journey which accesses the ‘tentacle’ of the Octopus.

This work has provided an understanding on what does not make up the consciousness of the Higher Realms, and we also follow on with information on what does make up the attributes of Higher Consciousness. The location of the ‘’tentacle is shown in the ruins of Gobekli Tepe. The ultimate character of the energy is covered in the Norse legends.

Gobekli Tepe ruins are in modern day Turkey dating back before 10,000 BC.  It was purposefully buried, yet this knowledge was known and passed on in highly secret Teachings to ‘True Heart’ aligned Spiritual Mystic Teachers.

Hidden from the world, it is only recently, after December 2012, that the information on and from this archeological site has become known. The ruins have only been excavated recently including stone pillars which show astronomical information carved as images which refer to the Earth’s alignment to the Galactic Centre in our own times now.

The most accurate time dating this provided detailed very clear representations of the stars as they were positioned at the time something of significance happened. It is already significant that the Cycle exists at all, but there is also something especially significant in what that Cycle passes through. 

The carvings at Gobekli Tepe show Earth’s path at a particular time in ancient history, and  their future - which is exactly our time now.

The carvings show a galactic corridor known now as a ‘Star Gate’ between the pillars of Sagittarius and Scorpio, which this planet accesses/traverses this for about 72 - 80 years - between around1962 – 2034 onwards – and presents a reality post 2012 that really does echo the idea of a ‘Judgment Day’ as written in the biblical book of Revelation as something for which people ‘mark’ themselves.

 Direction of arrow shows the Location of the ‘Tentacle’ of the ‘Octopus’.

This passageway is a direct path to the centre of the galaxy - and the black hole located there.  Science has noted this as a dark energy that makes up the entirety of this corridor.  More recent information presented as a story on BBC World News on Feb. 1st elaborates on the knowledge of what this is. It is a massive Force that reaches into many galaxies, called the ‘Great Attractor by science, and living up to its name as the Octopus.  Its modus operandi is to stretch as a tentacle into a galaxy, then form a ‘web’ – a grid - around a target planet or star.

It is also the pathway so many are aligning into for this ‘exciting time’ goes nowhere else but into the black hole at the centre of this galaxy.  This passageway is also designated as the Anu Path. 


The ‘GRID‘ has already been reconstructed around this planet and is the conduit for the source of the energy used for digital communication, VR, AI, and for Magic, Magik and Miracles. The energy the Records described as Temptation and the same energy used for the technology of the current world, and also for manifesting and creating your own life miracles, and for so called healing.  It was helped by the consciousness by people who were told they are establishing a ‘Christ Grid’, but equally helped by people who believe they are doing something ‘spiritual’. The planet is still connected to the core and Upper Worlds (as covered in Obsidian),  but there is nothing certain, no guarantee at all,  that can prevent this world becoming fully under the command of the ‘new source’.  The enormity of doing what has been done, what people have done, is beyond what explanations can convey. The new source is the status the new source calls ’ascension’.  It is a separation from God Source and the Upper Worlds, and it has been the goal all along for this planet to be under the control of the ‘Eye’.




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