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It is okay to use energy, just not this energy. This work has realized of course, that the chances of correcting the overall problem is an immense challenge – the energy has already been accessed, its Web is again activated around the planet grid, and people are using the energy including in its ‘invisible ways’. The energy is the Dream Maker introduced on the index page. People do think and believe the energy is the attributes of God.  The first problem to understand, we believe, is that the planet literally ‘fell’ into what is basically a magnetic status that is a magnetic force it cannot lift out of.


This is why this work is pointing out the attributes of the ‘energy’ and the differences that are Higher Consciousness. It is also pointing out that this energy – with all its peculiarities of responding to thought etc – is the make-up and part of the body of something that has entered this, and many other galaxies. It has entered as a kind of parasite.

The indications that there was a true mystery to follow up, was too intriguing not to do.  Certainly our focus is the diet, rejuvenation, regeneration, and returning to a pure innocence that is what we see as true higher level development something not expressing on this planet). We therefore presented what was uncovered with evidence based back up; none of this damage is a Teaching as in what to believe. We found the missing information; that is the reality if what we did. This work is not a religious portal - but it is here to help with the immediate problem of magnetic resonance’ with the ‘web’ and the ‘octopus’. If you can see the existence of the ‘beast’ then this work can help.

This work has shown the existence of Books and Record and also the existence of a lost pathway out of the problem, for such a Way does exist – but that is something that will only become important once the existence of the problem is recognized. Unawareness of the problem is the main issue.


The Books and Records which were rescued at the time of the Exodus, from the before the destruction of the Library of Alexandria, and during the time of the Diaspora in the 1st century A.D. which were taken via Turkey to Persia identified the ‘something’ as the ‘tentacle’ of the Architect which it is believed was a mistranslation of the description by 'Orders' who had the Books and Records in their possession. The 'tentacle' of the Architect referred to the ‘web’ they discovered they could not extricate from because they realised what it was too late. It was a dark Force in the universe, not just in this galaxy, but stretching into this and other galaxies, via ‘highways’. Current science is now reporting on such a Force.

Because of the damage to the planet, the planet crosses one of these ‘tentacles’, the planet physically and through consciousness has accepted the Web – many helped because they were told it was the Christ Grid, and some will inevitably be caught and kept in the ‘web’.

This work understands that so far, the planet is still connected to its anchor, but each time the planet reconnects to the Grid/Web and uses the magnetic energy to create all it desires, it pulls the planet further into the Force.

Ref: to follow up.  This work is not a scientific news service, nor a religious portal.

On BBC World News Feb. 1st 2017 Asia time, BBC World News had a story that the Milky Way galaxy is being pulled by a Force, likened to Gravity.  There have been previous articles on this topic explaining that this entire section of planets and stars under observation are all at the same off angle as this planet. The Records say it is one third of the galaxy caught in that Force; or that the Milky Way Galaxy is a third of a bigger galaxy which it has been isolated from because this galaxy was caught in the gravity-like force.

THE Milky Way is being drawn closer to a mysterious gravitational anomaly that has the pulling power of a MILLION BILLION suns. Dubbed the Great Attractor, the phenomenon has scientists at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) baffled as to what is the cause behind it”



Located on the far side of the constellation of Lacerta, the Lizard, the vast patch of nothingness appears to have a striking dearth of galaxies compared to the rest of its cosmic neighbourhood.

This website is not providing scientific or general news, but is providing references.


http://edition.cnn.com/2017/01/31/world/milky-way-dipole-repeller-space-trnd/     http://www.mirror.co.uk/science/milky-way-fueled-mysterious-void-9723026

Published on Jan 30, 2017  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpV0GQo3P0c

*It is recommended to read ‘The Secret History of the World’ by Jonathon Black and see the basic mistake the original ‘secret brotherhoods’ made which leads to the planet remaining in the magnetic sphere..

Gobekli Tepe Temples Communicating an Ancient Cosmic Geography” by Paul Burley, 

Magicians of the Gods – Graham Hancock.

Future Crimes: Inside the Digital Underground and the Battle for Our Connected World by Marc Goodman.

The work of Professor Susan Greenfield’s research into neuroscience and the effect of computers on rewiring the brain. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-11-20/neuroscientist-warns-young-brains-being-reshaped-by-technology/5906140



The Higher Values and Standards of the Higher Realms


Introduction to the 5th Realm. This world does not identity the attributes of Higher Conscious and the Higher Realms.

As an example, the ‘Constitution’ of the Higher Realms requires that all people live according to the ‘Golden Rule’.  People know exactly what is expected of them, and behavior is all positive, everything is positive.

Because the foundation of America came from the secret societies who clearly reveal their basic misunderstanding in the book recommended to researchSecret History of the World’, there are fundamental errors of perception and interpretation. The recommended book proves the basis of reasoning comes only after the planet has fallen.  The societies seem unaware of the world before the damage, alteration.

The US Constitution has values which some wish to impose upon the entire world, and is the reason for almost all conflicts in this world.  The US Constitution as a different example, assumes that everyone in its society is going to chose to be good, responsible and upright positive people. There are no Guidelines for higher positive standards given; and people are not only allowed, but encouraged into behavior that can even be vile (Hillary Clinton’s statement). It is part of the insanity that has resulted from the way the magnetic realms interact with and alter the brain. There is no reason to strive for higher standards, and in reality, lower standards actually help others make money, and having money is considered ‘success’.

The ‘Constitution’ of the Higher Realms does provide Guidelines in order to create and maintain a Higher Level world society.  It requires Higher Standards.



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