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This planet - Earth - is special in the dark galaxy because it moves between Light and Dark. It Falls then Ascends again. It is Life and Death. This happens to any planet that has begun to be captured by the dark side (as this planet has been) captured by a force described in the 'Protocols' as the 'Invisible Force', also known to Masons. It does not only mean that the planet is being pulled towards a realm of inhabited and often high-tech planets - which are fallen planets.

It also means that when it goes into its Ascending Phase, as it is doing now, it is of very great interest to those on the fallen planets who see an opportunity to get back to True Source.

This world is a damaged planet-system. It is believed the story goes back to a time before this universe began some 6 billion years ago, but within that story a distant star in this galaxy named Osiris, which is part of a binary star system which was once a triune star system, went supernova. It disintegrated into 14 parts which were shot across this quadrant of the galaxy as separated planets and asteroids, and also as frozen water the size of small planets, and most of it ended up near this planet and the sun of this solar system.

Only the 14th part was missing which was Osiris's phallus, which on this planet is the symbol of the Washington Monument, Cleopatra's Needle and also symbolized other 'sky scraper' towers built by those who came here to retrieve the missing pieces of Osiris.

One other aspect of the body of Osiris is the planet Nibiru which after the explosion of the star, ended up on a trajectory which became its new orbit of over 3,000 years, part of which crosses behind the sun of this solar system. To us here it became known as Planet X or the 10th planet of the 14 pieces of Osiris. 14 is the number of Osiris and sacred to all systems and religions who and which worship Osiris and its partner star Sirius. 14 appears in the moon cycles of 28 days, indicating our weeks and months were once part of the Osiris geomatria and a different calendar.

Nibiru is highly magnetic so when it began its new orbit many millions of years ago, its influence spread into the region around the sun of this solar system - where other parts of Osiris had settled. In this region was a larger planet known to us as Thera (later associated with healing and natural therapis). It was a large planet, but also a higher level planet spinning at a superfast rate because it was at a higher level (realm) than what you see as this solar system now. It was the magnetic force of Nibiru each time it passed by, which pulled some of that Upper Realm planet into this solar system.

These became planets here, because it is believed that Mars was one of those pieces pulled into this level. The other was still known as Thera and it still was fully connected to its much larger planet, and still was spinning extremely fast and was stable. Mars for whatever reason, had slowed and that is why those who came in search of the 14 body pieces of Osiris first began to inhabit Mars. However, the continuing passage of Nibiru's orbit eventually caused the other small planet to bend towards that magnetic force, and that is when it began to become Earth.

Therefore it can be deduced that there are 14 planets which belong to 'Osiris' - the Luciferian cosmology - some of which are other planets in this solar system, but that Earth and probably Mars do not belong to, but were pulled here. There are also more suns associated with the Osiris system. Later we look at how it is the astral realms and dimesnions of the Osiris system which are accessed through the 3rd Eye, and that the passage back to True Source remains invisible and lost.


It is believed that the people on this world which became the planet Earth, had begun experimenting with the new physics of their changed status, and that is when they discovered the 'Black Goo' known in ancient times as the Eitr or Forbidden Energy. They created a Star-Gate with the 'black mirror' made of Eitr, and that is how this planet began to partly enter the universe through the Looking Glass. The fact that it still Ascends out of that on its now repeating Cycle of Fall and Ascend - called a wheel - is why it is of such interest as a way to escape being in the fallen universe.

Unfortunately it is not easy to find the way out of this fallen universe because the pull into it also created a void and brought in a 2nd energy stream of light. The cosmology for this leads to the Central Sun, and an entire cosmology of knowledge which some systems teach but are of a mirror reflection. So although the systems taught are interesting and involve many other inhabite fallen worlds, the way out of this false universe is something else - and that is what this work looks at.



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